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Sorry, scrap the last message, all fixed (just me in the end!).

However I am getting some issues with the expanded portfolio section. It cuts off the bottom on certain size devices (iphone 4) and I can’t seem to fix. Is the expanded heigh called from the JS?

Thanks, awesome theme other than that :) Joz


I’m having an issue where I replace the theme’s default logo (that lies over the cover image) with my own, and where my own logo is a larger image.

Sometimes when I load the page, the logo appears behind the white menu bar and is displaced. Has anyone else had this issue? It doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes it does.

My website is: Here is an example of what the issue looks like

Another issues we’re having is how the template looks on iphones – the home section is all white –

Thanks, Alex

Did you checked with the actual version ?


Having dropped in a background image it displays fine on a desktop and iPhone however it will not display correctly on an iPad or iPad mini.

Do you know why this might be please?

The site is

thanks in advance


Hello robgraphics, for the ipad background, you have to add this code in your media.css below the @media screen and (max-width: 1024px) – line 176.

#home {
    background:url('')50% 80% no-repeat scroll !important;
    background-size: cover;
    -webkit-background-size: cover;
    -moz-background-size: cover;
    -o-background-size: cover;
    background-attachment : fixed;  /* FIXED FOR IE */}

Thank you very much this has sorted the issue! Really appreciate the quick response

Hey, very nice script. But there is a flickering bug on iPad / iPhone. Will this be fixed asap? Thx in advance.

Hello DFCNT, what did you mean by flickering, i’m using my ipad, and works fine for me :)


We are having the exact same issue as DFCNT above.

Once a menu item is pressed the page flickers as it scrolls up or down on an iPad, iPad mini or iPhone you can see the image used in the header keep appearing behind the content of the actual page. It looks really messy as it keeps jerking rather than being smooth.

Is there a way to fix this issue?


Hi, When I downloaded the files I could not figure out why the ’../image/close.png’ is not showing when I expend the image. The problem was with folder name. The path is “image…” and your folder name is “img”.

Hello surfrider617, it’s already said in previous message ;)


Twitter feed doesn’t work anymore (also in your demo I see) – maybe you noticed. Any fix?


I did.. No luck. I downloaded your theme (updated), didn’t change anything and the twitter feed is not working. In your demo link it is.

Did you replace also the jquery.feed.js like i said ? And did you uploaded it on your website ? Because the twitter feed won’t work in local.

in your scripts.js under the line 18 :

You have absolutely the put the whole link of the twitter director file from your website.

modpath: '', /* director of the twitter folder */

Awesome template! but just wanted to ask when the next HTML template update will be available? (hopefully soon) Thx :)

Hello jaytee253, the next version is in the review queue, with this modification :

- Close button fixed - Twitter Feed Plugin fixed - Home Background in iPad fixed

Thanks just downloaded update! I also had another question:

How do I add a background photo in the other sections such as “What we do” or “Contact” or etc.? I want to add a photo in the background similar to the “Home” section so it will adjust on a computer and on a iPhone/ cell phone device. I added a photo in the CSS section and it displayed perfect on a computer for the “what we do” section, but it didn’t adjust accordingly for my iPhone. The photo showed but the grid was jumbled together on my iPhone.

Hello there ! :)

You can visit this link : for fix by yourself your website and follow step by step the changes made to version 2.0.

- Fixed the close button in the expander preview
- Fixed the twitter feed
- Home Background well displayed in iPad

Or your an also download once the new version ( 2.1 ) in your downloads section:

Regards, Supview

Hello, I would like to have that nav-container even on front side on bottom, is that possible?

No, the idea is to have that navigation bar on the first page (where is big logo) at the bottom and then when i click down or have it at the top like it is now. Like this:

Ah, the template is not designed for this, because the first section where is the big logo, is in height 100%; so it take all the height. You have to modify a huge part of the design for this ..

Ok, never mind. Thanks for response.

Sorry to bother you again but I have another question for you (or anyone else):

How do I add a background photo in the other sections such as “What we do” or “Contact”? I want to add a photo in the background similar to the “Home” section. I added a photo in “what we do” section but it doesn’t display properly for iPhone/smart phones; the sections get jumbled together. Please help… Thanks

Hi there,

Amazing work.

How can I add a Vimeo link in the portfolio section?

No sorry Monoespacio, the website is not made for this :s


Loving the theme, but I’ve encountered a few problems with

The portfolio items in the “What We Do” section aren’t expanding. The navigation button on mobile isn’t showing. The twitter feed isn’t working. The navigation bar isn’t following along when scrolling.

Thanks in advance for your help.

There’s missing the main javascript file ( scripts.js ) ;) that’s why there’s no “animation” on your website.

Where does the scripts.js file need to be? I uploaded everything from the theme .ZIP and didn’t move anything, so I don’t understand why it wouldn’ be in the right place. The scripts.js file is currently in the “js” folder; isn’t that where it’s supposed to be?

Hi there! I would like to know if it’s possible to insert an slider inside each projecte, not only having an image. So when you expand a project, put and slider with images and vídeos in it.

Thank you and congrats for this theme!

Hi! Is it possible to embed a video instead of showing pictures of the employees. It needs to be responsive with a size of 780×438, or so…

Thank you!

Hello kaxer, it’s not possible on this template

deleted, i have the wordpress theme

Hi, Is this templates able to add videos (e.g. from Youtube or other popular website)


No sorry coolzai, this template doesn’t support video :/

hi, as asked before, are u able to put more than 1 image in the expanded view?? That for me would be reason to buy Thanks, Joeri

Hello, I can’t get to work contact form. Is it fully working?

Very pleased with your template, excellent documentation I am very excited to make this ‘my own’ (ish) :) Thanks so much!