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I’m not sure why my background image is showing up white on my iphone.

loading and navigating on mobile devices flickers a lot…just did the update but the still shows…any suggestions?

I love this theme, and I am very happy with it, except for one problem I am having.

I cannot add an external link to the navigation bar. Every time I click it, it simply just scrolls to the top. I want to link to a completely separate website, my web store.

How do I fix this? I’ve tried enacting your reply to Mark-dev, on this thread…but I don’t quite understand it.


Where did u get the original cover image of a laptop (or imac cant remember) on an office desk?


Hi Supview

Could you please reply?

Hello mariwun, It’s my own desk, i’m planning to put it on photodune.

ok. can you do that asap. want to use it on a project. thanks.

Hi, gorgeous theme! Is the blog feature only available in the WP version? I would like to buy this theme but I would like the option of having the links in the portfolio section to go to another page with multiple items or have it open a slider/gallery type thing… is this possible?

Hi, could you help fix/ find a solution to this problem:

The Template does not work in Google Chrome Browser anymore (mainly the menu bar will not adjust when scrolling down AND the photo grid doesn’t work)

Please help! If any other user see this problem and found a solution please let me know. Thanks

Hello jaytee, i’m not in my country at the moment, but the template works here with my laptop & iphone. Are you sure that you dont disable the Javascript ?

Hey its working now. I needed to just clear the browser cache.

Can I use video as a background?

Hello ! Its not an option but there’s videobackground.js wich one is realy easy to use ;-)


2 little bug I’d like to resolve on the mobile version :

- 1. The Menu has 2 empty slots :

- 2. When I expand a work on mobile version, I can’t see the main illustration, it shows only the description :

Any suggestions or fix? :)


Same as above poster. I have a few iPhone mobile bugs

1)The landing page text does not display properly 2)Gap in the menu 3)Portfolio does not display properly. a)Portfolio name does not display properly b)Image does not display c)No visit website button

please issue a fix. Thanks


I’m still expecting a fix for the other issues I reported. The landing page scroller does not seem to contain more than one line on desktop browsers and the other issue with text displaying properly on mobile.


@obzilo and @mariwun, I had the same issue with blanks in the drop down but fixed it by applying the following changes. First let me say that Im not trying to be support for this developer I just thought I would help.

The first blank in the navigation is caused from the Logo being a link in the <nav>. You can remove the link tags form the logo and the first blank in the drop down will be gone but your logo will no longer link to the top of page. I was fine with this so I did this.

To remove the second blank in the dropdown, open the script.js file and comment out lines 133 – 137 this removes the second blank.

You can see it working here:

Hope that helps. Matt

Thanks Mattsd23, the template is updated ;)

Hello is there anyway I could change the color scheme instead of blue make it another color, and is it hard to change.. Thanks

thanks @mattsd23.

@mattsd23 thanks, it worked for the first one but I could not make it work with the script.js. :/

@obzilo hmm thats odd. here is what mine looks like. try testing after you have uploaded the files to your host.

Line 133 – 137
/* $(”<option />”, {
“selected”: “selected”,
“value” : ””,
“text” : ””
}).appendTo(“nav select”); */

Please Fix This Bug Right Away !! On iPhone, at least, when you switch from landscape to portrait view the site has a lot of white space to the right of it. You shouldn’t be able to scroll over into white space, but the phone allows you to. Open you site up on an iPhone 5, that’s what I used, and switch from landscape to portrait and then take your finger and drag to the right of the screen. It will only let you do this once you have been in landscape and then go to portrait. I agree with the people above. Can you tidy this up a bit, thanks.

I used this for a temporary fix overflow-x:hidden but there is a little more to it to fix it correctly….

Hello, i’m back from my holiday tomorrow, will try to fix this little bug.

You can now download the new version. Fixed the Menu Blank bug and the right white space when you switch to landscape in Mobile Version ;)

@mattsd23 Ok it worked, it was actually line 127 – 131 for me. ;)

Hey, When reducing the width of the browser window (Tested in Chrome, Safari and Firefox) the navigation bar either doesnt work (Chrome and Safari) or works incorrectly.

Can you please let me know if you can replicate this?

You can download the latest version ;-) This bug is fixed on this one.

Hey Supview, Having a small problem with the contact form. I fill out the contact form and hit send but never recieve an email. I changed the proper line in the form_sender.php file but still cant seem to get it to work. Can you help?

You can see here:

Thanks, Matt

Did you check into your junk folder ? I have tryed to sent you an e-mail ;)

Oops, I must have missed it the first time. Thanks for the response

Hi. Website does not find fonts, although fonts folder is there, just as is the template package. What might be wrong?

It doesn’t work neither saved in root folder nor in a subdirectory. I’d rather have the site in a subdirectory.


Now it is no loading home background image either… not sure what I did.

Would it be possible that I sent you email with credentials to access ftp and take a look around?

The font works correctly for me ! about your background, this one is not on the img folder, here’s the link that you put on your style.css

You are right about background image, I had accidentally erased it! Thanks.

Regarding fonts, when I see version in my pc it shows fonts that I want:

But uploaded version shows different fonts:

Why is that?

Great looking theme however, I can’t seem to get a working sub-nav? Is it possible to add one in?