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Fantastic! I have a similar question as above – Is it possible to add a blog? Any chance you’ll do it? :o). Or just adding other section or sections?


Thanks for a great theme! I’m on iOS 7 on my iPhone 4s and I’m not able to scroll smoothly up and down the pages. It gets stuck when I get to the footer. Any idea why and have a fix? Thanks!

Just tried it on an iPhone 4 and I get the same thing.


Hello Kat, I checked your website on 2 iphone ( iPhone 5 & 4 ) and the smooth scrolling works well. I’m not using iOS 7, maybe there’s the problem…


Really like the theme! Before I purchase it though, I just have a few quick questions. Is it possible to make the gallery filterable using jQuery? Have you tried this? And is it possible to put more than 3 images per row, while keeping the thumbs the same size?

I appreciate you taking the time out to answer my questions. Thank you!

Hello, I have already tried the filterable item like my others one, and it’s worked yup ;) About more than 3 images, you have to edit the css grid with an higher width.

hey… i have question… how can i embed a video in “what we do” (gallery zone) placeholder 1280×720 ?? i cant figure this out… thx

Helllo :) It’s not supported on this theme.

Hi … in IE my page ( looks messy .. don’t shop ä ö ü õ € etc letters! In Chrome and Firefox everything OK. How I can fix the IE problem?

Just tested in IE, worked for me oO

Hello Actually we got a Problem with our Twitter Feed. Can you help us?

Yes we did.

Did you have the latest version of the template ? Cauz normally with the modpath, it should work.

Yep got of course the latest one!

Hi, external links inside the navigation bar don’t work. How can i fix this?

For adding an external link, you can do like this : In your HTML add an class for each link, exemple :

<a class="goto" href="#home">Home</a>

and in your scripts.js ( line 65 ) replace by this :

$('nav .goto, #down_button a').click(function(e){
    $('html,body').scrollTo(this.hash, this.hash);


The Smooth scroll will be only work on the link with the class “goto” and for the external link you have just to set it without class

Thank you so much! I fixed it this way: FIxed it on my own with the external links:

$(‘nav a, #down_button a’).not(’#externallink’).click(function(e){

Both options work fine :)

Perfect :-)

Hello, contemplating purchasing this theme.

Does the works section modal support multiple images within each project? For example if I click the first works and the modal pops open will it act as a slideshow if there are multiple images within there?


Hello nomhaw, Sorry the expander preview show only one image :(

External links on the navigation bar are still not working, even after enacting your fix above.

Hello Cartz144, Could you send me your html file & scripts.js on my mail, because i just tryed the way using a different class and it worked.

Not working correctly in iPhone5, I’ll repost once I find the bug. Not stoked I have to find the bug though.

Had to update jQuery plugins and fix some CSS issues. :(

The smooth scrolling on iOS devices is in fact broke. I have both the current and previous versions hosted, and the latest doesn’t scroll properly. There seems to be a plugin issue.

Hello cunningfox, could you test with this on the element wich is flickering :

-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

No element is flickering, the scroll is just ‘sticky’. (I’ve never encountered it before.)

Here’s version 2.12 that works:

And version 2.13 with the issue:

Hello My name is Alfredo from mexico city,

I bought your template and I’m about to finish. Only I have a question and I hope you can help me. I add 2 contents in the home, a responsive video and an image, all is well in the computer screen and the ipad, but in the iPhone screen the content of home goes to the next section. Might give me a key in resolving this matter do not mind that small devices the home is not the size of my screen, which I’m interested is to keep the contents. I alrredy tried to chance de media css but no progres.

The web is:

Thanks have a nice day :)


hi, i have the same problem as @cunningfox… scrolling on iOS is NOT smoth… any advice???

Great template – love to work with it. I have one question, maybe somebody knows how to handle it: how can I set the a ahref to open a new window within the og-grid list?

Thanks! - Simone

Normally it works if you just put a target=”_blank” ;)

I actually tried that, before I asked.

Hey, I’m thinking about getting this theme as a personal portfolio site, I’m just going to need to add more information in the about us section. Is there a way to do this rather than just name and position? Thanks

Yes, you could do this :)

Hi, Great theme :-) I have a problem on my iPad mini. The smooth scrolling is broken. I did try to add a -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden to the #home. But it didn’t work out. Could you please have a look on the page? The URL: Thanks

Can you put the like button on facebook as in the picture?

Hi guys!

How can I make the sidebar disappear in the portfolio, when showing one case?

Thanks a lot :)


Hi guys!

How can I make columns?

Thanks a lot :)


Hello Kasper, you can refer to gumby framework, pretty simple to add others columns. ex :
<div class="eight columns">

Where do I type that? In the CSS?

Is it possible to add phone number to the contact form? :)