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Hello indiapart,

I am sorry if this question is irrelevant but I couldn’t find the wordpress version of this theme. Do you still sell the wordpress Halo template ? If so, where ? :$

Thank you very much and sorry if this question is stupid.


Hi, this question surely is not stupid. Halo is not being sold anymore due to it’s age (it’s not been updated for a long time). We are working to bring it back right now but I cannot tell you exactly when it will be really back.

Kind regards

Thank you very much for your answer. Halo is really a beautiful theme. I’ll be waiting for its return. ;)

Hi, I hope the future Halo Theme and its support will be available soon. I bought the theme and used it on http://purepresence.eu for more than two years.

- I just update Wordpress to 3.9.1, then I cannot move my menus or widgets to organize them.

- In Halo Panel > Create & edit Slider Items: I cannot add an item to the slider .

- The posts are appearing below the slider instead of the portfolio. In themes>Halo>customize>static front pages I had to choose Front page displays ‘your latest posts’. The other option (displays ‘a static page’) do not allow to keep the slider upper in the front page. Then, the portfolio appears in the posts place (under my menu ‘notes’). (to be clear : portfolio and posts are inverted).

I checked almost all related informations on the web, found nothing to help solving those issues and it seems clearly related to Halo theme.

Anyone could help me please?

I can add: the good view is on the current website : http://purepresence.eu the future website where problems are : http://25b20b97e3.url-de-test.ws best,

Hello Indiapart,

I’m also running into some issues with my Wordpress Halo theme (http://oodlelollyevents.com/), which I understand you no longer sell; hopefully you still offer support? I recently updated to Wordpress 3.9.1 and cannot add media to my posts, work etc. from the menu panel. I’ve followed the toubleshooting steps discussed here to determine that it wasn’t a plugin issue (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/add-media-functionality-on-391-not-workingg), and when I switched to default wordpress 2014 theme did not have any issues. So it seems to be a theme compatibility issue?

I found this suggestion: insert the code below in your themes function.php file : FYI : Your current wordpress version is not compatible with your theme wp_enqueue_script( ‘jquery-ui-dialog’, false, array(‘jquery’), false, true );

I have not found any support that vets this solution and not being a coder, I wouldn’t really know where to begin to even try to insert it in the .php file.

Can you offer any advice or a solution? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Indiapart, I also a user of Halo theme for 3 years and I recently updated to wordpress 4.0 … know I can’t used the media button and add a media to my blog. I would like to keep this theme because it is really perfect for me. Could you please help me? What can I do?

Thank you very much.

I have the same problem as huguessimon. I’ve uploaded to Wordpress 4.0 and now my media gallery is empty and I can’t upload images. Please help!!!

How messed up is it that you removed the earlier version of this template… and I can no longer update it after purchase… and it does not work with wordpress 4.x (in fact it breaks it).

Im publicly calling this out. Make it right.