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Great job. My Question: it is possible to change the Font (Headline Font) .. so that all Users can see my selected Font? Like the Nimbus Sans L in this theme example?

Kind Regards Ray

Hi, Ray. Thank you for using Halsey.
Sure, you can do that!

Please, read more about fonts setup here.

Thank You, it works.

Can you tell me where can i change the position of the navigation?

If i add a menu item .. the whole navigation slips to the left side over the logo

Hi, that’s a very nice template that i’m looking forward to use very soon. I have however a question regarding two things: -Is this possible to reduce the height of the homepage slider? Or to simply remove it from the homepage? -Will I can add a plugin to add a small slider at the botom with my partner’s logos?

Thank you by advance, Best regards, Jerome

Hi, Jerome.

Yes, you can reduce your slider height or simply remove it from the home page. You may read about sliders in our online HOW-TO.

You don’t have to add plugin to show your partners’ logos, as we have Content slider shortcode.

All apologize, my comment was to be posted on the WordPress version of this theme…

Hi, is there a way to align the bullet points on a line-break?



Hi. Have you actually bought our theme?

Unfortunately there’s no proof of purchase here. And you should know, that we offer support to our customers exclusively.

If you really purchased “Halsey”, you may submit a personal support ticket here.
You should specify your Item Purchase Code in the ticket to get our assistance. Don’t forget to provide FTP and wp-admin credentials so we could study your issue deeply.

You can find the purchase code in this file at “Downolads” tab on your Envato account – see the screenshot.

Ye, sorry, it’s under my client’s user ID “hespv” and you’ll see the proof of purchase.

I’ll include purchase # when I submit the ticket.

Hi there,

I wrote from another account (rishisavera) but can’t find my comment, but now I’m writing from the purchaser acct. I have the bullet issue with them not aligning on line-break.



Hi once again. You said you have a support ticket. So all further assistance will be provided there.

You may specify its number here so we could possibly speed up the process.

Thank you :)

In both the blog and the home page, it either does not recognize media link (YouTube), or, it shows, then you refresh the page and the embedded video is gone and there is just a white spot. This is in the 3 tab section of the home page 1 template.

Hi. Thank you for being interested in Halsey.

Can you, please, be more specific on what browser and system do you operate and provide us with some videos of this problem? It seems to be working just fine on our end.


Wrong thread…

Love the template. When I contacted cmsmasters support to resolve a small problem they were quick to respond, friendly, and had fixed my issue in a few hours.

I highly recommend this template and their work.

Thank you very much for your great feedback! We are eager to provide quality service and produce good products.

Thanks for being with us!

great template, but i got a bug. when i use the lightbox with iframe and change the size of my browser, it`s all right, like scrollbar a.e.

when i open the site with my iphone, the iframe size is fix and no scrollbars.

you can see it in your live preview.

Hi again.

Actually he support team did reply to your ticket on September, 11th. Please see the screenshot of their response – open it. And as to the issue you had – there was a template update that eliminated the issue, you can download it from Themeforest any time (ver. 1.0.3)

Thank you!

oops! thanks for reply, but it`s not working. insert the new files and changed the link like: 01.10. – but it`s open only a new window – example page:

Hi again!

Please contact our support via a personal ticket so that the support team could take a look at it from your end and see what the problem can be, as well as help you eliminate it. Submit a ticket.

Thank you!

This is a quick question. I’m not sure if I need to create a support ticket? The form submission doesn’t show the success message. The message comes through to my e-mail, but on the website it’s still showing the “working” animation.

Thank you for contacting us!

Please make sure to follow form setup procedure completely, you need to add you add your data in a sendmal.php file (see instructions in template docs) and in you html for the contacts page – see the screenshot .

Should the problem persist please feel free to contact our support so that our support team could take a look at the problem from your end and help you eliminate it – submit a ticket

Thank you!


I’d like to set an accordion option as enabled ( open ) when load page.

Is it possible?

Thanks for now.

Hi again. No, there is no need to add anything besides this. The code we have provided adds “current” class to the first accordion elements so that it loads open.


No worked then.

This is change function:

/* Accordion */
(function ($) { 
} )(jQuery);
$('.accordion > .acc:eq(o) a.tog').addClass('current').next().slideDown();
$('.accordion a.tog').click(function (j) { 
    var dropDown = $(this).parent().find('.tab_content');
} );
if ($(this).hasClass('current')) { 
} else { 
dropDown.stop(false, true).slideToggle().css( { display : 'block' } );

Hi again!

Please submit us a support ticket so that our support team could help you with that, just make sure to provide all the needed credentials. Submit a ticket. Thank you.

how can i remove the background from the navigation menu? thanks

Thanks for contacting!

This can be edited in fonts.css file. Please see the screenshot and add the needed color number for background and text, instead of the highlighted ones. If you do not need any background, you can set it white. see the screenshot

Thank you!

perfect thank u! lastly, what about the gap in between the menu items? how can i make it smaller?

This can be done in style.css file, please see the screenshot – open screenshot

Thank you!

Hi Sir, Joomla Version? woudl be cool if it’s possible Thanks in advance

Thanks for being interested in Halsey theme!

Nevertheless, Halsey is only offered as a Wordpress theme and a HTML5 template.

Thanks, should there be any other questions please feel free to ask!

hi, i want to use a sitemap generator ( to make a sitemap for seo but it can`t find the links! in your example too:

so google & co. can`t find the links too?

Thanks for contacting!

As to your question – in fact it is rather hard to say for sure what the reason can be. This might be caused by the links being relative rather than absolute, or perhaps this service requires the site to be php-based. In fact this is the first time we get a request like this regarding xml sitemap, and there is not much we can advise here. Appreciate your understanding.


Hi, I want to purchase the $15 license, is this theme is for wordpress also? or is it for html only?

Thanks for your interest!

As to your question – all products that are sold at this price on Themeforest are html templates, while prices on WordPress themes vary between $45-$55. Halsey is available i a WordPress version too, please take a look at it in our portfolio –

Thank you!

I see but it’s too pricey, do you have a sale version of this in wordpress format?

Hi again. In fact all item prices are completely managed by Themeforest and authors can’t affect this. Any wordpress theme here will cost at least $45. Appreciate your understanding!

Hi, great Job!

Is there a way to autostart an loop JPlayer? (Single Video on player.html)


Thanks for feedback!

Please take a look at the screenshot, add the same code on your website – view image.

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick solution!

I was wondering if you have any workarounds for the broken Twitter widget which still uses tweetsanywhere (that only supports API v1.0) and is therefore not working since Twitter has moved to v1.1 almost one and a half year ago?

Thank you for contacting!

Please make sure you are using the latest archive. If not, please download an update. Also feel free to submit u a support ticket so that the support team could help you – submit a ticket.

Thank you!

Has anyone been able to get the contact form to work. Like many other people it just sits on the loading screen. I have tried submitting a ticket and have not gotten a response. I cannot find a purchase code from Themeforest. I have owned this template for many months and this is very frustrating especially considering how many CMSMasters templates I have purchased and have never had this problem before :(

I am an intermediate to advanced user and have already changed the sendmail.php, the lines in the contact form and even tried re-writing the code myself still to no avail.\

The email is coming through but the loading bar never disappears.

Thanks for contacting!

We would really need to take a look at that from your end. We can see purchase confirmation here, so please submit us a support ticket without a purchase code, then let us know here as soon as you do, so that we could check it.

Thank you!

Bundled plugins including JQuery 1.5.1 and Revolution Slider 1.0.2 are very old and have known security vulnerabilities.

Hi, thanks for contacting!

To receive updated for sliders please contact us directly and our support agents will provide you with the archives.

Thank you!