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Super clean work ! GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Very clean layout cmsmasters, glws mate! ;)

Thank you ;)

Hi How do you use shortcodes in Html templates, or is this a wordpress template?

These are just examples of how can shortcodes can look like.

awesome work! good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Great template! Will you be adding pricing tables?

Hi. Actually we have Pricing Tables already:

Ooops, i again have mixed up buttons.. Report instead reply. All snippets/shortcodes works exactly like on the demo ;)

Ok! Thanx a lot….

I noticed that one of the staff of themeforest my first comment has been flagged as inappropriate. Did I wrote something wrong??

It’s me. Just mixed up buttons as I said before.


It looks not bad. I will convert to Wordpress for used with my Wordpress. Thanks for your work.

Thank you ;)

Oh, awesome! Just have bought.

Thank you for choosing Halsey :)

Love this theme and want to buy it! Is there an easy way to change the colour?

Sure, it’s very easy! You’ll get an instruction on this in the documentation provided with this HTML template. You need the “Additional info” chapter.

Hi is it possible to remove the top slider part on the home page and not have it at all?

What would be awesome is this layout but with the same menu system as your other template “shepard”

Thank you for being interested in Halsey HTML .
Yes, it’s possible to have no slider at the page.

As about the menu – there’s nothing impossible, but this template is not supposed to work this way. And as this is a deep customization I have to pay your attention to the fact, that we don’t provide coding instructions not regarded to our template functionality. So if you need to make a serious changes like this, we can’t assist you.
Thanks for understanding.

Hi, great theme, I bought it!

Any chance of corverting the theme into a WordPress theme?

Well, we’re working on a WP version at the moment ;)

Hi There, Is this a wordpress theme. Can I use the HTML into my dotnet project. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance Raj

Dear Raj. This is not a WordPress theme.

This is a HTML template. Just a dummy for your site, kind of developer’s draft – a starting material, which is easy to use for conversion into CMS .
If you’ll purchase this HTML5 template, you’ll get the archive with PSD ’s, HTML files and the documentation (“Site Template Help” with brief template functions’ and code description).
You should have coding skills to configure this template. If you have none, you may hire a specialist.

Hello there nice clean template, i got a little issue with it how can i make the drop down menu wider i have drop downs on the sub menu “Company improvement project” this on the submenu takes 3 lines and makes it look bad i have changed in the css at line 361

#navigation ul li a {
then at line 3279 where ever you have width for the navigation and still keeps the submenu in several line if i have 3 words any way to make it auto width to adapt a long name?

Everything else is wonderfull

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!

It’s hard to say what should be done yet. This issue needs deeper consideration and we can’t advice via comments.

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket. Please, create a support ticket, try to describe your issue in more details, you can use screenshots. Don’t forget to provide the link to your web site and FTP credentials. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Bloody Brilliant

Oh, thanks! ;)
Glad that you like it.

When do you expect the wordpress theme to be available?

Hopefully in the middle of December. But can’t say for sure yet.

WP problems in installation makes me the following:

topics damaged

The following themes are installed but incomplete. The themes must have a style sheet and template. Name Description Missing template.

sorry for my English

Dear lapam, do you realize that the template you’re about to use is not a WordPress theme?

The HTML5 template is a dummy for your site, kind of developer’s draft – you should have coding skills to convert it into WordPress or another CMS , and may elaborate it yourself, or hire a specialist if needed.

I understand that is not compatible with wp. when will the version compatible with wp? I will update this topic you buy? or need to buy another? thanks

It’s not about compatibility – this is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme, it won’t work in a way you need as-is. You should learn more about cmsmasters’ WordPress themes using our online documentation and demo sites:

Any of these themes (I mean those you’ll find following the link which I gave you above) can be used with WordPress. But I regret to inform you that you bought a template which can’t be elaborated without special coding skills.

Hi! I have a little problem with the menu in iPad and iPhone. In your demo you have deactivated the “parent” when a drop down menu is activated. But i would like to reach the parent page when i have the “parent” activated.

In iPad it´s difficult to choose a page in the drop down list when i have the “parent” activated. I can only reach the parent page not the pages in the drop down menu.

And i can only reach the pages in the drop down menu in the iPhone, not my parent page.

I want to be able to reach all pages. Is this something you can help me with?

Best regards

Hello. Sorry for delayed reply.

Please, replace in the item this code: javascript:void(0); to the link at the parent page.
You can inspect our demo with Firebug to see how it looks in general:

Hi again! I have removed that code and replaced it with a link. But it still doesn´t solve my problem in iPad and iPhone.

The problem:

iPad – i´m only able to click on the pages in the dropdown menu when the “parent” page loads or if i hold my finger at the “parent” page a while, then i can remove my finger and click at a page in the dropdown menu.

iPhone – I´m only able to click on the “parent” page to show and hide the dropdownlist, i´m not able to show the content at that page.

Maybe i understood you wrong. Please check out our code.

<ul id="navigation"> <li class="drop current_page_item"> </li><li class="drop"> <a href=""> <span>Boende</span> </a> <ul> <li> <a href=""> </a></li> </ul> </li> <li class="drop"> </li><li class="drop"> </li></ul>

Best regards

Hm… I’m afraid I confused you. Sorry, I didn’t realize that it was iPad. :-O

Unfortunately on small resolutions it’s possible for a menu item to have either dropdown OR a link. It means that you can’t use links for parent items on iPad, because they will overlay the dropdown and it won’t appear.

The portafolio part and gallery parts are not very compatible for dynamic data it adds after each 4 item column a is there any way to avoid this so i can do a loop?

Hi. As far as I understand you, the action you’re about to implement is possible and should work fine in Halsey. Maybe you’ve done something wrong. Or I’ve misunderstood you.

Please, note:
All support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket.

For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy.