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This theme Visual Content Composer is NOT SEO Friendly.

My SEO plugin does not detect any content within the pages.

Can you do something about this?

Thank you for contacting!

The plugins really do not detect composer content, in fact there really is not much we can advise here. We have seen some customers insert content parts created with content composer into a standard wordpress editor, by copying the shortcodes code with Firebug and adding it it Text editing mode to the editor, in terms to make this content readable by SEO plugins. We have a forum thread that has instructions on how this can be done, it is for another theme, but wors identically for Halsey too – go to forum .

Thank you!

i have a problem with menu, it is not show all buttons – what i can do, please?

print screen:

Thanks for contacting!

We would appreciate if you provided a link to your website, in such a way it will be easier to detect a reason for this to happen. If you do not wish to provide a link here in comments please feel free to do this via personal ticket – proceed to submit.

Thank you!


I found a bug for this template, the menu. If you have a open menu and wait until the slider change to a new slide, the open menu will be behind the slider.

No problem, a very great theme anyway!

Hi again, update for menu performance is available now, please feel free to downloaded the updated archive. See the “Update” folder. n fact if you previously had the latest theme version installed, now you need to renew the style.css file.

Thank you!

Cheers, gave you 5* now. :)


My client brought the template Hasley

They loaded the template, but it was messed up. i think the javascript for the main menu has some problem loading.

im not sure where to fix the problem, im new at WP.

the URL for the site is:

please get back to me asap.

Thanks, Leonyl Cabidog

Hi Leonyl!

In fact there is no problem with your website – you just need to follow the setup procedure carefully and choose the Main Navigation menu in your Admin Panel. We have a very detailed online documentation for Halsey Theme, where all popular questions are covered, please see it, it will help you with the menu:

You will also find many other questions there, hope it will be useful for you. Nevertheless, should there be some questions you still need help with please feel free to ask.

Thank you!

Hi I just purchased your theme and the custom sidebar option is not working. I am able to add the sidebar title under theme general options but when I go to the appearance—> widgets section no sidebars appear. Not default (top, middle, bottom) and not custom ones I just made.

Please help ASAP. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling theme twice and nothing. Thank you.

Thank you for contacting!

Not sure to understand: you do not have any default sidebars too, or is it the custom one that does not get saved? Could you please be more specific?

As to the custom sidebar – please make sure to click the “Save” button when you add it, you will see the “Setting saved” message appear – see the screenshot.

In any case, we would appreciate if you submitted us a ticket so that our support team could take a look at the problem from your side. Just please make sure to provide all the needed credentials – submit a ticket.

Thank you!

How do I implement google analytics into this?

Thank you for contacting!

To implement Google Analytics into your Halsey theme, please proceed to Theme Settings – General – Custom Codes, and add the code generated by Google Analytics into the corresponding field. Please make sure to add the whole code, not just the short code. Do not forget to save the changes.

See the screenshot for what it will look like in your admin panel – open the screenshot.

Thank you!


Can you give us a URL to see the RTL version.


Hello. Thanks for being interested in Halsey theme.

In fact we have no RTL demo version, but you can be sure it works great!

I’ve made a video with brief overview here.

The theme works as RTL by default if your WordPress is translated into some of the RTL languages.

Hello, I need to use Qtranslate for visual composer :( . I almost finish one project , I didn’t expect to that, I belive theme I can translate theme 100% . I need to find a way, there is nothing to can translate visual composer tabs? To usualy manual code from qtranslate or something like?

I am waiting with interes your answer. Thanks

Thanks for contacting!

In fact Halsey theme is not guaranteed to feature compatibility with third-party plugins, so alas there is not much we can say here. The only thing we can advise, is that if you do not have too much content created with composer, you can manually insert it in code to the regilar wordpress editor, by copying the code with Firebug. We have an instruction on how this can be done on our forum, please see t. It is for another theme, but works for Halsey theme the same way.

Thanks for understanding!

Great them, but where do i update my social media links – currently they are not displaying on my footer

Thanks for using Halsey!

To enable Social Icons for Footer please proceed to Theme Settings – Appearance – Footer and choose the social icons to be displayed, like shown on the screenshot – see it.

Thank you!

I did that but the icons don’t show up

Hi again!

Please make sure to add the social icons in the Icons section i your admin before you activate them for your footer. Please proceed to theme Settings – Icons – Social Icons as show on the screenshot, and follow the steps listed there – open the screenshot.

Thanks, hope this will be helpful!

HI, i cant see any styles of Google Fonts, Blue Hover and others fonts in my web..

Please Help

Nevermind… was a conflict with sliders plugins

Error: Content Block Shortcode Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1966080 bytes) in /home/chdcen/public_html/wp-content/themes/halsey/framework/admin/customizer/cmsms-theme-customizer.php on line 1714

Please Help!!!

Thank you for contacting!

In fact it is rather hard to say what can be causing an issue like that without seeing the website from your end. Please submit us a support ticket about this so that the support team could take a look at it – submit a ticket. Just please make sure to provide all the needed credentials in your ticket.

Thank you!

Hi! does this theme support different languages

Thanks for being interested in Halsey theme.

As to the languages – Halsey does not include ready translation, but it does include a .pot file that can be used to create translations to any language, as well as an instruction in theme docs about how this can be done.

Thank you!

Sent you a direct message – please view.


Thanks for contacting!

Still, we would ask you to either login with account you used to purchase the theme, or provide a purchase code it your ticket. Appreciate your understanding

Thank you!

Hey guys…just signed up for your support forum but no email. Hopefully you can help. I’m using version 1.1.1 of your theme. Once I customize a theme I do not upgrade unless I have to (even if I’m using a child them which I am). My client just posted their first blog and I noticed a funky line of code on the live blog post. You can see it here:

It’s right below the title: <1 class=”entry-title”>University Of West Georgia New Housing | Haven West

How can I remove this? If it’s a specific file that needs to be updated can you give me the name so I only have to replace that file?

Cheers, JC

Thanks for contacting!

We have now approved you on the forum, but in fact you need to submit us a personal ticket so that the support team could take a look into your situation, please do so – submit a ticket.

Just please make sure to provide all the needed credentials.

Thank you!

Does this theme work with wp 3.8? Or do I need to install 3.6?

Thank you for being interested in Halsey!

We always try to keep our themes updated to be compatible with the newest WordPress versions. Feel free to use 3.8 with Halsey theme.

Thank you!

I’m wanting to make my slider like the one on the landing page of the live preview. I believe it is the Revolution Slider (it has the blue gradient background). If I download the theme demo .xml will the slider show up as well?


Thank you for contacting!

The sliders are imported separately from the general Demo Content, and we can provide you with the import file for it if you specify an email address we can sent it to.

Thank you!

That would be great! My email address is

I’m wanting to change the blue to red so if you could also send me the .psd files for it that would be great as well!


Thanks for the email, we have now sent you the import file and the requested .psd images. Please check your email.

Thank you!

Hi there,

great theme, I am just having some issue with Header custom HTML that it does not really allowed me to use html tags like

also some problems with responsiveness e.g. menu navigation or some images or elements in services pages don’t keep the proportion and than on top of the others.

is there a way to avoid that, otherwise I will need to tick off the responsive layout but also in this case some elements won’t show properly

the very last, just want to avoid white transaction between slides on the slideshows

website is:

let me know, thanks a lot in advance for your attention

Tonino” />

Thanks for your feedback!

As to your question about images not being responsive – to make them be responsive you need to add a max_width class to them. After you added the image please click on it to edit, and switch to Advanced tab. Add a class just like shown on the screenshot – see the screenshot.

Regarding the custom html – by default this area recognizes only some basic tags, and to “teach” it recognize more you need to add these tags and their attributes. This is done to avoid overcrowding the theme files, as there are many tags, and people tent to use different ones. We have an instruction on our forum on hoe the tags can be added, please take a look at it (it is for a different theme though works identically for Halsey too) – go to forum.

As to the slider – in fact it is rather hard to say anything without seeing the settings, but perhaps you should review the general slide timings for each slide to make sure there is no gap between them. Also you can contact our support so that the support team could take a look at it.

Thank you!

Hi. Nice clean theme. Is it translation ready? Have .po(pot) files to translation?

Thank you for being interested in Halsey theme!

As to your question regarding the translations – Halsey does not include ready translation, but it has a .pot file that can be used to add them.

Thanks, should there be any other question please feel free to ask!

Is there a way to remove the sitemap links on each page. E.g. in the live preview when you click on the contacts button, near the top of the page is a ” Home / Contacts ” link that I would want removed.

Thank you for contacting!

As to your question, if I understood you correctly, you do not want breadcrumbs to be visible on your pages. You can easily disable them for any page you need. Just please open your page in admin panel, scroll the Halsey Page Options and open the Breadcrumbs tab. Disable breadcrumbs like shown on the screenshot – see the screenshot.

Thank you!

Do you supply the demo content with your theme? the demo.xml file?

Thank you for being interested in Halsey!

Yes, Halsey comes with a demo content.xml file that is included in the archive. It has all the pages anf posts exactly like on the preview website, the only exception is that all the images are substituted with placeholders.

Thank you, should there be any other questions, please feel free to ask!