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Halsey looks great, with plenty of excellent features, very easy to me and with no problems for the greek language. I have install and the woocomerce in a demo site and everything looks good. If you have time (because i thought you have more experience) you can test it with woomerce or any other shop plugin and you can give more value to your theme. Good Sales…

Wow, thank you for such a great feedback and useful discovering :)

We’ll surely take it into account when make a new update.
Thanks once again!

Hi again, George.

It is really pleasant to hear that people like what we do. We would also greatly appreciate if you could rate this product, so that the other people know about it too!

Here is the screenshot with a 3-steps instruction.

Thanks in advance.


Your template doesnt work good with the plug-in, Wordpress AD-manager,

I tested 10 another templates, worked 100% but not your. :( I really love this template, u maybe can found out the solution?

Yay! Already mailed, i will provide the wp-admin when alex answer.

Very nice work! Good luck with sales

Good job :) Congratulations!

Thank you :)

Congrats on the theme it looks really fresh. How configurable are the colours?

Thanks! There are some options for color editing: you can change background color or set a custom background image as well as change the default theme color to any custom one. You can as well change the default font color as well as edit it for every content part separately.

Please, read about basic theme color options in our HOW-TO:
How to set a color scheme
How to set a default background color
Configure fonts’ color
Navigation item hover color setup

Hi, after install and activate the theme, i am not able to change font to Arial. It has no effect to set font under theme settings font. Also the demo content looks strange.

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!

We need to see what happens on your end.

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket. We’re ready to examine the issue. Could you, please, submit a ticket to get personal assistance?
Try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, preferably using screenshots. Don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Stunning theme, just what I’m looking for.

May I ask what images come with it?

Hello, only one free image included in the theme package. Usually no images come with themes, so this is our bonus to our buyers.

Great theme, excellent documentation, I’m full steam ahead and my site looks fantastic already. :)

That’s awesome! :D

It is really pleasant to hear that you like what we do. We would also greatly appreciate if you could rate this product, so that the other people know about it too!

Here is the screenshot with a 3-steps instruction.

Thanks in advance and good luck with your site elaboration.

done :)

Thank you very much!

Hey nice Theme, awsome! Which fonts are you using for heading 1?

Thanks for the comment :)
It’s Open Sans Light, the size is 40 px.

See the H1 configuration here.

Do the icons you have throughout the site come with the theme?

How well does your content composer work with other shortcode plugins? I have a plugin that inserts Icons and uses shortcode, so I am hoping it won’t be an issue.

On your front page version 1.01 says: Added Colored Blocks link feature. What does this mean?

Hi. thank you for being interested in Halsey!

We have a few icons coming in our demo content, but not in the theme folder itself. You may read about icons setup here in case of need.

We haven’t tested how our WYSIWYG Content Composer works with any of Shortcode plugins, so we can’t neither confirm, nor deny that it’s compatible.

Colored Blocks now have an option to add a text link inside, see the screenshot.

By the way, sharing and social icons are included! :)

Does it have po file for translation?

It has no ready language files, but becomes a multilingual theme in few moments! It has pot file. It is easily translated into German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or any other language. You can read all about translations in our docs:

Is there anywhere to add a phone number up top that will also show as a click to call on ma mobile?

Also, social media icons…?

Thanks for asking!
An update with this option is on its way, and will be available within 24 hours. It will allow you to add any custom HTML to your header section, as well as place social media icons. Though you do not have to wait for it and can start using Halsey right away, and afterwards simply install the update!

Hi there. We are happy to inform you that Halsey has been updated and now you can embody your wildest dreams using header custom HTML block as well as add social icons! ;)

See the screenshot of theme settings here.

Is there header style which allows the logo to span an entire full-width row and have the navigation below on it’s own full-width row? If not, perhaps it’s as simple as changing some div / span classes?

Hello. Actually there’s no way to implement mentioned customization using our theme options. However, if you purchase Halsey, our support team can help you with the coding, they will change the appropriate files. In this case we would strongly recommend that you do not make any changes in the files affected with this code customization.

Hi cmsmasters,

Is there a way to have full-width? Is it just a case of having the background the same colour as the main container?

Hi. Thanks for being interested in Halsey.

The theme has a fixed layout, and there’s no way to make it full with using theme options, but it can be implemented in css, the content container shadow should be removed, and the background color set to white, just like here. Remember: if you’ll make some code customization, you should copy changed code to the appropriate files of our future updates before replacing files at your server with fixed ones.

Also, can you use an editor to introduce custom code for pages and home page?

I’m not sure I got you, but if you mean this editor – yes, you may add some custom HTML code inside using it and it will be displayed in the text tab of the shortcode editor.

Or do you mean this one?

Excellent Theme ! More a theme for content editor than webdesigner, but overall it’s really neat ! You took basic responsive rules that work just fine. The top menu could be worked a little bit differently, as far as I see, it doesn’t behave really nice when “too many” items … well that’s a detail :) I give you the stars ;)

PS : I see some comment speak about top menu as well, no big deal really !

You’re welcome :) Also, you might want to give the option to use image logo AND subtitle, it’s a common use I guess. Seems like for now your setup doesn’t allow to do that, I had to change a little bit :)

Well, one may add a subtitle to the logo using some image editor (Photoshop, for instance) or use freshly added header custom HTML block. Custom HTML is probably the best option in this case. What do you say?

Well, I actually changed a little bit the template and I now display the subtitle of the website just under the logo image. I thought it was the most simple way. I mean, why adding some extra text when the basic feature is right here :)


I have 2 pre buy questions;

1. are the measurements of the portfolio items set, or is it necesarry that every image uploaded has to have the exact same measurements to get a symetric look?

2. is there a setting that when clicking on an items on the portolio/gallery page the image will be shown in a lightbox, instead of going to a page?

thanks dennis

Thank you fro being interested in Halsey, Dennis.

1. The images display better when have 16×9 aspect ratio, but generally it doesn’t really matter, as all the Portfolio thumbnails have the same size at the page, the images can be shown in the project with their original size.

2. Sure, just open Portfolio on our demo and click on a thumbnail of “Album 4 columns” or “Project” – the covers are project images and show up in a lightbox.


This is a nice theme, but the slider isn’t included in my plug-ins.

The Form Builder is not included either. I deleted the theme and downloaded this again to be sure. When I re-uploaded the them, neither plug-ins you mention nor the form builder are included. Am I doing something wrong?

Actually all the plugins are included. Please, check the Plugins folder of the main theme archive downloaded from Themeforest.

I made a video so you could see it’s there. Please, read carefully our documentation, there’s a detailed instruction on plugins installation.
You will find it here.

Hi and Congrats for your awesome theme.

How can add blocks like the ones that are presented here :

I am talking about the blocks named Design, Responsive etc.

Thank you!

Thank you for using our theme.

You should add 4 columns to the Content Composer and copy special code to each of them, then replace our texts with yours. The code can be found at this page in the relevant FAQ tab.