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Hi Can you theme have call icon with a phone number and email icon with email? Is there in-built or need custom modification? Also I notice each home page1,2 3 etc loads very slowly and I am using Fiber broadband?

Hi. You may add any icon and code in the header Custom HTML block – icons, phone number and e-mail, etc.
More about icons setup read here.

As about slow loading – it loads fine on our end. It’s hard to name the reason why. Theme functionality is pretty wide, so it surely takes a few seconds to load, but shouldn’t take too long of course.

The problem may be caused by
  • large distance between our server and your location,
  • by your browser/system,
  • your firewall.
  • Pre-purchase question. The seo-quake diagnosis of demo site shows no H1 site title instead of graphic logo and also no h1 titles on inner pages. Can it be corrected? I guess it is not very good for SEO.
    Is it possible to use custom uploaded small images or icons inside coloured blocks? I want to use your theme instead of other. If you’ll take a look at this site you’ll see three rows of blue boxes with custom images. Can I achieve the same with your theme? (I do not mean hover effect on boxes it’s not very important to me)

    Yes, you can set the site title to be shown as text with H1. All the pages on our demo have H2 headings by default.Here you may read about fonts setup.

    Nowadays these tags – H1, H2, H3… – are not as important for SEO, as micforormats, which we used for Halsey.

    And sure, you can create such blue blocks as you have now. You can find similar colored boxes here on the demo, as you see they can have images (icons) inside. But colored blocks can have only one of 4 theme colors: red, yellow, blue or green.

    Ok. You have convinced me. :)
    But my 5 cents: one of my best friends (his name is FireBug) told me that colored blocks in your theme can have a lot of different colors.

    does this theme support RTL?

    Sure, it does! :)

    Hi, great theme. I’m interested in buying it but I have some questions about the blocks. I’m a beginner so don’t be surprised if the questions may sound silly :). Can the blocks have a plain background in one colour or does it have to look like in the theme? Does the right top corner have to be truncated or can it be like other corners? And the same about the corner in blog. Is it possible to set them as a right angle?

    Hi, thank you for being interested in Halsey.

    The colored/featured blocks can not have plain background, but hypothetically it’s possible to customize them in CSS – this task is not for a newbie if you know what I mean ;)
    Still our support team can give you a guide on that (usually they have much to do and don’t provide coding customization support).

    Same thing with Featured blocks’ top right corners – they are cut and there’s no way to change it using theme functions. But you can use Colored Blocks instead, see how they look here. Blog date block also can’t be changed without extra coding.

    Hi there,

    Just purchased this theme and I love it! Great work. One question for you:

    Is there a way to hide/delete the “Project details” section on the projects pages?

    I found out how to remove the date, author, etc in the Portfolio settings but it still says “Project details”


    Please, make sure to unmark all these checkboxes.

    If it won’t help, please, submit a personal support ticket here.
    Try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, preferably using screenshots. Don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Hi there
    It’s a problem with displaying Russian fonts in Opera. I choose PT Sans Narrow for h3 headings – they are invisible at all !
    Take a look at this page In three blue boxes I made English header, mixed English-Russian header and only Russian. All Russian letters are invisible in Opera. How to solve this problem?

    Yippee! Looks great in all browsers!
    See the screenshot. Clear cache in Opera (Ctrl + F5) – it’s fine now.

    Thank you very much for your assistance!
    I want to add a few words about Halsey to potential buyers:
    It is my third theme from Cmsmasters. The first one was legendary Clockstone.
    Compared with the previous themes (which sometimes suffered from slow speed at backend) I’m really amazed with the speed of work and and great usability of Halsey’s backend and very good page speed score of site. Guys keep on working the same way.
    Kind regards
    What is the purpose of this link in header: <link rel=”profile” href=”” /> can I remove it?

    It is really pleasant to hear your feedback, Mikhail. Very inspiring. :)

    We would greatly appreciate if you could rate Halsey, so that the other people know that it’s cool too!

    Here is the screenshot with a 3-steps instruction.

    Thanks in advance.

    Want to add
    the problem is only with PT Sans narrow BOLD. I use the same normal weight in menu and it looks fine.

    Regarding this link <link rel=”profile” href=”” /> in header.php – you may learn more about it in the WordPress codex here:

    You can delete it if you want.

    Hi! Great theme! I have a pre-order question: we are going to use your theme in a multilingual installation. Is it compatible with WPML Plugin?

    Thank you very much and, again, good work :)

    Oh, thanks for being interested in Halsey and for your kind words.
    Sure, it is! :)


    is it possible to customize the background and all the other colors..? having red instead of that blue/greyish color…?

    Also, is it possible to customize the homepage to show the latest posts…?

    Hi, thank you for being interested in Halsey.

    Yes, you can make your Portfolio as a main page. Read more about home page setup here.
    There are some options for color editing: you can change background color or set a custom background image as well as change the default theme color to any custom one. You can change the default font color as well as edit it for every content part separately.

    Please, read about basic theme color options in our HOW-TO:
    How to set a color scheme
    How to set a default background color
    Configure fonts’ color
    Navigation item hover color setup

    Could you please point me in the right direction to changing the colours of the coloured blocks? Which files in particular am I looking for? Could you give me a particular line in a file to edit these colours? If not, just the file where the colours are determined would be good. Thanks!

    Edit: nevermind, found it

    Hi, includes xml file with demo content?


    Yes, of course :)

    Hi Team,

    Just purchased and the theme is not getting installed. The error message has “Are you Sure?” after the 100% upload. Kindly help as i’m not a tech savvy

    Regards Sathish

    Hi, Sathish. Have you followed our instructions on theme installation carefully?

    If you did everything according our Docs, but the problem persists, feel free to turn to our support guys using this handy ticket system. Dont’ forget to provide your FTP and wp-admin credentials in the ticket.
    Thank you.

    Hi, I’ve submitted a support ticket today. Can you take a look. It’s very urgent for me
    Thanks in advance

    Hi, our developers are working on your issue.

    Edit: nevermind

    Any way to get the logo to scale smaller with the page if the page size is changed?

    Unfortunately the logo can’t be scalable.

    Hi there. Love the theme. I have started setting it up. When I view it on a retina device the site is stunning however my logo is clearly not retina. How can i setup and use a retina logo?


    You can make your logo twice bigger (using some graphic editor), but set in theme settings to have smaller size, or use .png instead of .jpg – it looks better when re-sized, but is loading slower.

    Learn more about logo setup here:


    nice theme; some questions: - is it possible to have the Colored Blocks in the sidebar? - Shortcodes work in the sidebar? - Form Builder includes captcha? If not, is there an easy way to add?

    Hi there. Thank you forbeing interested in Halsey.

    No, the colored blocks can be used in the content only. But hypothetically you can make similar blocks using Text Widget – just paste there some HTML code with image and text.

    Yes, you can use CAPTCHA. Read more here.

    How can we get the slider set up like the demo? I am working on a clients site that has this theme and have installed and imported slides but its giving a completely different style – I would like to set it up like the slider shown in the demo with the blue blocks and text.

    Hi. Thank you fro using our theme.

    See how our slides look from the inside. The layer with blue block is a single image – see the screenshot.

    Greetings, could help me set up one big slideshow that appears in the demo because I can not put. How do I put exactly as it is in the demo? I wanted to put those images and texts. Could you help me?

    Hi, thanks for purchasing our product! It’s hard to say what happened.
    Have you followed carefully our online instructions on slider setup which can be found here?

    To get personal assistance you can submit a support ticket.
    Try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, preferably using screenshots. Don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    hi, is it possible to change the layout color from blue to another color?


    Sure! Please, read more about color scheme in the documentation:

    Nice theme. I’m thinking about purchasing for a client but they want their blog posts to display like a portfolio page. Is this possible? Do you have a portfolio shortcode that I can use for blog posts or will I have to create a custom page?

    Thank you for being interested in Halsey!

    Yes, you can show your blog posts just like Portfolio projects at the page if use a Post Types shortcode, which is represented at this page.