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I’m trying to transalte the theme to portuguese following the instructions (halsey.pot -> poedit -> translate terms -> save the pt_BR.PO and pt_BR.MO files -> copying files to server -> adding pt_BR to the wp-config) but nothing happens…

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!

We need to see what happens on your end.

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket.

We’re ready to examine the issue. Could you, please, submit a ticket to get personal assistance?
Try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, preferably using screenshots. Don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Don’t know if I should open a support ticket, but anyway. If I just include a picture in a blog post or page, is there any way to sort of make it “responsive”? If I just use “add media”, and use its original size, it won’t resize when viewed on a smaller screen. So, is there any good solution for this?

WordPress doesn’t make images scale automatically. But if you will set for all images CSS class fullwidth (Advanced image settings), they will become responsive.
Just one more tip: you might need to delete the image Height parameter in from all images like shown on this screenshot.

Thank you, most helpful support here. For some reason this doesn’t “handle itself”. Usually I’ve just added an image, and it has pretty much taken care of itself. But it’s all fine now!

Sorry for bothering you again. But, looking at your example pages (here I found this class “alignleft size-full wp-image-2368 fullwidth”. And using that works fine for me, and image becomes responsive. Is there a way to set this class without “copy/paste”? And, is there any way to make images responsive without using full size?

Let me know if you wish me to open a support ticket. ;)

Hi, Can the favicon in WP Admin be the same as the website (not Hasley favicon)? Thanks.

You should replace the favicon from halsey/img/favicon.ico with yours manually on your server, as there’s no way to change it using theme options, you can only set a front-end favicon there :)

Great, thanks!

I’m having issues with the responsive design. If you see my website with 1024×768px of resolution, the website is not responsive…

Can you help me? I need a website completely responsive.

Thanks in advance. Greetings! :(

Hello. Have you followed our HOW-TO instructions on Revolution slider setup? Here they are:

I think you’ve forgot to choose Full Width Slider Type. See the screenshot, please.

For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy.
Try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, preferably using screenshots. Don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Hi there,

I am interested in purchasing your theme, but have one question. Does your theme support the ability to create child themes? If so, are there any limitations as to what can be edited that I should be aware of?

Thank you for your time.

Oh, okay. Well, I bought it anyways and it seems like making a child theme works just fine.

And don’t worry, I’m an experienced developer :). Thanks for your help.

Ah, you’re welcome, Ryan :)
Good luck with your site’s elaboration

Additionally we would like to draw your attention to the following points:
There’s a detailed documentation for this theme. You can easily elaborate your site after studying our “HOW-TO”. It can be found here.

And all support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket. The cmsmasters support center works Monday to Friday.

Great, thanks for pointing me to the documentation.

I’m liking the theme so far, keep up the good work!

I am having issues with slider design, header and bottom sidebar. I have customized my layer slider,header and bottom sidebar . But if you see all these on 1024×768 resolution PC, you can not see it properly . ...

Can you help me? Thanks in advance

slider transitions looks different on different browsers like firefox and chrome. And bottom sidebar displays slightly outside the frame please help me thank u

So do you have a ticket?

yes I have submitted the support ticket as you have said

Hey cmsmasters,

I created a ticket (Ticket #3852) but wasn’t sure if this was a better method to contact you guys. I apologize in advance for the duplicate issue. Basically my Wordpress doesn’t seem to function correctly ever since I installed the Halsey theme. I’m running Wordpress 3.5.1.

For example when try to edit a page the content doesn’t appear in the wysiwyg and everything that normally is clickable becomes useless and doesn’t do anything. The editor towards the bottom of the page also just continues to load but never doesn’t anything. The Wordpress main navigation doesn’t seem to function either, if you hover over “Pages” the “Add New” and “All Pages” doesn’t appear like that should on hover.

What do you think could be the reason for this?

Thanks again. Ryan

Hi, Ryan. Thank you for contacting us.

What version have you been using? Is it the recent one 1.1.4? If not, please, update the theme.
To update the theme, please, follow to your Downloads tab on Themeforest and click “download” to get the fresh theme archive. Then unzip it and follow to Updates/Fix_1.1.4 and open README.txt, you’ll find the instruction on update there. Basically you should replace some files at your server. Copy “halsey” folder from Fix 1.1.4 to your server “wp-content/themes/” and replace existing files.
But please, make a backup beforehand – just in case. If you have made some code changes in style.css, the update can harm your customization. You should copy changed code to the new file.

Additionally I would like to let you know that we don’t provide support on such individual issues here in the comments. Our support agents will study your issue and reply in the ticket as soon as possible.

Hey Cmsmasters,

I’m just following up on my previous comment, it looks like the only time things start to not work is when some backend theme elements are on the page, so on the Edit Page screens and the Theme Settings screens. Hope this helps so I can continue my project.

Thanks again! Ryan

Thank you for contacting, your ticket has been answered on Zendesk.

In theme documentation you wrote: “In the version 1.1 we have added new useful features – Header custom HTML block and social icons.”
Can you demonstrate these useful features into your Demo site? It’s very interesting how it looks like alive.

Sorry, we cannot make this on our demo preview for you, as the custom HTML option works for the whole website and not for a single page. Please submit us a personal support ticket with all the needed credentials so that we could help you with your issue. Thank you!

Of course it is working for the whole site. And on all of your demo sites where this option works you show it. What’s wrong with Hasley? No social icons, no custom html. May be these elements brokes site layout?
BTW Tell me a secret how I can provide you with credentials to the local server?

Please make sure you now have the latest version of Halsey theme (1.1.4) and update the theme if you don’t. If after update the problem persists please submit us a ticket on this so that we could help you with the custom HTML code.

Regarding not showing custom html on Halsey demo preview: in terms of website design Halsey was created to look the way it looks now on our demo site. Custom HTML is an option we added just because some customers asked for it, and it is completely a customer’s decision to use it or not. The initial design was not meant to have anything else in header besides the elements it has there now.

Hi there, after downloading the main zip file I cannot open it. Any feedback would be great.


Perhaps something could have gone wrong during the download and the archive did not download successfully. Happens sometimes. Try downloading it once more – that usually solves the issue.

Hi there, I have now downloaded it 6 times, still not unzipping. Could you send me a link from somewhere else with it already unzipped please FTP or something, please.

Please specify your email address so that we could help you.

Hi I’m interested in this theme, but have a question regarding a feature I would need and if its possible in your theme or an external widget/plugin

I need a page where you can search/filter certain pages(like the portfolio section on demo) BUT I would need a Two stage filter/search.

My site would advertise events people can do so would want to filter the different events based firstly on age(are they Adult, Junior, Mixed group) and then how many people the group is(1+, 6-8,10+,20+)

I have seen a property demo site somewhere with with this kina function but need to know if I can do it on your theme?


Hello Andy! Thank you for being interested in Halsey! In fact there is now an option to make what you describe, but not quite the way you say. If you create each event as a portfolio project (not like a page), you are able to set two parameters for it, which are Type and Category You can use your Category parameter for separating your major groups – Adult/Junior/Mixed For project Type you can set the group size. Then you create three separate portfolio pages. Portfolio page tmplate allows you choose projects of a certain category, which will be your Adult/Junior/Mixed In such a way you will have three pages where you will be able to apply sorting according to the group number. then you can locate these pages either in the main menu, if this suit you, or perhaps as a Menu Widget in any of the sidebars, so that your Adult/Junior/Mixed event types will appear as a clickable list and lead to a certain event type page (where the events can be sorted as porftolio items according to the group size)

This is a way to do it via theme options, though of course you can also try doing this via a third-party plugin. If you use the described procedure and add your events as projects you will have a nice event features description for each of the events, where you can add custom features for each event and social sharing options, as well as track Likes By the way, all the shortcodes work for projects too, just like for pages!

We hope this comes in handy!

Thanks for speedy response :-)

OK, I’ll have a look more into theme, to check i can make it excatly how i want, but no I know that its looking even better!

I assume as long as a plugin/widget supports my current WordPress version then it will work fine?

Thanks again

Well we don’t have an opportunity to test our themes for all possible plugins, but in general Halsey features compatibility with most of the popular plugins, so there is a chance it will work or with yours too.

Hi there,

While setting up a contact form, I have noticed emails are not delivered to me via the contact form. What could cause this?

Please before you save your form make sure you have checked all the fields to be added to the message you recreive. For this, when creating a form please select all of them by clicking like shown on the screenshot: Also please make sure that when you add your contact form to your page you input a correct email address for the messages to be delivered to. If the problem persists feel free to contact our support at so that our support team could help you out! Thank you!


I know you might get this a lot, and sorry to be a bother – but its about the slider. I have been stung twice already with WP themes and their “responsiveness” and I thought this theme was excellent so I went ahead and bought it.

But people are telling me you can’t import the slider – one of the main reasons I bought this theme!! I am a little frustrated. I would like a slider exactly the same as the demo one, is there a way to do this?

Thanks, Nathan

Hi, could we have homepage 1 slider and homepage 2 slider export files please. I guess we just import these using the slider import tool of LayerSlider WP? Please send to – thanks.

My navigation menu is also overlapping my logo – can’t seem to change this..?

“Thanks for the email address, please expect the slider import files shortly. Please note that Home1 slider is a Revolution Slider, while a Home 2 slider is a layer slider. Import procedure is slightly different for each of them: while in Revolution Slider you create an new slider and then choose an import file to upload, in Layer slider you will need to open a text file, copy the code from there there and then paste it into the import field for Layer slider.
We will attach the instructions for this to the email.
Regarding the menu – the best solution we can recommend is to optimize the menu structure so that it becomes shorter, as the theme was designed to have a certain menu width, and if yours exceeds this value, the overlapping occurs.
Thank you!”

Hi! Thanks for the great template. Is there a way to make the testimonials slide automatically? I realized that you have removed it from the template but the one I purchased has testimonials and they are not sliding for some reason. Thanks.

“Thanks for using our themes!
I suppose you have seen the sliding testimonials in sidebars but not in content area. Still it is possible to make them slide in content area too. For this you will only need to set the timing for them in a .php file. Jest proceed: halsey/framework/class/shortcodes.php Scroll down to line: 1377
And change the timing from zero to any you desire. Example: ‘pauseTime : 5000, ’ . Please note that timing is set in milliseconds, so 5000 as shown in example will be equal to 5 secons.
You should also keed in mind that as soon as you change tis value, the other post type elements will scroll automatically too (like posts and projects)
Hope this comes in use for you!

You’re the best. Thanks a lot for prompt response man. I really appreciate your help.

Do you have any plans for updating this item? And when?
Your last update was dated April 20, when actual version of Revolution slider was 2.3.91. And in your updated version of Halsey you are still using Rev.slider ver. 2.3.3. (dated 27.02.2013). which can cause a lot of problems
Even when you publish the initial release of Halsey, there was already 2.3.5 version of slider.
If it is possible give a concrete answer to a question, rather than general words like “we are a small team of developers which does everything to satisfy our customers …” :crying:

Please provide your email so that we could send the slider update.
Thank you!

Please correct me if I misunderstood you. My knowledge of English is not perfect. I understood Your answer that you are not planing updates of the theme in the nearest future for all your customers. It’s correct? Also I’m worrying about legal aspect of your suggestion. Are your licences allows you to provide third party plugins separately from the theme? Do you have the authorization from the author to distribute the program to third parties with the right to limit its use only in your theme? I guess that before I can accept your suggestion I must to consult with Envato support and with the author of plugin. I will send the screenshot of our conversation to both Envato and ThemePunch and if they’ll tell me that it is OK, I will provide to you my email. If your proposal is illegal, I think you should be held responsible for trying to involve me in the illegal activity.
BTW. You have a rare talent to shy away from answering specific questions :)

I guess you really did misunderstand us. To start with, our License for these sliders allows us to use them in our products and include them in the download archive as a part of our projects. Besides this, when we requested your email, we had no intention to send you the slider plugin, but we intended to provide you the update for it sooner than we upload it to Themeforest. Our portfolio is large, and unless there is a bug fixing issue, each file gets updated according to a queue. If the fast solution we offered you is not suitable, you can receive the update when it will be submitted to Themeforest, in general queue.
Please also note, that Envato policy does not oblidge the authors to provide support for their items, and it is completely our own decision to help our customers when they use our products. You can proceed to the Support section of any file on Themeforest and see that Envato leaves this completely up to authors:
Thank you!

Hi, We want to add a link at the very bottom of the page, under the white area, (in the blue area if possible), or at least under the Social icons and the copyrights. Where would we add it in the files? Thanks.


You can easily add a link to the footer area (where the social icons and copyright info are located) using custom HTML field in your Theme Settings:

Nevertheless there is no way to add it to the blue area below your footer, as it is a background. Thank you!

We want to have both the social icons and a link underneath. The system will not take the tags for img source in the custom HTML box.

Regarding the custom html area not recognizing the img src: please make sure you now have the latest Theme version, as some of the features were added post-factum. If you do, you can use the following code template to add an image to your footer area:

<a href="Your link"><img style="width: 30px" src="Your source" /></a>

Regarding the social icons – please submit us a support ticket on this, so that our support guys could see what can be done:

Thanks a lot!

Any idea when I will get a response for ticket #3929? Thanks.

Hello, thanks for contacting.

Your ticket is now being reviewed by our support team, please expect the reply shortly.

Please keep in mind that our support team works from Monday through Friday and it also usually takes up to 2 working days for a ticket to get reviewed.

Thank you for understanding!


How to insert two colored box? And is it possible to set shortcode into shortcode?

It is added easily, by a shortcode – you just choose a Colored Block shortcode from your visual editor and open to edit it.

It should choose copy button on colored block. The problem is solved. And now, I have other question… How to exclude parent portfolio category from portoflio?

Can you please be more specific? What do you mean when you say “exclude parent category”?

You can delete this category completely in Projects – Category, then your sub-categories will become categories of the 1st level.

If you mean not displaying projects of a certain category on your portfolio page, you can assign an additional project type to all other projects and when creating a portfolio page choose this type of projects to be displayed.

If I have misunderstood you, please be more specific on what you mean.

Thank you!

Im working with this theme for a client that previously had it installed. It seems images and tables (the ones like excel charts that you can make in a content box) are not responsive. The tables just get cut off.

If images are side by side they are shown with no gap between them. (this is when a page is split into two columns.) This also happens to colored boxes used in a split page with two side by side – they are shown stuck together on smaller screens.

You can see examples here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Glad you have done this with a shortcode, this will really be simpler and better for website performance.

Regarding the responsivenness – you can use fullwidth class instead of max_width, this one will work for sure, or, submit us a support ticket so that we could fix the max_width issue.

In fact, fullwidth class will act similar to max_width, except that if your image is smaller than the block, it will stretch it, unlike max_width.

Thank you, feel free to contact for more guidance.

fullwidth solved all the issue – THANKS! You guys rock.

Thanks you for choosing us! :)