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I’m pretty much set on buying either halsey or increase, I just wanted to know what the difference between the two was. Because they seem iike they’re exactly the same except for the slider. Thanks!

It’s about many things in design and elements. Take a look closer and make your choice.

Great theme – thanks!

You are always welcome ;)

Hi, I am very pleased with the theme. The only thing giving trouble is its compatibility with IE 8. I am building a site for a company and it needs to be compatible at least back to IE 8. Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you for being interested in our theme.

Can you please specify what exactly about IE8 compatibility is troubling you? In fact, Halsey is IE8 compatible except for a couple of small elements in design that are simply not supported by IE8 at all. Please specify what exactly is troubling you so that we could check that. Thank you!

Thank you for your prompt reply. The major issues are the menu and a column that doesn’t stay in the same line as the others. This is the beta site

Thank you!

Thank you for the link. However, it’s hard to say what happens with your menu having to access to your web site. This issue needs deeper analysis.

I kindly ask you to submit a personal support ticket here. Please, describe the issue in details, provide the link to your web site and FTP credentials so we could study your issue deeply.
We’ll respond as soon as possible.

As about columns – can you please provide a screenshot in the ticket? They seem to be working fine in IE8.

Please, note:
All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket.
Normally it takes up to 48 HOURS (common issues) or 72 HOURS (problems which require developer’s assistance) for your ticket or forum thread to be answered.
The cmsmasters support center works Monday through Friday.

Your resizable video blocks put an additional embed in the URL. To get arround this in the video form field I put instead of

<iframe src=”

Hi. Thank you for the comment.

Please, make sure to follow our HOW-TO instructions which can be found in your theme archive (DOCS/Halsey DOCS) and our online docs here.

You shouldn’t copy the code from the “Embed” area – just use the URL from the browser’s address bar.


How can I put custom code (for Google Analytics) on Halsey.

I have trying this for a little and ‘don’t work’ (note sure if it’s me)

This theme is awsome and very easy to use.

Regards Gustavo

Thanks for using Halsey!
Please make sure to copy the whole generated code, not only the part inside the <script></script> tags. If the problem persists feel free to contact our support.
Thank you!

Thank you for the answer. Surely I’m doing like you say. I copy whole generated code. After trying put the code using a Windows machine, the Google Analytics are telling me some information now, with graphics, but internally it says are not ‘installed’ yet. Strange! I use Mac.

Please submit us a ticket on this here, so that our support team could see why this happens for a Windows machine.
Thank you!

Hi I’m planing to purchase your theme and I have a few questions: 1. does it have full RTL support? 2. Does the theme support custom posts, lets say our staff ?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for being interested in Halsey theme! Regarding your questions -1. Yes, Halsey has RTL support. 2. – Can you please be more specific on what you mean? Halsey has different post formats, like “quote”, “image post”,”audio post” etc. You can as well create categories for your posts, like “our staff” and your posts to some of the categories.

Awesome theme. Is it possible to change the colors of the arrows in the revolution slider? I’m using a white background, and so obviously they’re not showing up. Thanks!

Thanks, glad you like Halsey! To change the arrow colors you need to substitute the image for this arrow in the folder wp-content/themes/halsey/img. Please go to this folder, find an image arrow_slide.png, change the color of the arrow in this image and upload it instead of the white one.
Important! Make sure the image is not renamed, and it must be .png as well!!!
Should there be any questions regarding this feel free to contact our support

Done, cheers! Keep up the good work.

Great! Good luck with further website maintenance!

Thank you for contacting! Your forum thread has been answered now, please check it.

Hey! :)

The theme suppurt RTL?

Thanks for being interested in Halsey!
Yes, Halsey theme supports RTL.

Hello there first I want to say this theme rocks. Seriously. One question I have is about H1 tags. You had responded to mishka48 on page 3 but I was still wondering why you didn’t use H1 in the first place since H2, H3, etc. were used?

Hello! We really appreciate your feedback on Halsey Theme. Regarding the Heading usage – feel free to submit us a ticket regarding this, so that we could change the way headings are used for you.
Thank you!

1. I get LayerSlider WP: jQuery Transit issue 2. I cant download the needed files to fix that as I cant register with the purchase code – I get error: Could not find phrase ‘envatoerror’. 3. I cant log in to the forum for the same reason. 3. I am interested in the exact slide as you used in the demo. Could you tell me the exact description for that and the pictures I will buy.


Hi. Thank you for using our theme.

To achieve the same result you should use some image editor. For instance, the slider on the Home page 1 has such images inside. These two photos can be found in the portfolio of Yuri_Arcurs on the Photodune. If you’d like to have the demo file for the Revolution slider (no images, but all the appropriate slider settings), feel free to ask – you may contact our support guys on this matter using this link.

The first slide uses this photo.
The second one has a screen preview of the video attached.
And we used this photo for our third slide.

I have something really odd going on.

When implementing my contact form:

I input my email adress in the backend (page builder). Whenever I publish the page and go back to the email field – it removes anything beyond the @ symbol and replaces it with

We really need to see this closer and check the way it acts on your end. Please submit us a ticket here so that we could help you with that.

How to change URL name from “project” to “product”.

I think it has something to write in PHP, but I’m not quite good enough at PHP to really figure it out!

Hello! Thanks for asking but in fact it would involve editing of many theme files to make this work, as for this you would need to edit all occurances of this name.

I’d like to make the width of the drop down container wider. How to I go about doing this?


There is no adaptive.css file to edit.

Hi. Have you checked for this file from your server? You can as well check once more in the archive you have downloaded from themeforest. If you have turned the responsiveness off for your website, it will not be visible from the website. Please feel free to submit us a support ticket about this.
Thank you!

got it thanks. I had to download the updated site files which included adaptive.css and edit it through my server. It can’t be found in the wordpress editor.

I’d like to change blog post featured image size, because at this moment featured image it looks blurry.

Could you please specify your ticket number? Rather surprised to hear you received no response. As to js files – in fact our preview has at least 17 of them. We can take a look at this issue too when reviewing your ticket. Just please provide your ticket number so that we could see your website.
Thanks a lot!

My ticket number is #4139

Hi again! We have checked your ticket status – in fact it was replied to within 2 hours after you submitted it. We have requested you to provide login details. Here is a link to your ticket. Could you please provide the login details (in your ticket) so that we could take a look at the problem from your end?

I am trying to add image gallery in tabs using the add media but it is not working.And also I have tried some plugins which are not working How to add image gallery in tabs? please help me

Thanks for using Halsey. Please submit us a ticket regarding your questions so that we could take a look at your problem from your side. Just please provide all the needed credentials.
Thank you!

the halsey theme is not responsive with smartphones and low resolution PCs Can you help me?

Not sure I can understand what you mean. Checked once more, seems fine on our end. Could you please explain what specifically is not being displayed correctly, or perhaps a screenshot would do. Thanks a lot!

Thank you. To answer your question we need to take a look at your website from your side, this can be a effect of some of the plugins installed. We have checked, our website is displaying correctly on devices and in most of the popular browsers, so the problem is most likely caused by some custom features you added. We would appreciate if you submitted us a ticket so that we could take a look at it. Submit a ticket

Hello guys, This template is awesome, I want to buy it, but I have a question: the WP version is the same as the preview? All components, including the sliders are available or will I need to develop?

Best, Bob

Thanks for being interested in Halsey theme. Halsey theme comes with a demo content import file which can be used to create pages like the ones we have on our demo. When you upload the demo content, your website will include all the pages, posts, projects etc like we have on the preview, except that the images are substituted with placeholders, as we do not include the images in the download files. Please also note that the widget settings never get imported too, you will need to setup them anyway. As to the sliders – if you wish, you can contact us after purchasing the theme and we will send you the slider import files (they are created separately to all the content). After you import the sliders, you will have all the slider settings just like we have, and some of the images. But some images will be absent (the ones with faces), so you will just need to add your own. In fact, after importing the sliders you will have the ready sliders except for several images that will need to be added.
Should there be any other questions feel free to ask!
Thank you!

Is the only way to use the shortcodes through the Visual Content Composer?

I’d like to be able to use them in the regular HTML editor window because my Yoast SEO plugin isn’t recognizing any keywords used within the Visual Content Composer.

Any thoughts, advice, recommendations?

Unfortunately it still isn’t working. I also just noticed that when I open the site in Mozilla and IE7, anything built in visual composer doesnt show up. Shows up in Chrome completely fine… whyy!?

I just emailed you a support ticket. Ticket #4251

What you say about Mozilla really does sound untypical, so thanks for the ticket, our support team will now review it and inform you on the result asap. Thanks!

Problems with slider… dont show slider config option in theme settings… Please Help me! Thanks

Thanks for contacting. In fact it is rather hard to say anything without viewing the problem from your side. We would appreciate if you submitted us a support ticket about this. Please make sure to explain your problem in details and also provide all the necessary credentials. Submit a ticket.

Thank you!