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Hi There. We need Mega Menu integrated into this theme. What are my options? Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for using Halsey!

As to the question you asked – in fact this theme is not initially meant to have this type of menu. All we can say here is that you can try installing it as a plugin (like Uber Menu), but we have not tested it with Halsey for compatibility.


Hi, thank you again for giving great help here. I need to make the logo responsive, the company wants the logo big for the regular site and when it goes to mobile it displays too big, I am trying to use media queries, but it seems that the PHP file is overriding everything I do. Please point me in the right direction if possible. Thanks!

Thanks for feedback. The issue is that Logo size is set both in styles and the theme-functions.php file. You can edit the settings in the php file, as it overrides the css. Please open the theme-functions.php file (halsey/framework/function/theme-functions.php) and edit the section shown on the screenshot – see it.

Thank you, should there be any other questions, feel free to ask!


is your theme is 100% RTL, (not rtl ready, but already RTL)? that hase rtl css files?

thanks ib

Thank you for being interested in Halsey!

Yes, Halsey WP theme has an rtl.css file included.


hi i have with your permission one more question: usually custom themes have limited or issue with updating new WP versions. how far if any, can i upgrade the WP version without the need to contact you? do i have detailed docs that explain the customization so other developer can upgrade the WP for me?

thanks ib

Hi! Thanks for asking.

You can now install the newest WP version no problem. For the future updates there will be a theme update if needed, and it always comes with an instruction on what files are to be substituted exactly.

Thank yo for your interest!

hi. i want to modif width of sub-menus, because i have more than 2/3 words and i want to appear into a single line – can you help me with that, please?

Thank you for contacting us!

This can be done by applying some minor changes to 2 theme files. If you follow the instructions below, you will be able to do this easily. You will need to apply similar changes to style.css file and a adaptive.css file.

First please open the style.css (wp-content/themes/halsey/style.css) file and do the Ctrl+F search for #navigation ul li a (about 377 line). Then edit value for width parameter. See the screenshot . Set it to the one you like. Save the file.

Then proceed to adaptive.css (wp-content/themes/halsey/css/adaptive.css) file and do the same search. You will find it about line 41. Once again, edit value for width parameter. See the screenshot. Save the file.

Thank you, should there be any difficulties feel free to contact or submit us a ticket for help.

it works, thank you very much!

I would like to display a single, full blog post on my blog home page and use the lower navigation for users to click to the previous post. I do not want to display excerpts or summaries or “read more”. Is this possible?

It is not in fact possible to make navigation like on the open post, but it will be like a Paginator, that will look like <1,2,3…>, with arrows on each side. Also, could you please specify whether you a\want the About Author box and Sharing Options there, like in the open post?

As to another question – yes, this ca be done rather easily, you will only need to delete a line from one of the theme files. Please open the jquery.script.js file (wp-content/themes/halsey/js/jquery.script.js) and scroll to the line 352 where it says /*Accordion*/ and remove a piece of code as shown on the screenshot – see it. Save your file

Thank you!

OK, that should be fine. And no About Author or Sharing Options (I think we’ve already disable those as well). And thanks for pointing me in the right direction for the accordion toggles!

Feel free to submit us a support ticket about this, but just do not forget to provide all the needed credentials. Submit a request

Thank you!


I want my slider to look exactly how you have it on the theme, how do I do this?



We can send you the slider import file, just please provide your email address and specify which slider exactly you would like to use (Home Page number on our demo preview, as there are 2 different sliders used). If you do not wish to provide your email here in public comments, please feel free to do this via ticket system to ensure privacy.

Thank you very much!

Thanks, its the homepage 1 slider & my email is Thanks

We have now emailed you slider import files as well as the instructions on how to upload.

Thank you for contacting us!

If anyone is having trouble with the layer slider after upgrading to 3.6 this might work for you. I tried the jQuery Updater plugin and it seems to have worked on my multisite install:

BTW I tried to register on the support forum and the activation email didn’t arrive and I can’t log in. Just a heads up :)

Thanks for posting!

In fact right now we are preparing an update for Halsey theme that will contain the newest Layer Slider version. Your solution is great, though still fell free to update it, it has new features added and functionality improved, WP 3.6 compatible too!

As to the support forum registration – could you please specify the nick name you used to register, so that we could check what ever happened to that.

Thank you!

Is your theme compatible with All-In-One-SEO Pack?

Thanks for contacting!

In fact we cannot guarantee a compatibility, as we have not tested it. Yet there are some in-built seo options in the theme like settings for permalinks, descriptions etc. In fact I guess you can try the plugin as there is a rather small chance there will be any major conflicts, though we cannot guarantee a 100% compatibility.

Thank you!

I installed the theme on my site and now firefox or IE wont pull the site up. It only works on Google Chrome. Please help

Thanks for contacting.

Could you please provide a link to the website so that we could see what’s happening? There is really nothing we can say without seing the issue, as you are the first one to have such problem.

Thank you!

Thanks for the speedy response. I figured it out. 2 things. First, If you use hostgator for a hosting company make sure you turn off or delete the wp-cache plugin. Second, make sure you use a system font AND (big and) a google font. IE and firefox…especially IE wont read certain system fonts and if you don’t have a google font installed (or some font it’s familiar with) IE will just display a blank page.

Glad to hear it’s fine now! Also, thanks for sharing your experience with hosting and fonts – it will be useful for our customers :)



i want to integrate 2 widgets into siderbar-bottom and i can’t edit “width” of one of that widgets – i want to have width=”50%”, so i want to edit sidebar-botton to have 50% for each widget.

if this is not possible, tell me how to change title font or size of rss default-widget, please.

thank you and i will wait a answer as soon as possible.

...and i have default-widgets.php in /home/wp-includes/ – maybe it’s not the same file?

It is a widgets-default.php, please proceed to wp-content/themes/halsey/framework/class/widgets-default.php to make sure you have the correct file.

Thank you!

thank you very much!

Hey guys.

My main nav menu links are center justified and therefore overlapping my logo. The main nav should be right justified like your Halsey demo is.

Any idea why this is happening?

Thank you for contacting us!

If you want the menu be arranged just like on our demo, please make sure to have the settings like on the screenshot – see it.

If your settings are like that, perhaps you have a longer menu, and it seems to be centered? In any case, please feel free to submit us a support ticket so that our support team could take a look at it to help you find our what the problem is. Just please make sure to provide all the needed credentials.

Thank you!

hi. seems i have a issue browsering from my i/phone – i can’t see menus who have submenus, i can see only submenus (last buttons).

Thank you for contacting us!

In fact it is really hard to say what the problem is without seeing the website. We would appreciate if you submitted us a support ticket about this so that our support team could take a look at it and say what can be causing this issue. Submit a ticket.

Please make sure to provide all the necessary credentials in your ticket. Thank you!

check the original theme (preview) from i/phone, and it’s the same problem there, it’s not only on my website.

Checked that once more, looks fine our end, the problem you describe does not occur. We would still appreciate if you could submit us a ticket about this with a screenshot if possible, and perhaps a device version specified.

Thank you!

Hi, I want to buy this theme is really nice. I just wanted to know if it supports RTL? Since is tagged as it is, but did not see any mention of it on features.

Tkx in advance.

Thanks for being interested in Halsey theme!

Yes, it is 100% RTL and already contains an rtl.css.

Should there be any other questions please feel free to ask!

Hi I’m back again… I built the home page with 4 Persons Blocks. But there is no way to link from the images to other pages or text. I already got this answer from the support team. I wonder if this plugin can help: Can that work with “Halsey” Theme This is my updated website Thanks Ran

Hi again!

In fact, as our support team has already pointed out in your ticket, in person Block you cannot add a link to an image, you can link your image to another web page only using the Text Block shortcode.

As to the plugins -we cannot give you any information on that as we do not test neither optimize out themes for the third-party plugins. You can try that, but on your own risk.

Please note that as an example you are providing a link top our html version of Halsey, while using Wordpress. The functionality and ways of implementation are totally different for these two products.

Thank you!

I had to migrate my website to a new server. I installed a fresh version of wordpress to the new host, copied all my wp-content folder to the new host and imported an xml file I had exported from the site on the old server. I have re activated the theme and all my plugins and the site is completely broken. All the pages are there, but none of the images show, all my menu and widgets settings arent working..

Is there something I missed? Any ideas?

Also, I’m trying to install the newest Halsey theme but when I upload the zipped file (the same way i did when I initially installed the theme) it fails… why is this? How am I supposed to update the theme?

Thank you for contacting!

In fact, thre are several things you need to keep in mind when moving a website from one server to another. The issue is that Wordpress Importer tool does not import the widget settings, so you will have to setup your widgets again on the new site. Aslo, the menu always looks messed up after you import your content from an xml file (this is a way importer tool works as well), but it can be easily set back to normal in Appearance – Menus – Primary navigation.

As to the images – most likely you did not choose the Download and Import file attachments button when importing your content – see the screenshot. Please make sure this checkbox was marked.

As to the theme update – you need to upload the whole theme folder only in a case if you are installing it for the first time, but if you have already added your content and set some settings – you need to open the Updates folder in the archive you have downloaded and substitute only the files that are in the update folder. Please see the Readme file inside for a list of files that were changed.

Also please make sure not to upload the whole zip file you have downloaded from Themeforest. Please upzip it on your computer first – you will find several folders in there, including a zipped folder with a theme name – that is your theme you need to upload. Also there is a DOCS folder in the archive, please make sure to take a look at the theme instalation guide (open the index.html file in any browser).

There is also an online documentation for Halsey theme (see it), if it is more convenient for, you can use it.

Thank you, should there be any other questions please feel free to ask!

I’m getting the white screen of death. For some reason, when I am using the backend of Wordpress I get the screen and I have done everything I know to fix it. I have uninstalled the plugins, theme and worked with Godaddy to try to resolve the issue.

I have this theme on one other site testing the theme and it’s working fine. Can you please let me know if the theme is the issue for sure?

The site is

Thank you for contacting!

In fact it is really hard to say what can be causing the issue without taking a look at the problem from your end. Do you get the white screen in the shortcode editor, or is that all over your admin?

The theme is working fine on another site, as you say, and this is most likely a server issue. Some users have reported having white screens in pop-up windows when trying to edit shortcodes or add an item form a media library. All these issues were eliminated after working with server restriction and folder permissions. The reason is that composer files (composer_popup.php) located in each folder of framework/admin/composer/inc are blocked and therefore don’t function properly.

Please contact your hosting provider, usually this solves this issue. Some users also report, that there can be some Modsec rules setup on the account.

Sometimes the users get this issue when they have wp-content folder permissions set to 777, and the issue is eliminated when permissions are set to 755.

Also, feel free to contact our support so that our support team could help you find what can be the reason for the problem you are having.

Thank you!

Hi, how to you insert the icons at the side of headings like on your demo here:

Also is there a list of icons available?


Hi, thank you for contacting!

There icons are added via custom html code that is inserted in to a text widget. Below is a sample code, just add links to your images to it:

<a style="display: inline-block; margin-right: 5px;" href="http://LINK"><img title="TITLE" src="http://LINK TO IMAGE.PNG" /></a>

You can repeat this code a certain number of times adding a new image link and a new src for your image.

The images you can see on our demo were created by our designers, feel free to use the if you need. The simplest way for you to get them is to copy them from our demo site and upload to your media library, then copy a permalink for each of these to add it to your text widget.

Thank you!

hello – i just loaded the template with the demo content however i don’t see to have the slider demo information. i read the directions for the slider but i think i am missing something. i was really hoping for the demo slider content already set up since i am not a programmer. thanks

Thank you for contacting!

In fact you don’t need to be a programmer to setup your slider, the interface is rather easy. :) Nevertheless, we can provide you with the slider import files no problem, just please specify your email address so that we could send it to you. If you do not wish your email to be displayed here, please feel free to submit us a ticket about this so that we could do this via tickets system.

Thank you!

Hi There:

I’ve purchased the theme, and I’m trying to replicate the slider you use on the homepage of the demo for Halsey. Which slider did you use and is that included in the demo content? I can’t seem to find that one.

Thanks for your help!

You’re awesome. Thanks so much. I’m more than happy to wait for the download if it’s coming today. I’ll stay posted. Do you mind posting a reply when the update is ready?

Thanks for your wonderful feedback! In fact the update is now av available for download, please feel free to get the new archive from Themeforest and see the Demo Content folder.

You will find 2 import files in Demo Content/Sliders Demo Content. The revolution slider is the one on Home 1 of our theme preview, and Layer slider is the one on Home 2 of our theme preview.

Please note that slider import files import slider settings and paths to images, and as you will not have all of these images in you library, you will need to add your images to these layers in slider. You can as well add more layers to your slides if you want, as well as more slides to your slider. You can also edit the effects to your liking.

Thank you!

Awesome. Thanks for a great theme!