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Hi – still having problems with the portfolio pages. Can’t seem to load the “big” version of the photo. Code is exactly as you have it on the help page (with the replacement image files obviously) but the larger image never comes up. Just get an endless spinning disk. Only have one test pic coded in at this point. Pics are small. (33k) Could you please help? Thanks.

^ only thing I could suggest to you is make sure the image location right and that the image name is spelled exactly right with the right extension (.jpg, .gif, .png,...etc.) in the A HREF =””.

You get the spinning image when the image can’t be located, either with the names spelled wrong or the directory wrong.

I had no problems, so hopefully it’s something simple that you’re overlooking. Sometimes when you’re looking at code for hours you don’t even realize simple errors.

Good luck! Edward.

Thank you for helping ;)

Is is possible to link to vimeovideos on this? I love the design so I hope it does. :)

Hi Cwolfi,

it you talking about image preview on portfolio page, than the answer is no. We used lightbox javascript in this template, but it can be done via other similar javascript such as prettyPhoto.

Hello Brankic1979,

I purchased this template and it is WONDERFUL ! I just have one question that maybe you can help me out with, due to my own ignorance. This is my first time using Cufon, is there anyway I can make it so that the replaced fonts have caps instead of all lower case?

Thank you so much. —April

Ah Sorry, I see my question was already answered – not sure how I missed that. Thank you!

Since we are chaning our web hosting live preview will not be available from 29 till july 1. We apologize for that.

Hi I’m having issues with the template in IE browser. Works perfect in Firefox, but it’s all off in IE. Any suggestions?

is there anyway to get the according slider to stay together while editing it in dreamweaver? i prefer editing in dreamweavers design mode..and me and the slider have been fighting for days..and well its winning..any idea..

I am having trouble getting the search form to work. Has anyone else had this problem?

What kind of problem? If you are using search form in footer – it works fine, as you can see it on live preview

I am using the HTML template not the WP template and for some reason I do not get any results when I search the site. It can be viewed at