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Nice themes.. Good Luck with the sales

Thank you!

Beautyful design!

Thank you!

Great theme. But I’m using the old monitor at the office. It doesn’t fit for 4:3 screen as tube monitor. Are you focusing to the wide screen? :) The left side and the right side is cutting not look beautifull anymore.

Sorry if i was rude! The width of this template is 1066 px so you are right with that, but today, most of the people have a monitor with at least 1280×720 monitor so i didn’t think i need to create the template smaller. Be sure i will make an upgrade to this part if this is a real issue for most of the people. :)

No You’re not rude. But in any other country, the tube monitors or display with minimum resolution still exist. On your demo, the site doesn’t have a slide for bottom, so I cannot go to the right for clicking “chekout” button, or to the left for click “home”. Something like that.

Got it, thanks for your notes! :)

nice work :)

is it support RTL ?

Thank you! I didn’t test it for RTL but i had a request like this for the E-ssential template and i customized that. If you really need RTL support, i can customize the template for you if it doesn’t work as it is. :)

Hy…thats great theme…But it lacks one major feature : Responsive / mobile Compatibility…?

That will come in the next update :)

Ohh nice theme,

We have been using another shopping script. So, in this package html/css version?


Hi, thanks for your interest! This one is made only for OpenCart.

Hi there,

I recently purchased this theme to use on Wordpress but I seem to be having difficulties installing it. It just loads and then times out or eventually will say “Failure Notice” and asks me to retry.

Please understand that I am relatively new this and that I realize this sort of question is often asked. Also, I was reading up on this problem and I encountered some information on using an FTP. Unfortunately I am completely a loss to what it is and if anyone could help, I would be very thankful.

Can you please tell me where it says is a Wordpress theme? :) It says in the title… OpenCart Template, not Wordpress! I can help you to install it with OpenCart, just send me an email using the contact form on my profile and we will find a solution for you.

This is an amazing theme with an even more amazing creator. Customer service was great and helped me set up the theme with no hassle. 5 stars :)

Thank you! Enjoy it! ;)

Documentation is clean and clear. But the best part is that if you don’t see what you are looking for, or if you have a question the support is very responsive and kind.

Waiting for latest opencart support and responsive support in the next update.

Great work!

Thank you! Enjoy it! The update will come very soon! :)

looking to purchase and wanted to know is there an option to put multiple images for a single product, right now i don;t see that option.

Got it, thank you! Just noticed a small issue with the submit on that form. I’ll fix this in the update too. If you have problems, please use the email so i can help you.

thats all i wanted to point out…the code provided earlier was the solution to this problem..

I understood that, but i prefer any codes like that provided to the mail, not to the comments. The comments are not used for the support! Thank you and enjoy your template!

Great theme! Is there a way to default the product views to “Grid” instead of “List”? I also don’t see in admin panel where to add an “Announcement” like you have in the demo.

Thanks in advance and sorry if I missed the solution to this already….

The Announcement is a banner, you can add any image there :) For the Grid/List task, please send me an email using the contact form on my profile, i will need the FTP access so i can help you.

Oops, just saw this reply, I will create an ftp login for you so that you can update this for me. thanks!


We have noticed then whenever we are first going onto the website, the site seems to load down the left hand side for a split second, before loading correctly. I have had another look at the demo of this theme and it does the same thing, please can you explain why this is happening and provide a solution for this please.

Thanks, Northern Monkey

That’s happening when you have a slow internet connection speed. When the page is fully loaded, a jquery function is refreshing the css to align some spaces after the modules and sliders are loaded. Without that refresh, the design would have problems as it has a lot of complex parts in it. That refresh is less than 0.2 sec so usually it shouldn’t be seen. If we find a solution to this, we will post a new update.

A wonderful theme. What font name are used in Brand Logo image?

Thank you! You can find the font name in the PSD files. It is called “Bebas Neue”.

hi please can you help me? having a bit of a nightmare! basically the font on headers ect works fine on any other page other than the main home page for some reasion! it just defaults to arial or something! Please can you tell me why its doing this and how to fix the issue! other then that its a nice theme! chris

Hi Chris, please send me a message (using the contact form on my profile) with a link to your website so i can see what is happening. Thanks!

will do now, thank you

Any plans for an update? I love the theme and would purchase immediately if it were responsive/mobile friendly.

Not sure when we will make this responsive, but keep in touch and you will get an email when this is updated (if you already purchased the current version). Thank you for your thoughts! Happy New Year!

Can you tell me if it’s possible to require a login to see the entire site? Or if I can lock down certain info or category pages to require a username / password?

I’d ultimately like to build pages that only our dealers can see, and not the general public.

Thanks! Love the site by the way….

You can do that by installing some custom modules. The admin is like any default OpenCart template. There is no change there. Please send me a message using the contact form on my profile as i’m not always reading the comments here.

Message sent.

Is there a way I can turn off the search functionality on the site, or make menu bar text smaller so that I can fit more? Seems like removing menu/categories just makes the other text auto fit and runs into search option.

You have the answer on your mail.

Is this theme going to be compatible with newest opencart v1.5.6.4? Also, how are you doing with the responsive support?

Let me know, Thanks.

Hello, it should work with opencart version too. The template is not responsive yet.

Good job on the theme! Any ETA date for responsive update? Remember, lots of users browse on their handhelds nowadays, so this would make the theme even sweeter! :)


Please check the update box in the downloads area. When we release the responsive version you will be automatically notified on your mail. Thanks! :)