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Awesome Job!! Thanks!

thanks :)

Beauty..how do you close the login/register dropdown if you decide you want to without entering anything..

never mind I see it..could be missed easily if you do not expect it to drop or I may just be dumb.

I like your template very much however just two things to clarify regarding the contact form at the footer of the page – when it is filled out and the submit button is clicked you are redirected to the main contact page. Is this correct?

Lastly the entries on the form are retained after the confirmation of the email has been sent is displayed.

Hi, very nice template! Right now I am testing the Contact Form and checked the php. I changed the recipient Adress – but it will not sent any Mail.

Got always “Message failed – Try again”....

It is on a webserver with php capabilities….

Any idea? Do I have to edit any other script to bring it to work???

Cheers PK

Hello! Awesome template! Really nice!

I have a doubt about changing the google maps place! I couldn’t find out how i change that!

Sorry the english, and thank you a lot!


I am looking for a template that allows users to login and create and modify there resume/portfolio for everyone to see.



I love this theme.

I have a question before I get it. Envato has advised us to contact the author for showcasing your themes on our website.

Is it possible for us to host your themes in live preview on our server so that our clients get to know how this theme works?

As you know, it’s not easy for us to sell our custom service without showing our clients how the themes work.

Of course we’re going to purchase the themes first, showcase these themes on our website in live preview, and then we’ll buy each license for each domain, or website for our clients.

I hope this will help increase the sales volume of the themes for you, Envato, and us.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello ritzbrown,

Ok, you can showcase my theme and be sure to buy it first before you showcase as you’ve stated above and I hoping that this will increase the sales of my theme. :)



Thanks for your permission. Of course we’ll buy it first when we showcase your theme.


Hi, is this lovely html site available in a WP theme? Thanks

Hello jjsearson,

This theme is not available in a WP

Hi, On the log in panel, how can I change this to log out once a user has actually logged in? Thanks John