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How do I use this template on my Facebook page?

There are more detailed instructions that will guide you through this process within the documentation that is included with your purchase. However, the basic steps go like this:

  1. Extract & upload this template to your hosting account
  2. Speak with your hosting provider about getting an SSL certificate on your account. (This is now required by Facebook, but a good hosting provider will make obtaining one quite easy)
  3. Setup a Facebook page if you don’t already have one
  4. Setup a new Facebook App at http://facebook.com/developers
  5. Direct your new Facebook App’s ‘page tabs’ to where you are hosting this template on your server
  6. Add the new App to your Facebook page.
  7. Finito!

Again, all of these steps are explained in more detail within the documentation you receive with your purchase.

I would rather not replace the photos of the fun little elves with my own pictures. Is it ok for me to use the template with the included images?

Yep. Absolutely. If you like elves, use the elves :)

How difficult is it to customize this template?

It is ridiculously simple! There are 7 images that you can with your own photos. Then you’ll just have to type in your own content on the HTML pages. Simple as that. The links in the green menu area could be links to the pages that are including or external links taking viewers to any URL you like.