Discussion on Happy Kids - Children WordPress Theme

Discussion on Happy Kids - Children WordPress Theme

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When i add the widget “coverflow carousel” to my website in elementor, it comes with a blue tick and i cant remove it.

here a link https://www.loom.com/share/f360c4dd16924eb3bde77cfb92ecd0e7


Hello and thanks for asking. Your support email has been replied.

Thank you for releasing a small update! thought you forgot about us ;)

You’re welcome! We don’t forget about our customers.


kvips Purchased

I have problem with menus after upgrading wordpress to v6.0. Menu on top dissapeared and I got error as: “Please assign the main menu: Appearance -> Menus -> Manage Locations”. How to fix menu missing in wordpress 6? Thank you for quick response.

Hello and thanks for asking. Please contact support and you’ll get helped.

Hello, what’s the recommended php version 7.4, 8.0 8.1 ?

Hello, thanks for your question. You may use any you wish. The better one is the latest version.

Hello sir, what happens to a web site that was compiled on CWSBuilder, after updating the theme to 4.0, which only supports the Elementor? Is it resolved or will the page need to be redesigned manually after update?

Hello. You better to ask support team. it can be issues before update.

Thank you sir, but can you please send an answer here? Imho this is important information for all existing customers. :)

Ok, the latest theme version support Elementor, this means the update won’t break your current website, but will add the ability to use Elementor while creating new pages. Old pages, which were created with CWS Builder, should be edited with CWS Builder till they’re completely rebuilt with Elementor. That’s how it works.

hello there, i have created a page and set it to portfolio – full width. can i have the portfolio items in random order and not in ascending by date?

Hello. Random no option. asc/desc. You can ask support team, may be plugin or something find the solution

Hi, I love the theme, but i’m having an issue with adding an image to a page that has a link to a pdf. When I click on the image, it shows an error: “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.”

I have set the Image CSS Class to url…but I still have the same error. Using theme version 3.5.2.

I would appreciate the help.

A test page is: https://www.stchadsprimaryschool.co.uk/test1/

Hello, why you are using old version?

Purchasers of this theme should be aware that in order to function it requires multiple plugins – some of which at least require accounts. Some of which are free basic versions with paid for upgrades.

After upgrade to version 4.0.0 the menu disappears and in its place a red message ” Please assign the main menu: Appearance -> Menus -> Manage Locations” – which I do – but the message remains and no menu. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pJXqu0JoAKX3uyuwZS5n0m6iTwzDnkVv/view?usp=sharing

Hello and thanks for asking. Please update all bundled plugins, make sure you’ve updated happykids-essentials, and make sure the menu is assigned here: https://prnt.sc/1y8z9jg

What would be the best way to update from V3.5.3 to v4? Since it is a major update is this possible or do I have to start fresh and rebuild my site?

Hello and thanks for asking. You may choose any method you like. Your old content will remain untouched if you decide to update your current theme. The only thing you should keep in mind is to update all bundled plugins. So, you old content will have to be edited with CWS Builder, while the new one may be easily created with Elementor. Later you may consider rebuilding all your older content with Elementor as well. Hope this helps.

Thanks. So I deactivated and deleted the theme and then installed v4. Everything went ok but the upgrade disable the CWS builder plugin so I was seeing some CWS code on the site. Once I enabled CWS builder, everything looked good. Thanks

Yes, that’s correct. CWS Builder should be active if you’re still using content built with its help.

I’ve chosen font Salsa for the Menu – but it stubbornly stays on a browser default. No sign of the rule being applied to body #kids_main_nav as in the Preview – and indeed no sign of skin.php. What am I missing? http://billysworld.biz/

The font ‘Lobster Two’ (or whatever Custom font) has not been defined. Where should it be defined?

Ok. This one resolved – Chrome blocking the download of the font from Google

Hello, please contact support, they will help.

How do you add the clouds as in the Live Preview? If I use the upload Header Clouds option under Styling I just get one repeated row across the top of the page – not nicely scattered about as in the Live Preview. Thanks

Site: http://billysworld.biz/

Hello, please contact support, they will help.

OK. But I found the one you are using in the Preview and just used that. Hope this is ok. (Assume it is because you supply the clouds in the PSD).

Hi, is there any chance you are going to make a new theme update? Since august 2020 (last theme update) there have been many woocommerce updates.

You can contact support team. We prefer huge updates.

Hello! The site with your theme was created by another person. There is no connection with him. How do I update my theme?

Здравствуйте! Сайт с вашей темой делал другой человек. Связи с ним нет. Как мне обновить тему?

Theme options panel

There is no field for entering a purchase code http://joxi.ru/RmzBBNOTMZwxkm

Unfortunately I have the same issues as rbrandoni – suddenly editor and widgets are not working anymore and “happykids-essentials” is throwing a console error saying “Uncaught TypeError: $(...).live is not a function <anonymous> wp-content/plugins/happykids-essentials/admin/look/js/common_admin.js?ver=1.0:37”

While I don’t have support on this item anymore, I hope you can help anyway as this is clearly and issue with your Theme and not with anything I have done :(

Instaling the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper Plugin helps but I’ve lost all of my widgets on the website (this was already the case BEFORE I installed the plugin – the widgets were all erased during the theme update. My customer is FURIOUS…

Hello, did you try to contact support regarding this issue?

I upgraded to new version and now word press don’t work well. (editor en widget are unusable). Probably the problem is on happykids-essentials. When I rename it everything work well (but I lost my wok on website).

Hello. It will be nice to send us a letter to support team.

Good Afternoon, I had the same issue as “loricullen” when I deactivated the Elements plug in I get a warning that I need to enter purchase code in Theme Options, or install and activate Elements plug in. When I click on Theme Options it says I do not have access.

ok, thanks!

Support helped me fix the issue very quickly! Thanks again!!!

Glad to help!

When using the one-step CWS Demo Importer to install demo content, I get an error message “class-license.php not found.” I have already installed and activated the theme, installed and activated the plugins. Please help!

Hello and thanks for asking. Please temporary deactivate Elements plugin and the issue will be gone. Let me know how it goes.


I recently imported the full demo version and I can edit the colours and fonts with the handy options panel.

However, the CWSBuilder tab on the content editor does not work, instead defaulting to the Text tab. The Visual tab only shows a couple of things from the page, and not the whole contents. I can’t edit any of the pages without messing around with the coding.

I really want to update the site with my content and use the ‘drag and drop’ features that should have been included. I’ve tried editing in both Chrome and Firefox but the problem is the same.

Any help or suggestions welcome.

Great! Let me know if you have any further questions.

I have had further issues – my Wordpress site now sends me daily ‘fatal’ error messages in regards to this theme. I have tried deactivating the happy Kid essentials plug-in and updating the theme, but nothing has worked so far. I have emailed support again.

Hello, your support email was replied. Please check it and let me know.

My logo and benefits and headers images won’t appear… it only shows a square with a question mark in blue. How can I fix that?

Try one’s more to import demo. If this issue still persist – contact support team, we can help.

I imported the theme again. However, the problem is the same… the logo and benefits images appears when you first arrive on the site, but it glitches to an empty photo.

Contact please with support team.


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