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Hi, does this theme have a standard 404 page? Can’t see one on the demo site.

Hello and thanks for writing in. Sure it has, see here:

hi help me pls my problem ” Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/u6689910/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cws-demo-importer/importer.php on line 84 “

Hello, please contact our support team at support [at] They will help.

Hello! I like your theme! But I would like to know if I can use different navigation menus in different pages. I have many subcontents and I need to use navigation menus on left side of the pages. Thank you!

Hello and thanks for writing in. Yes, the theme supports unlimited numbers of sidebar menus.

Hi i am trying to get the latest version but the update button on wordpress fails. Where can i get the latest files for update. Thanks

Hello and thanks for writing in. Did you insert the Item Purchase Code into the respective field in order to activate this feature?

Just purchased and installed your awesome theme but ran into some issues installing the demo content: images were not imported and when importing the slider the color background behind the sliding text and the font is missing. How do I fix this? Demo content is always such a nice way to start :)

Hello, thanks. We’ve replied you back, the issue should be resoled.

It is, thank you for your quick reply!

You’re welcome! Have a nice day!

Hi, Installation included?

Hello, thanks for writing in. Sure it’s included. You can watch our video tutorials here:

Good day, I try changing the font and it keeps taking me to 404page. what should i do

Hello and thanks for writing in. The issue is fixed. You were notified about it via email.

I have downloaded the theme via FileZilla and then deleted that and gone via the Wordpress site.. but I still don’t have any of the images in my media files. I can’t put the clouds or windmills etc on the website – and all the other wonderful bits and bobs. I’ve followed the youtube video and everything, so have run out of ideas of what to do next..

Sure, please send it to support [at]

Done! x

Thanks! The demo is imported. Please check your site and let me know.


tic-tec Purchased

Hello, I’ve sent you a mail because I had an error importing the demo content. The images werent imported and the menu neither. I gave you the access code. Thank you.

Hello and thanks for writing in. Most probably you were already replied with a solution. Please confirm if you don’t have the issue resolved yet.

Hi, I’d like to use Visual Composer instead of the inbuilt builder – how can I disable the inbuilt builder as there appears to be slight conflict between the two? Thanks!

Hello and thanks for writing in. Just disable the inbuilt plugin and use Visual Composer. What’s the exact issue you’re facing with?

hello please can i delete the pages that came with the theme and create my own pages . Thanks

You’re welcome! Glad to help. Have a nice day!

Please how can i change the slider to my own images. its confusing … Thanks

Hello, please refer to the plugin developer’s here

After updating to your latest version my Benefits Widgets are suddenly displaying in two rows. My customers’ site is supposed to go live today and a fix is urgently needed. Sent you an email through your support link.

Never mind, I fixed it by now using the Benefit Widget but pure text widgets instead. Still might be interesting for you that 4 Benefits Widgets do not work anymore while they did pre-update

Hello, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please send us your ur, login and password to support [at] to help.

Good evening, I am interested in theme Happy Kids. My question is if Twitter widget can be replaced with Facebook widget (down on the page)?

Hello Robert, sure it can, however the facebook widget will be looking a little bit different.

Still no answer ….

I’m sorry for the delay, we don’t work on the weekends, sorry. Your question has already been replied.

Hi i like ur theme, but i have one question Can you upload video in this theme video as on youtube or video as you have filmed the kids from the camera

Hello and thanks for writing in. What do you mean? All our video tutorials are available here:

i mean your theme website can i also upload video as well as picture`

Ok, got it. You can see this working on this page: When you click the first image you will have a video popped up.

just purchased and installed your awesome theme but ran into some issues installing the demo content: All content were not imported and when click on import button “Warning! Please insert your Item Purchase Code with the help of Theme Options panel to proceed.” this error occur

Hello and thanks for writing in. Please send us your Item Purchase Code to validate your purchase and we’ll help.

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Hello, I’ve just checked your website and seems like you no longer facing the importing issue? The demo is imported and you’ve already started to customize the theme, am I right ?

Hi guys,

Theme on website says: You have version 3.4.2 installed. Update to 3.4.3. regarding your theme, yet I don’t see an updated version / changelog here. Is it not here yet?

Hello and thanks for writing in. Yes, the update is not here yet, it’s only available via automatic updates. You may check the changelog here:

Hi, I like your theme but I wanted to make sure it supports video (Would like to make a video blog).

Hello and thanks for writing in. Well, I would recommend you use a video plugin with this theme since it doesn’t have enough powerful tools built in for doing this.

Prepurchased question can the background be changed? Instead of follows and clouds. We’d like to change it to our own artwork

Hello, yes, you can do it with Theme Options.

Hello i just loved this theme.. i have to design website for kid teaching program.I need you to determine if this theme will be able to support an online game with the use of plugin or something. I also need to add GIF so how the theme can support for this major feature? How much more memory, server service etc. will be needed with this theme if any. Also, determine how seemless this can be/should be when added to my current wordpress account?

Hello, thanks you like it. This theme supports major plugins/add-ons. Online game? I think there are no troubles to add specific content into the theme. The same applies to the gif-animation, the other question is how much it will be. 3-4-5 on the site will be fine, 6-7-8 will be difficult. Much will depend on your service provider and hosting. What do you mean wordpress account? You just add domain(or subdomain) name, database and add the theme.

Thank you for your quick responce.. i have one query that you mentioned “3-4-5 on the site will be fine, 6-7-8 will be difficult” can you please be specific what this count stand for? it would be great help!!

I mean gif-animated items. It depends on size/complex of course.