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Very nice design ! Great Work ! And Welcome to Envato !

Thank you v4!

Yeah, welcome to Envato! Love your style. Wish you all the best !

Thank you flashhorvath!

Very good theme and very sweet :)

thank you iamilkay!

I love the design! It would be great to have this in a generic style without the hearts in a few colors.

Thanks fir the compliment and for the advice. Maybe we’ll do it as a generic love theme.

hy there,

I`ve noticed that in IE7 at the contact form it applies a white stripe to the name and email.

how can I correct that?

Thank you

I’ll check this issue. Please write me an email.

Hi, any script to add emails to mysql/ xml reither then send by email?

Thanks for nice tampate

no, sorry, that script is not hard to make, but in the current template version there is no script like this.

Hy, I love this landing! but i have problem in tag TITLE . Why when I change text in a “title” tag disappears logo and pictures?

Thank you. Sorry for my bad english.


Hello Glenda,

I’m not sure how it’s possible.

Please send me print screen with some info: 1. What browser you use? 2. What text you trying to put?

To my e-mail –

Thanks, Denis.

Whenever I fill the form and submit it, i get an error “error sending email”... please help to resolve this asap


Do you get this error on your server?

Please send me more info to


Hi bro I like so much you template and I get it. But I have some problems. I use an Autoresponder in the form. And the submit button code is: <input type=”submit” value=”Subscribe” name=”subscribe” id=”mc-embedded-subscribe” class=”button”>

If I paste before /form, work, but show aren’t correct.

And your have an Href, I’m a newbe in html and I paste the code generate in mine autoresponder and not show good.

I only have problems with the submit button, Input box are working right,

I’m using MailChimp.

Can you helpme?

How ca I use an MailChimp autoresponder in you template? I add mine email form and work so so.

I lost the autodelete input box, and the your nice button not work.

Can you helpme?

hello, I’ve purchased this and I get an error message when I try to install it: stilesheet is missing!What can I do about it?Thanks