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Good luck with sales Bro…

Thanks bro

Great work ;) Good luck!


Nice Work! Good luck!

Hi, Very nice use of parallax and animations.

Is it possible for the home page top-panels to automatically cross-fade? rather than the user having to click on the tabs running along the bottom of the image?



We are using jquery ui tabs and the latest version of jquery ui tabs remove rotate functionality, but they recommend to use this extension

Hi, I’d like to buy this template. But there are currently a few responsive issues that need addressing 1st, I think.

1.The menu doesn’t fit on a portrait phone (iphone HTC one) it goes onto two levels. A mobile drop down menu, like most responsive sites, would be beneficial.

2. On the servicesdetail page, the list of services down the right of the desktop site, is jumbled when it appears on a mobile. This is also true of the tabbed content areas on the testimonials page

3. Doctors page, all the thumbnails of the doctors are stretched and the submenu isn’t neat on a mobile.

Sorry to point these out, I just want to help, as this is a great desktop site, and would be a really great all-round template, if the mobile issues were sorted.

Thanks, I hope you don’t mind the constructive criticism. :-)


Hi, Thanks for your feedback:

1. Did you mean Off-canvas navigation? don’t worry this template have that kind of menu, you just need to activate it by un-commenting this code:
<!--<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="style/mobilenavigation.css" />-->

2. Since the mobile have smaller size of screen we need to move the service list into bottom.

3. Ahh, the doctor page, we will fix it soon.

Great Job – I will be buying the WP version very soon!!

Please keep creating templates – it took me forever to find something this good for a medical practice, my next template need is a toy gun store. if you get bored eh eh eh ;)

Cool Thanks!! Toy gun store? that’s pretty rare website ;)

I would like to buy now but i need urgent answers:

1. I use wordpress, So, how to insert/upload/convert this html to WP? Is it hard?

2. What if I use cpanel php software? Can i just upload the website and good to go?

Thank you.

We sold the WordPress version exclusive from our website

hi the template doesn’t fit right on the screen. some info is cut off to the right. i am on a desktop.

Hi could you tell me the screen resolution and browser version?

Hi there, Great theme!

I did not realise you had a wordpress version until after we purchased the html template. We may buy that instead and switch it over if we find editing the html too difficult. We don’t need many features of this theme so it may be easier to just cut some parts out of the html template and keep it all very simple without many updates.

One thing I am having trouble with is getting the contact.php form to work. is the submit button supposed to link to # or is something else supposed to go there in order to make it work? I have already added the email address as interacted in the documentation, but it still doesn’t send an email.

any help greatly appreciated.


Contact me from my profile page and give me your url and ftp access and I will check it.


Contacted via profile page, thanks for any advice you can give!


Will you sell a WordPress version of this template ? I am really fond of your work :)


Hi, the WordPress version is sold exclusively in our website

I too can’t get the contact.php to work. I’m using Namecheap hosting and they say the issue is with the PHP code. Here’s a link they ask to follow –