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Good webpage design, the font selection is specially new and unique. Good luck.


great template, love it! Good luck and Hopefully would have good sales volume…


Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)


Great Tmeplate :)


Another Great Template ! GLWS ;)


Amazing GLWS!!!


ipad is not supported correctly! please fix bug! (safary and google hrome crashes)

Working fine on ipad, just checked!

good working

Clean work! Good luck, dude! ;)


Once again, another absolutely Amazing looking theme from IG_De$ign!

Thanks Will!

it doesnt seem very responsive to me

I notice this demo doesn’t have a contact form, this is vital… Please tell me it’s easy to add before I purchase.


Yes, it’s easy. I can do that for you, contact form same as here: http://ivang-design.com/vulcan/sliderop/

Ok great, thanks. Will refer to this post, after i have bought and setting up this beautiful template.

Thanks Anthony! :)

Greath theme! Only one thing… how do I change the address on the map below ?


Thanks! Really easy, only one thing… i dont see PURCHASED after your nickname, so why you need to know that now?

Hey, great template. I´ve only one problem – how do I change the address and the color-style of the google-map?


Edit template.js and find google map.

Thanks – it works!

Hello could this be modified?

I’ve pointed the issue out on this screenshot:



Yes, edit layout.css and find:
.one-work:hover a{
    -webkit-animation-name: bounceIn;
    -moz-animation-name: bounceIn;
    -o-animation-name: bounceIn;
    animation-name: bounceIn;


    opacity: 1!important;
and remove animation:
.one-work:hover a{
    opacity: 1!important;

thats it.



primjetio sam da slike nisu responsive-ne uopste, a inace predobar je dizajn. Da li postoji mogu?nost da se slike prilagode velicini ekrana, u tom slu?aju bih kupio temu?



slike se prilagodjavaju, jeste responsive. Mozes li da mi pokazes skreenshot ako primecujes nesto neobicno kod slika, kod mene se sve prilagodjavaju velicini ekrana?


evo npr kada smanjim velicinu chroma izgleda ovako: http://prntscr.com/2v7but tj. vide se samo dio gdje se nalazi laptop i lampa, a isto tako je i na telefonu.

Pitam to jer bi kreirao background slike, pa bi zelio da se na tel-ovima vide citave slike.

Takodje, na ovom: http://prntscr.com/2v7gkq se vidi samo dio slusalica, a citava slika sadrzi jos macbook tastaturu i iphone.


Na primerima koje si pokazao background slike jesu responsive, ali ako bi se cele videle odredjeni deo visine tog div-a bi bio prazan ako me razumes, znaci ne bi pokrile ceo ekran.

Hi Awesome work and very unique style! Love it

However, I’m a little bit confused about the SERVICES section. How do I modify it? In total there are 4 different slides: desktop-slide, tablet-slide, mobile-slide and some icons.

Now, if I don’t need, for example, mobile-slide and icons. I only want to keep desktop and tablet slides. If I remove the code in HTML () – all the images disappear from the tablet section, but everything is OK in the desktop-slide :)

Any advice would be appreciated :)

Hi, thanks!

If you remove, for example, :) mobile-slide you need to remove and .js code for that slide in template.js file. So, remove html code, edit template.js and remove this code:
$(document).ready(function() {

    navigation : false,
    slideSpeed : 600,
    autoHeight : false,
    autoPlay : true,
    autoPlay : 4000,
      items : 1,
      itemsDesktop : [1000,1], 
      itemsDesktopSmall : [900,1],
      itemsTablet: [600,1], 
      itemsMobile : false 



Thank You for your quick reply

It doesn’t work like that too :) Here is what I did: 1. In HTML I have removed #mobile-slide and the icons-slide so I only have desktop slide and the tablet slide 2. In Template.js I have removed your code (above) for #mobile-slide

After saving, desktop slide is working with images and tablet-slide is working without images.

Also, maybe it will help :) When I look at it with my tablet or smartphone – I slide this section – the tablet-slide is appearing with image for 1 sec and then the image disappears.

Here is what I did next: I experimented :):) I removed in HTML and JS one by one #desktop-slide and #tablet-slide – everything works fine. But the issue is I want to keep DESKTOP and TABLET slides only – and remove everything else…

But, when I remove the last slide (icons only) in HTML (I didn’t find it in JS) – then the image from #mobile-slide disappears and if I remove the #mobile-slide then the image from #tablet-slide disappears :):)

Hi, congratulations.

I liked the design and aesthetics of the template.

I am interested but before I make a few inquiries.

You deliver it to the contact form?

As I add or embed a video in “about us / services”?

thank you very much


[sorry my English is not very good, and I used the google translator] :)

How do I make this theme I want to do drop-down menu.

I wrote this article from google translation.

Aç?l?r menü yapmak istiyorum,

Bu temada aç?l?r menü varm??

E?er varsa, temay? almay? dü?ünüyorum

Bu yaz?y? Google çeviride yazd?m

I want to do drop-down menu, Is the pop-up menu in this theme? If so, I’m thinking of buying this theme I wrote this article Google translation