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Really quite amazing, might just have to buy it as a side project.

Thx, glo )

Awesome work nac, good luck with sales!

Peter Zickler..

Thx a lot ;)

To begin with: Amazing theme Virusnac!

Is it possible to put a single page (with a left sidebar) in the harpoon1 demo? I’m really curious how it looks like. Of course a screenshot will be fine too.



Basically, all demos share the same design in concern to sidebar Here’s a link to demo 3 In demo 1, with a narrow port-view, the widths for sidebars and meta elements will be smaller.

nice work GLWS :)

Thank you very much

Have just downloaded this awesome theme but there doesn’t appear to be a zip file that I can use to upload the theme to my Wordpress site. Am I missing something? Would appreciate your advice. Many thanks.


there’s a folder called harpoon/ in your downloaded zip file. Archive it and upload it to your server. You can also transfer by ftp the whole harpoon/ folder to /wp-content/themes/ on your server. We apologize, but that’s the folder structure we have to follow according to ThemeForest guidelines.

Thanks for your response and advice. I made a zip file of the Harpoon folder and uploaded that to WP. It worked perfectly. Now looking forward to using this excellent theme. Many thanks.

Hi mate -

Great looking theme. Is there any way to incorporate Serpent as the homepage and have Harpoon style 3 as the blog ( Even if it has to be a custom job I’d be interested.

Also, is it possible to have the blog posts go complete full width without a right side bar ( I’d like when the blog post is clicked on it takes up most of the page (1100px etc. responsive).



regarding your first question – please contact with a customization request.

In concern to your second question: for each article you can choose the sidebar position: left or right, or opt for fullwidth (no sidebars) – this one has no sidebar, disabled meta, no tags or “more by”.

this one has no sidebar, but has enabled meta, tags and “more by”:


kudos on creating a WP theme that is very easy for members to log into the site. I am also very impressed with the add posting page. It’s A++

Just 1 question. I am ready to buy the theme for a portfolio site to showcase client websites, and was wondering what a portfolio page with 4 columns would look like and the showcase page.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. The theme doesn’t come with a showcase option, you could use the category page to show the items (and in full width).

:-( when opening the demo:

This website is offline No cached version is available What’s CloudFlare? This website uses CloudFlare in order to help keep it online when the server is down by serving cached copies of pages when they are unavailable. Unfortunately, a cached copy of the page you requested is not available, but you may be able to reach other cached pages on the site.

it’s a pity…

Hi. We apologize, there are some issues at the moment with the server :( We are working on this.

Hi mate – Are there any options for social media icon/links for any version of the homepage? Cheers!

Hi. There is a social media widget which can be added to a right/left sidebar, or in the footer.

Hello. I have installed this theme on WP version 3.4. When I try to upload a featured image, I receive the following error message: Internal Server Error. I checked the server logs and i can’t find any information that would lead me to a resolution. Can you please provide steps to fix.

Internal server error can be from different reasons. Can you install FileBrowser plugin and check if the issue is still present?

It worked after installing the FileBrowser plugin by danielhuesken. Thanks for the help. I really wanted to work with the theme and trying to resolve the issue was driving me crazy.

Live preview link currently broken (forbidden) (15:50, 17/07/12)

Yep, no demo :( Hope it is fixed soon, thanks!

Hi. We are working on this issue. Thank you for your understanding.

The demo is up again, great. Looks excellent!

Will the demo be extended with the many options that are available? Right now there’s only one type of page to see and one layout. Also, I would like to know about the shortcodes that are available? And, is there any lightbox integration? I understand that there is no portfolio support. Are there shortcodes that allow for the creation of galleries?

Finally, any idea when the demo’s for the other themes are up again?

Thanks in advance! Tom

Thanks for responding! What about that timeline? I am referring to Facebook’s timeline style. I cannot see it in any theme of yours any longer, but it was there. Can it be set in Harpoon?

Thanks again, Tom

The theme with user time line is actually “Facepress”, here is the link

Right! Thanks, I have been searching my behind off :) I guess that’s just not for Harpoon then :)

Could you please tell me how to get slideshows to work on front page, posts and pages. Many thanks.

Hi. This theme doesn’t have a slideshow.

Oh, OK. I only asked because towards the bottom of the ‘Item Details’ page it says “Multiple slide-shows – You can create an unlimited number of slideshows and define different ones for desired pages or posts.” Perhaps you might like to remove the information?

SO UNZIPPED AND THEN GRABBED THE HARPOON FILE AND ZIPPED IT AND INSTALLED IT . UNFORTUNATELY , many files were missing or something because nothing looked right….even in the dashboard.

I followed these directions to the letter. The zipped copy (with style.css) would not load for some reason. This is the only Envato theme I’ve had trouble with…

After you download the zip file, please unzip it. It contains a few folders: harpoon, HTML , Licensing, PSD , screenshots, XML import, documentation.pdf (file). From all these, zip the “harpoon” folder and install it via the wordpress back end installer or copy it (unzipped) in the wp-content/themes/ folder of your wordpress installation.

Excellent information! I tried to do something similar, but now buy it :). Only I have a couple of questions.

Can I see the admin panel rating of posts like this? –

Can I use the widget popular posts like this? –

The screenshots shows this plugin –

This is good. Tell me please, is it possible to make the articles which have a certain number of votes, such as 50, so that these articles will automatically fall into another category, such as the Top? I am willing to pay for these changes.

And more … What parameters are taken into account when calculating the popularity of the article? Voting, visits, comments … or all at once?

The minimum number of likes for a post to become featured can be set in theme settings .
When the post becomes featured it also has an assigned hot date (the date it became featured) this date and the number of likes are used to show them on the featured page

Can I use when adding article “Choose from the most used tags” ? Like this – Now there is a function of ordinary tagging, selection of the most popular there.

No, the theme doesn’t have such a feature (showing most used tags, or suggestion for existing ones).


Whether the theme is compatible with mobile phone like Iphone or tablet? and is there a setting so that users can post in the category that we set? Thanks

Hi. The theme is responsive (for mobile devices, tablets), you can check by visiting the url on your devices
You can select which categories are available for front end posts