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For the narrow view, is there any option for an additional sidebar on the left (author box)? I would like an additional sidebar like the one on the large view. And I’ve seen “I love it” themes, there are two sidebars, which is on the left and right.

Harpoon has also sidebars for front page, left or right.

Thanks, I just made a purchase. hopefully there is a good updated in the future. :)

Hi, could you describe me shortly what’s the difference between Harpoon and Serpent? Because I want one of those for my blog and I’m not sure which is better – they are very look alike :)

All righty then. Imma buying it!

Thanks for replies :)

Activating e-mail for your support forums is still not in my inbox so I’m gonna ask here.

1) How to upload a image logo? 2) How to bulk turn off more-from-author and post-metadata for posts? I don’t want them for any of my posts. 3) How to reset widgets? I have my admin panel for widgets comlpetely broken and the sidebar-footer-third shows my old sidebar from my old theme that I have completely cleaned and then deleted. 4) I have chosen to be seen as “Andrzej Tucholski”, not “admin” – why then posts show me as “admin”?

The logo can be uploaded from theme settings -> Styling,
In theme settings -> Blogging, you can enable/disable general settings for “More posts” and “Similar posts”.
We show the username of the user (on front page, the public name is shown in More posts section), however these can be changed.
ABout the broken widgets, make sure there are no plugins, or that the Wordpress installation is broken.

How to place an ad or a text on the author bar? (left sidebar in the single post) see picture below.

I had to register on the support forum, but I have not got a reply email about my login details.



glo Purchased

So, is there an option to still have registered users but no ability to post/be an author?

Hi. You can disable the submission for users from theme settings -> Front end posts.

Hello, I am interested in buying the theme but I wanted to know how easy it is to customize the submit post page. What I want to change is:

- remove other post types that aren’t the first one (image)

- remove photo from url

- remove nsfw

How easy would it be to make this mods?

Well, it will require a little of coding, if you are familiar with php, wordpress, javascript, then you could do it. Or request custom work from (and if they will be available).


glo Purchased

Another question, is there a quick & easy way to disable tooltips for mobile only? They aren’t exactly practical on a mobile screen but very great for iPad’s,desktops.

Also, I’ve tried to vote for posts on the latest iPhone but it doesn’t seem to log a vote. It will light up the red/green color but won’t actually change a vote?

The tooltips are enabled for all types of devices, we have not implemented a feature for removing for specific types.
Regarding the “liking “bug, we can not reproduce it.


glo Purchased

Thanks, I understand what you’re saying but it’s kind of a bummer since the tooltips do not format correctly to the rest of the responsive theme.

It’s almost like we have to remove tooltips or else people may laugh at what happens when they try to view it on the iPhone. I would think there would be a way to have the tooltips move based on the resolutions detected by a certain percentage.


glo Purchased

Also, where can we enable how many views a post has had, like your demo?

To show the number of views, enable the Jetpack plugin (and allow him to work for a while to gather some data).

This theme is amazing!

Quick question. – Can you include soundcloud or embed option for audio? And can you disable upload video so that only URL shows?

Very Interested in purchasing this theme just wanted to know this first.

Thank you.

Hi. No, you can upload local mp3 files (you could include embeds in the post content).
Regarding the video upload, you can enable/disable for just URL , it is not possible, will require code work.

How do you disable the need for a user to login to simply like a post. I have active the classic style blog with no login option so I’m thinking I shouldn’t have this issue.

Please advise

Thank you

Disable the settings in the theme options -> “Registration is required to Like a post”

glo says: Also, where can we enable how many views a post has had, like your demo?

Thanks for the layout, would also like to know how to enable views on a post.

Thank you

Enable the Jetpack plugin, after a while eh will show the views or posts (he must gather some data first).


How to know there are updated for this theme? I do not see a changelog file. and do not know about the version for this theme.

One more thing, there is delay of about 1-2 seconds when we click the Like button. how to resolve this?

Thank you.

The change log with list of fixes/updates is included at the the end of theme details, on it’s page. At the moment there are no updates available. Also, the theme has an option for notifications in the theme settings -> Cosmothemes.

Does this theme come with xml sample data?


Yes, it comes with XML sample data.

First of all, this theme is absolutley gorgeous. Good for you.

I just have a couple of questions before I buy it. Is having members optional? It is something that I want eventually for my site but maybe not the beginning. Can I turn that option off? Or make it invite only?

Also, the site focuses on being positive so i am not a huge fan of the “dislike” option. Is that removable? Or can the whole like/dislike next to the post be just take out?

Thank you so much!


Hi. Thank you for stopping by. There is an option for disabling the login in header, also you may want to disable wordpress registration as well, in case someone accesses /wp-admin link.
The likes and dislikes com together, there will be needed a tweak in the code. Or, to disable/enable them both, this can be done in theme settings.

OH! And what is this great font? The Logo font? Is it filosofia?


1. Can you please explain further for “human time” is this displayed up front within the post?

2. can a submit button be easily inserted in the main page?

3. How easy it is to make the pictures and comments smaller. I would like this to almost as small as a tweet.

Hi. “human time” will show in words when the post was uploaded: “20 min ago”, “5 hours ago”, “18 days ago”, instead of the date.
You can add the submit content button in the sidebar using our widget.
Regarding the changes, this will need code editing.

Great theme! Luv it :) Just one question: what about advertisment? Is it possible to add 1-2-3-n banners inside?

Hi. We have 2 ad areas, one below the logo and one in the post content. The fields for inserting the add are located in theme settings

Does the roadmap scroller (the pop-up messages that demonstrate the features on the demo) come embedded in this theme? Or was that something you added for the purposes of the demonstration?

Beautiful theme, by the way.

The pop ups are tooltips, which can be created and assigned from theme settings.

How do I either request a refund or transfer to a new theme? I downloaded this theme days ago and even with the assistance of my web host and designer cannot get this them to work.

Please advise

Hi. Please tell what issues are you encountering with it? Open a topic on our forum with detailed information, screenshots


Love the theme. Brilliant design and amazing customisation.

I have one issue at the moment.

On the above demo the images for the latest posts are showing smaller in height than the ones implemented onto my version. Basically my version the images have more height on the homepage but I prefer the slimmed version as shown on your example.

How do I change this?



In case the images are bigger they are resized accordingly, to fit (if you mean the thumbnails).

thinking about purchasing for my site Life Insurance Website , compatible with 3.4.1 wordpress?

Yes, we are using it on Wordpress 3.4 at the moment.