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Hi , I downloaded your template last night in hopes to use it on my website. Unfortunately every time I try to upload it onto Wordpress on my computer I receive an error message asking

"Are you sure you want to do this?" followed by a "Try again" link.

Please help me out because I really like this template and actually want to use it.


Make sure to follow the steps as shown here (do not upload the whole zip file you downloaded from themeforest)

Thanks buddy. Great theme btw.

Hi , I downloaded your template last night in hopes to use it on my website. Unfortunately every time I try to upload it onto Wordpress on my computer I receive an error message asking

"Are you sure you want to do this?" followed by a "Try again" link.

Please help me out because I really like this template and actually want to use it.



I have another question. I accidentally clicked on the Red “X” button that deletes the welcome page on the main page. How do you

a) Make the welcome page reappear? I’ve tried just about everything and.. b) Is there a setting that we can make to disallow users to delete the welcome page?

The welcome page is not removed for all users, it is hidden individually for each user individually, and this is stored in cookies. Clearing the browser cookies will make it to reappear. To make it stay, please read this topic

Does Harpoon have a contact form? If so what does it look like? Does the theme have different font options? Can you use pages and categories in the main menu like in most themes? Thanks ahead, Shawn

There are 2 options for contact form in “Harpoon”, one is a widget, can be added to a sidebar (right/left/footer), and there is a contact form inserted in the pages using the shortcode. This is how it looks in the standard version and extended, where you can show some information . The emails will be sent to the specified email in the widget/shortcode.

Is it easy to modify the options to make a dark version of this, similar to “FacePress” theme?

Hi. This will require editing the css, since there is no option to turn it “dark” from settings.

Hi Mate -

For either Harpoon or Serpent themes, is it possible to have a layout like this one in designmd’s theme with the full view as such:


El Toro has a similar view, can make it to show grid view, the posts can be shown in 2,3,4,6 columns (and the slideshow) and disabling the sidebar, here is a screenshot . Also, you can choose from one of the 4 headers

Hi Again,

I am wanting to add social media icons directly above the top navigation and then a ‘welcome’ image below the navigation.

Which file should be edited for this? I tried editing the header.php file but encountered issues.



Hi, post this question on our forum ( please, indicating what header type you are using.


I noticed you can’t upload images via mobile device such as the ipad or ipod. This is something that can be fixed? Is this a custom work that could be done?

I really need by users to have the ability to add pictures through any mobile device.

Hi, some mobile devices do not support file browsing. Unfortunately we can’t fix that. On Iphone you can use iCab browser and you’ll be able to upload files.

Before I purchase I’m wondering if there is an option to create content pages that are not blog categories. For instance can I create a stand alone “About” page and add it to the nav? Or a stand along contact page? I couldn’t find an example of a content page that was not a blog post. Thank you so much.

Hi. Yes, you can create pages, from back end, as usually. And they can be assigned to the menu from Appearance -> Menus

How can I make my welcome message look as nice as the one in the screenshot? I can’t get the grey background. Thanks!

Can you also explain the best way to upgrade to the new version? It seems that the current themeforest download is the same one from a few days ago.

Finally, I’m curious to know if we can set it up so clicking on a photo in grid view opens that post. This seems like a behavior many users will do. Thanks.

You need to install\upload the theme again. Before proceeding make sure to remove the old version, to avoid overwrite conflicts. We have also a topic on our forum about this question

Surrounding in lib/php/post.class.php, in function function grid_view($post, $template) { the mosaic overlay element with
<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"> ... </a> makes the image clickable, but this will interfere with the likes on the grid.

Hi, I have had a custom header, social media icons, and badge already created for my blog. But Wordpress’ themes don’t look professional. Will this provide a professional look and allow me to use my custom designs? How do I use my custom files and how do I know what size to request them as?


Hi. If you have a custom design, there will be a need to edit theme files, to implement it (mostly styles, icons). If the changes are not major (css mostly) there is a custom css box in theme settings, where the css can be inserted. But there is no possibility to make it “on the fly”.


I’ve purchased the theme but I am experiencing errors, I’ve made a clean install in fact but I couldn’t understand why I got these, I am not a newbie in wordpress

While uploading any images, Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(C:\WINDOWS\Temp\php1841.tmp) is not within the allowed path(s): (C:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\) in C:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-includes\functions.php on line 1712 766

When I click on harpoon—>import/export; Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_enconde() in C:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-content\themes\harpoon\lib\php\options.register.php on line 906

Hi. For the first issue, you might have some special/strange configuration (server), either permission restriction or that it tries to access the files where they are not present. For the second issue, please replace in lib/php/options.register.php json_enconde with json_encode.

Beautiful theme! Anyway that a sign in commenting system (sign in using Facebook/Twitter/Google+) could be added?

Hi, if you are using FB comments it already has a message “Comment using…” FB, AOL , Yahoo, Hotmail

But if you are using standard WP comments, then there is no reason to add this note, because you can’t log in using all this services.

I suppose what I really want to ask is if Disqus can be used in place of the facebook comment system that you have?

you can have FB comments or WP comments. If you choose WP comments and you have Disqus plugin then it will work for you.

This looks great.

To confirm: Users can register (either manually or via facebook) and submit their own articles – which can be categorised as i wish – and readers can then select the author and view all their work (even if the author has submitted work while logged in via Facebook)?

Yes, you are right. You can select what categories to allow to be assigned for the posts posted from front end. And any logged user can add a post (you can select the default post status – published/ or pending). Then when you go to the author’s page, you’ll see all his posts.

Hello, how can I update the theme to version 0.2?

Hi. This question was answered here

is there way to have people not be logged in or registered to submit a front end post?

No, this is not possible. In order to achieve that you’ll have to make some changes in the code.

I purchased your theme and uploaded it. All previous comments for all posts are not showing up and readers are unable to leave comments. Is there something that I need to do to enable commenting and have old ones appear?

Thank you for your purchase. Make sure to disable facebook comments, and the wordpress comments will show up (if they are enabled in your wordpress installlation).

I figured out the comments problem, but have two other concerns. 1. Can the “views” icon on the post page be made invisible or removed altogether? 2. It seems that this theme is not browser friendly in Firefox. I mainly use Safari and Chrome and no problems there. However, if any of my readers use Firefox (hopefully that’s the only problem browser) they will be turned away. Can that be fixed? Is your theme intended to be browser friendly in all browsers?

What was the issue regarding the comments?
1. The views are generated by Jetpack. You can edit in lib/php/post.class.php function list_view($post, $template = 'blog_page') { the code
if ( function_exists( 'stats_get_csv' ) ){ .. } also in the same file in function meta( $post ) {
2. What issues are you having in the Firefox browser?
Please use our forum for further questions