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I’m thinking of buying this theme for my blog, is the typography editable via the theme admin section in similar fashion as the “text logo” or do you have to do css edits?

Hi. No, the fonts are not editable through theme options, you can set verious css changes in the Custom CSS box in theme settings.

Is there a way to set the featured posts the 4 latest posts and the “fresh” posts, below it?

make sure when selecting the combo option for front page (fresh & featured) to check the radio button where you can set the order, like in this screenshot

Just wondering about the facebook app stuff…. It is commenting with no problems but it does not want to work for the log in feature…. any thoughts?

Basically its allows me to connect but does not log me in at all like in the demo…. I tried with the demo and it all worked fine… am i missing something in my app settings?

Everything is right but I am not sure I made the app properly…...

The comments work but the login does not….. the link is and is still in construction but want to make sure all the features work properly first

I just was able to log in using FB. It works for me, I tested with 2 browsers FF and Chrome.

weird I just tried and it worked for me…. it wasnt working earlier today… maybe it was just fb propagating…. ty!

In the discussion above regarding the fresh posts: anchordivision SAYS Is there a way to set the featured posts the 4 latest posts and the “fresh” posts, below it?

virusnac REPLIED make sure when selecting the combo option for front page (fresh & featured) to check the radio button where you can set the order, like in this screenshot

I was wondering about the fresh posts.. I don’t get the “fresh & featured” as an option.The two options I receive are “fresh” and “static”.

Make sure you enable like for posts: If likes are disabled, then featured posts are not available as well.

Hey There again,

Just trying to manipulate the code for post-item.php to say my own things i.e. be a descriptive as possible. But when I change it in both the editor and manually editing the file then ftp it they do not change. Is there somewhere else other than here that this needs to be changed?

If you want to change some information shown on the page, then it’s only post_item.php. If you want to change the uploading fucntions, custom functionality for upload, then you need to edit lib/php/post.class.php, there are functions for adding posts: add_image_post, add_text_post, add_video_post, add_audio_post, add_file_post, and the js file lib/js/actions.js (cliend side functions).

You gave me some good feedback on making photos clickable so they go to the post. I’m trying to do it correctly. Is this correct?

function grid_view($post, $template) {
         $nofeat_article_class = '';
             $nofeat_article_class = 'nofeat';    
     <article <?php post_class('three columns  small-post no-overflow ' . tools::nsfw_class($post->ID).' '.$nofeat_article_class, $post->ID); ?> >
         <?php if(post::is_feat_enabled($post->ID)){ ?>
             <?php if( options::logic( 'general' , 'enb_likes' ) ){ ?>
                     <?php echo like::get_love_hate($post->ID); ?>

I can’t tell you anything from the code I see. You better use to provide code spinets because themeforest comments are not good for Code.

Every time I upload and activate the theme, the site crashes. any idea what’s going on? you can see the error message here:

I’ve followed the instructions more than once. I’ve installed a number of themes, with no issues. I’ve also tried to install this theme to another site and it crashed that as well. Is there an email for support?

Check please this topic . The thing is the theme comes in a zip file, which contains also other files, not only the theme, so you have to unzip it and then install, like described in the topic. You can contact us using the themeforest contact form for our user, , , and our forum .


How do I disable the “Leave a reply” in one page? I want to place a contact form, but I want to disable the comments area.


Hi, I have a few problems with this template. Firstly, I need to add the “views” into posts but I do not know how. Can you give me a hint? The second issue is a Login/ register via facebook. Unfortunately it does not work. When I click on the facebook icon and try log in its nothing happens. How do I fix it? I noticed that is the sample theme on your website appears exactly the same problem. It is very important, so please help me solve it. And the last question-If I using facebook comments plugin but people who do not have a facebook account and are logged only via Wordpress can leave comments? I mean, in this case facebook comments can be replaced by wordpress comments? Is it possible? Best Regards, Zagcom.

Indeed in your live version login via facebook work properly but in my site it’s still broken. I have not cache files (i’m looking on my server). I use Firefox. So how can I fix it? Mayby I use incorrect data when I create FB application, can you give me some advice what should I fill there? But I think is correct because the comments plugin is working. And I have two another problems. 1. Is it possibility to remove comments section from static pages? For example I don’t need it on Contact page. 2. How can I limit the size of uploaded data (like a photos or videos)? And one more thing at the end. Is it possible to create two separate category of posts, one with top ratings posts, and second with the worst rate? In the way that this posts automatically appear on these categories in accordance with rate ? Best regards and thanks for your reply.

Check if the App ID and secret key don’t have empty space at the end, a missing character maybe. For caching, I meant a caching plugin, like W3Total cache or Super Cache.
1. If you need to disable comments for a page, then you can edit it in Dashboard in the page individual settings.

2. The size of uploaded data can not be limited (only for the whole website), but Wordpress allows to limit the upload size for each file.
The feature you are saying about requires custom work in the theme.

Thank for your reply!

1. Unfortunately, the login via facebook does not work, I have no idea why, because comments work, or do not need to enter any additional settings in the application to work everything correctly? The second thing about facebook- why when I squeeze the button does not appear in a text on my profile on facebook (share option) but number of like’s are appear under the post? 2. Another question-how do I turn off the ability to comment on each side of the static type of contact? You said before that I can set it in the settings in Dashboard, but I do not see there exactly this option in this settings (I have only: Show post like, Show page meta, Show social sharing, Show author box etc. but I can’t see disable comments or something like that) . 3. How to modify a registration confirmation email? Where can I edit the file? 4. How do I change the name of the rights to new users such as subscriber or members area? I tried to change it in the files and customheader.php and postclass.php but without effect.

Best regards

hi guys, I’m really intereted in buying harpoon theme … Before doing that, I’d like to know if it’s possible to let user insert custom post type when they’re signed in

Hi. The theme uses only standard WP posts, for front end submission and back end Dashboard.

Hello, I am looking to change the theme for my blog, I have been trawling through what is on offer on theme forest and finally found a theme that it clean and simple, yet feminine and elegant. I just have one question I really like the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ functions you have, and it seems that you don’t have to be logged in to either Facebook or the site to click on these buttons in the demo, and you can only click the same button once. Can I confirm this is actually the case, that visitors regardless of whether they are logged on can use these buttons, and does the site recognise the IP for return visits so they can not click the same like and dislike buttons for a post, or is the IP forgotten on subsequent visits. Thanks.

Hi, if user is logged in we store both IP and user ID, and if user is not logged in we remember only the IP. SO all users ca vote only once.

I installed this theme and it doesn’t really work consistently. The media tool doesn’t work. Whenever I try to upload an image or a media content, a new window pops up with this message:

No data received Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data. Here are some suggestions: Reload this webpage later. Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

How can I fix this error?

Also, how can I extend the sidebar’s width?

Hi. Since when are you having? Disable any plugins/custom features, clear your browser cache, check the error log for any details, check file permissions for your WP folders, use a default .htaccess file.
The sidebar width can be changed through some code editing.

After playing around with disabling plugins and some other . So still, I have no idea from which the error occurs. Anyway, it works now.

Can you tell me more details about changing code editing for sidebar width? Thanks a lot.

Would you mind telling me how to make the sidebar in the homepage different from sidebar of other pages? Thanks.

Is there a widget to account for the most liked posts in terms of the harpoon likes/dislikes? Also, is there a manual with the purchase?

You can use the widget “Harpoon: Featured posts” to show featured posts in the theme (same as featured posts for front page).

kudos on the theme! couple of questions:

1- Is it possible to completely remove users ability to add posts? i only want them to like or dislike posts.

2-is it possible to make older posts button instead of indexing pages buy number?

i also cannot decide which theme i want, im also considering the serpent theme, can you please tell me what are the differences between them? which one is better for what?

Hi. 1. Yes, the front end submission functionality can be disabled from theme settings, and users are not able to submit posts.
2. You could change our pagination with a standard one from theme files.
3. Both themes are good for user content, but Harpoon also offers the Dislike feature, and they have different design (icons, appearance ).

I’m having the same image upload issue that so many others are having. Have you figured out a real fix for this other than disabling all plugins and using default .htaccess? I have a fresh install of WP and your theme and I’ve installed other themes to test the settings. It’s only Harpoon that’s broken.

Unfortunately, we can not reproduce it, and seems to work fine on many installations.

Is there a way to create a “videocase” or video showcase similar to the one in Glisseo?

Our theme doesn’t have exactly the same functionality, so a similar showcase is not possible, you can use the video post type to show videos.

I can reproduce it each time I deploy it. I have to switch to another theme to upload content.

The Pinterest position is not align.