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Ditto on the pinterest button. BTW, can we ask you to help us update the theme? I’m a bit worried I’ll lose some info…and the updates may be very helpful.

You just need to replace a folder with the theme, that is all; the settings, posts, pages, comments are stored in the database, and your local images are stored in the special “uploads” folder of your Wordpress installation, here is an article on how to update

SORRY….dumb question. We’ve updated our install and things are going great now!

We are thinking we might like to add a screencast into the front end interface.. How hard is it to embed …and where are the files for the front end?

It’s hard to tell, will need some work. The files are post_item.php (this builds the page), functions from /lib/php/post.class.php
add_image_post, add_video_post, add_text_post, add_audio_post, add_file_post
), and functions from client side, in /lib/js/actions.js
(they have the same names).

Thanks! Also, we just noticed that the post voting (thumbs up/thumbs down) functionality just quit today. We haven’t reset anything or added any new plugins. Any thoughts on how to make this available again?

Hi I have one question to you. How can I modify e-mail content? I mean this mail what I receive when create new account- this with login and password.

Regards, Zag

Hi. That email is generated by the Wordpress itself. You need a plugin to override/customize it.

Ok thanks for your reply. What is name of this plugin?

How does one create the front page just like your sample you have? Is the full page a featured image under “Pages”? Under Harpoon,/Front Page – Is the content type set to Static Page? Please help. Thanks.

HI, can you please show us the link one more time with out Themeforest ifame. Use the demo directly :


I just purchased your theme. And upon uploading it I can’t access my Wordpress admin page. And I am left with the below error:

“Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

What might the solution be for this issue?

The frontend of the site works fine however.

Thank you for your help in advance.

HI, try to upload the theme one more time, and make sure no plugins are installed. If it still does not work, can you please email admin credentials and if possible FTP credentials to and we will take a look.

Thank you.

Thank you Virusnac,

My apologise for the delayed response. I managed to fix the issue by deleting all plugins. However I do have another question.

If I have a user register to the blog and I have the frontend editing on for contributors, editors and authors. I have noticed a minor problem, whereby the user who has signed up as a subscriber can add a post for pending. A subscriber should not have access to these frontend functions.

Is there a way of making it so subscribers cannot ‘Add a post’ from the frontend system? I feel this fairly important.

Hello, I like this theme for a number of different reasons, particularly its wide width and simplicity. I just have a few questions for you please:

Disqus comments….easy enough to implement? Are there drop down menus? I didn’t see any in the demos. Does it play well with SEO plugins? I notice people are having issues installing it with plugins, and I use quite a few. Any way to just have likes and no dislikes? How customizable is the homepage?

Thank you so much. Looking forward to your reply!

The Disqus comments could be inserted directly in the php template or a plugin. Yes, there are drop down menus, but we haven’t showed them.
the dislikes cane removed with a change in php.
The front page can ahve a static page/post, or new posts, or featured posts, or new and featured posts, each one can have list view or grid view.
Regarding the plugins, haven’t tested in on compatibility.

Wondering whey the lightbox drop down might not allow front end users to register. It shows some sort of “empty” response when front end users (who are already in the system) attempt to login. Any help would be appreciated.

Great..I think I have it fixed.

<?php } public function init_signin(){} public function render_signin(){?> <?php _e( 'Login' , 'cosmotheme' );?> <?php $this -> render_signin_ul();?>

What do I do with this code to follow your instructions? Just wondering…as when I deleted line 262 the login icon disappeared. Do I keep the

Ok, think I got it taken care of…

I’d like to add another button that is the same color and has responsiveness…like the submit button. I’d like to add it to the widget area. Thoughts on how to do this?

Nice theme. Can you have more than one photo in a blog entry (with the secondary photos embedded in wrap around text) or can additional photos only be added with a stand-alone gallery?

Hey ! I’ve downloaded and now am using your themes, it’s really great ! I’d just like to know where to modify the blog title from h3 to h1 ? Thanks !

Hi. Please change it in lib/php/CustomHeader.class.php in function public function render_text(){?> and also in line 204 in header.php hgroup.logo a h3{ (this one is for styles)

Hi again. I assume Customheader.class.php can’t be accessed through Wordpress editor, only with a ftp connection ?

Yes, you can edit it via FTP access

Hi there,

Is this theme compatible with “Pics Mash Image Rating Tool” plugins and “User Badges : WP User Achievements Plugin” from codecanyon?


Hello. We don’t know if the theme is compatible, as we haven’t tested them.

Hi virusnac,

Great theme you’ve made for us. Quick question, how do we center the menu items using the header layout here (

How do I insert my own logo/header for my site?

You can insert a logo from theme settings -> Styling choose first logo type as Image, then you can upload one.

Thank you!

Also my pages will not show up in the menu bar, how do I fix that please?

Make sure to that your menu is assigned to a location (header, for example) and that you add the items in the corresponding menu.

thank you!

At the end of each page it’s saying leave a reply but there is no box to do so why?

Also I don’t want it on every page, how do I remove it from particular pages?

Hi.. Great theme! I have 2 quistions. :)

How do i modify the Harpoon latest post widget? Where is it located.? And how do i and i know this might not be an easy change BUT, i need the UNLIKE function off so there only is like and i need to be on all pages and post so that there is only like?

We have a page we need to have up maybe its possible to get some direct support and help if we pay you for it?

All the best Alex.

Hi. The latest post widget is located in lib/php/widget/latest_posts.php
The likes for most list/grid view/single can be disabled by opening lib/php/like.class.php and commenting line 468 like::content($post_id, 3, false, 'hate'); for widgets Latest posts, Featured posts, Tabber open lib/php/widget/latest_posts.php ../featured_posts.php ../tabber.php and comment line like::content($post -> ID, 3, false, 'hate');
About direct support, we are trying to offer support to everyone in the same amount :)

Have a few problems adding in a banner ad into the theme. I’ve added my adsense code into the advertisement space, but the banner shows up as split. I deleted it until I know what’s up. Any ideas why the ad would be split using the cosmo themes advertisement space?

Don’t see any ads at the moment. try disabling some plugin you have, they could interfere through js.

Tried that. Yep, I deleted them since the space won’t show the whole banner ad.

Try in css\autoinclude\style.css to add min-height: 90px; for .ads .

Also, we want to widen the right sidebar widget column a bit. How do we do that?

You need through html to change the class for the element id="secondary" from three columns to four columns and for id="primary" from nine columns to eight columns (it uses the 12 columns system).

What file is this in?

One in single.php, one in page.php , one in lib\php\post.class.php for list_view() and gris_view() and lib\php\layout.class.php


Do you have a lightbox feature included?

Yes, the theme has prettyPhoto lightbox, and when clicking in single post on the zoom icon of the featured image, or images included in post content, the lightbox pops up with the image.