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Harpoon - Multioptions Responsive WP Theme

Harpoon - Multioptions Responsive WP Theme

Responsive premium WordPress theme

Thank you for choosing CosmoThemes and purchasing one of our Premium WordPress Themes – your choice is greatly appreciated!
Harpoon is a responsive multi options WordPress theme build to power individual sites but also with multiple users and, why not, provide community content sharing.

Responsive theme

Harpoon is a responsive theme. It uses a framework that permits the site to be accessed on all mobile devices, including iPad and Android powered tablets.
Mobile-phone layout is also included. You can now view your site even on display resolutions as 320×480 wide.

Multiple headers layouts and menu styles

The theme comes with 3 build-in header layouts and 6 menu styles:
  • centered logo with bottom menu,
  • left-side logo aligned with search-bar and user login link with bottom menu and
  • left-side logo aligned with menu and user login link.

There are also several menu styles: simple text, with description, tabbed, colored with option to choose background and color color, etc.

Multiple layouts

You can use the narrow or large port-view layout by simply ticking the corresponding setting from backend.
Also, you can set different colors for your body and footer. Not the least, you can add background images for individual posts or for the whole site. The theme comes with several predefined background patters, as well.
Finally, you can have multiple category layouts: grid view or list view.

Mainpage format

Set your blog mainpage to display either Featured or Fresh posts, or both. You can also choose your layout: fullwidth or with sidebar and enable the grid or list-view.
Mainpage is also available as a static page/post.

”Like” user-submitted posts

Enable the “Like” feature to let users easily access faved posts and raise their rating. When a certain post reaches the limit of 50 likes it will become hot. The like limit can be changed from backend while the number of likes for all posts can be randomly generated.

Built-in lightbox login and registration

Let your users login or register without leaving the page. The built-in eye-candy AJAX form will pop-up when trying to enter site’s prohibited areas, such as “Add a new post” or “View NSFW posts”. Users can also register/login to your site using their Facebook accounts.

Navigate using keyboard keys

Use keyboard’s J, K, L, C, V and R keys for different actions on your site: scroll to next post, scroll to previous post, love a post, comment post, view post or display a random post. These keys combination are now working on post page as well.

Front end submission

Let your registered users upload posts directly from front-end. The front-end submission permits users to choose their post format: image, video, audio, text and attachment. Each and every single format can be enabled or disabled.

User profile page

Every registered user can edit his profile from his personal account page which now offers avatar upload, password change and other personal data edit.

Tooltip helpers

Ever wondered how to tell your users of a specific feature or important message on your site? You can now achieve this with theme’s built-in tooltip manager. You can use it on every single page on your site being able to add an infinite number of such hints.

Human time

Enable human-time to let users know when the post was added. Switch back to the native WordPress time format from settings.

Facebook and default comments

You can either enable the default comment system or opt for the Facebook comments.
Add your Facebook application ID so you can moderate comments.

Sidebars and widgets

The site uses unlimited sidebars for you to be able to insert as many widgets as you need to get the most of your theme: Categories with icons, Content tabber (hot posts, new, comments, tags), Flickr, Twitter, Latest posts, Social media, Top authors, Submit content.
Select a different layout for each of your posts: containing a left sidebar, a right sidebar or displayed full-width.

Social media ready

All posts have built-in social-media share buttons that users can click and promote any content of your web-site. Enable or Disable them for any particular post or page.

Powerful backend

Harpoon comes with a revised powerful back-end to let you control all sites option without the need to hack or customize your own features.

Other features

The theme also uses built-in breadcrumbs, dropdown menus, image resizing, 100+ shortcodes, built-in related posts and social-media sharing, and comes with an extensive documentation to help you get started.


If you happen to face some difficulties with this theme, consider to use our support which is conducted through the CosmoThemes support forums: http://cosmothemes.com/forums
Support for all the themes will be available only at the support forum.


version 1.0 (Sept 14th, 2015)
-FIX: Fixed wp_widget with __construct
-FIX: big text logo positioning

version 0.9 (June 26th, 2015)
- UPDATE: deleted Cosmo API deprecated function
- PrettyPhoto security update
- FIX: removed deprecated function
- FIX: XSS scripting issues
- FIX: Twitter widget: multiple instances fatal error

version 0.8 (February 14, 2015)
– Fixed multiple PHP errors related to PHP upgrade;
– Fixed shortcode issues related to Wordpress upgrade;

version 0.7 (August 22, 2013)
- WordPress 3.6 compatibility fixes;

version 0.6 (july 10, 2013)
- removed a input name from search form to get rid of a useless parameter in the url;
- fixed featured image bug for video posts;
- fixed import/export issue;
- fixed author name to be displayed as selected in Display Name;
- fixed pattern background;
- fixed some php and jQuery Migrate deprecated functions;
- updated twitter widget to be compatible with API 1.1;

version 0.5 (January 3, 2013)
- simple modal login fix
- updated jqueryScrollTo to be compatible with the latest jquery version
- chrome frame fix for IE10

version 0.4 (December 14, 2012)
- replaced deprecated functionality in user_profile_update.php
- fixed a bug with content going under the navigation menu
- changed doctype to HTML
- fixed JS error in prettyPhoto settings
- css fixes in theme settings

version 0.3 (September 13, 2012)
- added option to edit love/hate labels from single meta
- fixed google analytics bug
- fixed typo in date format
- fixed a bug with import/export
- facebook comments changed FB.Canvas.setAutoResize to FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow()
- fixed “reset likes” functionality
- fixed spelling in header

version 0.2 (August 20, 2012)
- fixed bug with full width for page
- fixed attachment styles
- removed unused js
- styles for tooltips/twitter widget
- removed duplicate header
- set default values in back end settings
- added import/export in theme settings
- fixed meta bug for full width post submitted from front end
- import/export via json fix for settings
- Facebook connect fix