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Thanks a lot! :-)

Nice :) good to see you back.

Thanks! Actually, I’ve never really been away — just didn’t had time to create new items unfortunately. Good to be back with new content though! :-)

Like allways from one of the best out there :-) – 5 Stars Max, looks like a new diamond in your portfolio!

Thanks! ;-)

Nice work. Congrats man ;)

Thanks, let’s see how many Jekyll users we got over here. :-)

nice work, gud luck :)

Thank you! :-)

Very nice it’s great to see something for blogging other than WP. I am so close to buying it but I am not sure about the top part in the banner – on the front page it is unclear if the text in the banner and the first paragraph are related since the first paragraph in the white area has no title. Also not sure about the featured image going above the title because then it looks like it could be part of the post above since there is no other dividing line. I may just make the mods myself but don’t want to create future maintenance problems. All-in-all great work though!

Thanks for your feedback! I also have to admit that I enjoyed working with something new and different like Jekyll quite a lot to be honest, even though I like WordPress too. :-)

The homepage and blog posts / content pages use a slightly different setup. That said, you can just manually change the front matter (used for the header contents) and some basic HTML a little further below to adjust that, before the blog article list begins. I’m sorry if that might not be entirely clear, but it’s quite flexible and very easy to work with.

In order to move the featured image on the overview page below the header and maybe above the excerpt, you’d also just have to touch one single include file and it can be adjusted comparably easy in my opinion.

In addition to that, overwriting parts of the CSS should be sufficient to disable the fading and opacity problems you might expect, but overall I have to admit that I already tried to throw many different images into the header area and it usually worked just fine. In fact, it’s even intended that the text within the header becomes slightly less visible when a user puts his cursor over it in order to reveal the header without a gradient a little more.

I hope that I could answer to your questions so far and will of course remain available just in case you should have any further questions or need my assistance in some way.


Hi Max, thanks for the fast reply – I am not used to how easy and direct the modifications are (sounds great). As a fellow developer I have no problem making these mods and will look into setting up jekyll and probably buying this theme over the next few days – Cheers

Sounds great!

You should definitely give Jekyll a try either way, it’s a quite interesting approach and I’ve been surprised myself what’s possible aside from basic static site generator tasks.

I’ve actually created an account just to write this. Stunning job man, really what I was looking for. I’m surely going to buy it as soon as I grab my preordered domain and Jekyll blog on.

Awesome, thanks for your feedback! I hope you’ll enjoy the theme! :-)

Hashtag is a very responsive theme with lean codes. Additional features will be welcome for next releases.

Thank you for this work

You’re welcome! Thanks!

On mobile Chrome, a post page doesn’t display any text after a certain point. You can scroll where there should be text but the text isn’t displaying. This does not happen on desktop. Not sure what would help for troubleshooting this but let me know what I can do. I’m not using any special formatting at or around where the text stops.

Thanks and great theme!

Thanks for your feedback!

I just had a look at your request and would like to ask two questions if you don’t mind in order to be able to quickly find the cause and a solution:

1.) Which device did you use to browse the site with Mobile Chrome, i.e. an iPhone, an iPad or an Android smartphone or tablet, etc.?

2.) Where exactly does it stop displaying the content, i.e. does that happen on pages which display multiple post excerpts or does it also happen on single posts or pages where not the entire content will be shown anymore?

I can’t say for sure why this is happening for now, but I’ll surely have a closer look into it in order to see what I can do.

Meanwhile, it would be interesting if you could try to disable JavaScript in your mobile browser temporarily by any chance and then let me know if this problem still occurs.

It could be possible that the initial animations triggered when elements appear inside the viewport don’t kick in entirely for content elements at the bottom of a page in Mobile Chrome for some reason.

By disabling JavaScript or removing a piece of JavaScript code within the ‘scripts.js’ file below ‘Reveal Animation’, we could test if this is the cause for the problem.

Unfortunately I don’t experience this problem myself using Chrome on iOS so I’d appreciate your help and if you could let me know if it works properly without those animations.

Either way, I’ll surely see what I can do anyway so it works as expected in Mobile Chrome for you as well of course.


Hi! good job on this theme. great work! I bought it for my blog.

just a question, the icon pack is limited, how do I get instagram icon?

Thanks for your feedback — I’m glad to you like the theme! :-)

The social icons included have been provided by the excellent Picons Social icon set which can be downloaded directly on the author’s website on https://picons.me and also includes a suitable instagram icon as far as I can see.

Great job! So much so that convinced me to try Jekyll for the first time.

I have two questions – how to translate the names of months and how to add, in the plural, the position (few)minutes and (many)minutes (in my language 2 minutes inflect otherwise then 5 minutes).


thanks for your message!

I recently had a closer look at the problems you mentioned and will try to answer to them right below if you don’t mind:

1.) The theme uses a plugin called ‚Jekyll Time to Read‘ (you can find the Ruby file within the ‚_plugins‘ folder). If you open it up, you should immediately see the phrases for ‚minute‘, ‚minutes‘, etc. which can be adjusted and saved directly in there.

2.) Jekyll seems to use Ruby’s default language to parse dates so I currently don’t necessarily know how to change that on a server level.

What you could try though would be to change the format of the dates, i.e. you could change it from ‚May 8, 2014‘ to ‚08 / 05 / 2014‘ or similar. In order to do that, please have a look at the following page which explains the variables you can use individually https://hackhands.com/format-datetime-ruby — once you found a suitable format, you could go through all of the files manually and replace the default date string, i.e. ‚date: ‘%b %-d, %Y‘ with a different format. This might not be the ideal solution but it certainly would avoid using English names for month accordingly.

I hope I could help you and will remain here just in case you should have any further questions meanwhile. :-)

I was able to translate the date, using the plug-in i18n_filter.rb, adding in _locales folder (you must create) the xx.yml file (where xx is the language code) from the rails repository translations. It is also necessary to modify files in a folder _includes (eg. {{Page.date | localize: ”% B” | prepend: ‘’ | append ‘‘}}).

I need also the archive page. I used the generate_categories.rb plug-in (for category) and ArchiveGenerator.rb (for the archive by date). Because you are using plug-ins (Github users can not use them) then I think you could maybe add this functionality to the template. Also you could use a plugin to generate a sitemap (I used sitemap_generator.rb).

Sure, using plugins always can be a viable option in order to extend the functionality or customize it a little.

From what I can say, many customers who bought this items do use Github pages though and considering that it doesn’t support any Jekyll plugin, I think it’s a good idea not to bundle too many of them with the theme by default.

I’m glad that you found a suitable solution though and really appreciate your feedback and description how you did it! :-)

Wondering if you noticed the weird zoom out then back in animation when scrolling and content comes from the far right? The page zooms out to show the content slide in and then zooms back in. Can you fix that? This is a major blocker for me since 60% of my users are on mobiles.

Sure, no problem — you’re welcome! I hope you enjoy the theme and will be here just in case you should run into further problems in some way! :-)

Perhaps not that big of a deal, your documentation was not updated (and still bugs). Perhaps for your next bug fix you could slip it in too.

Thanks for the hint! I might update it at some point, but right now it’s just a documentation and not that critical in my opinion as long as the contents are sufficient to explain everything properly! :-)

Good Product

Hi, i’m having a problem (I don’t know if it’s a version problem). I’ve unzipped the file and when I make a jekyll build I got that error: Liquid Exception: Invalid scheme format: A beautifully contemporary and elegant Jekyll theme http in /_layouts/default.html

Thank you in advance

Congratulations! Very Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

I’m suddenly having the same error as @cdiezgil: Liquid Exception: Invalid scheme format: A beautifully contemporary and elegant Jekyll theme http in /_layouts/default.html

I bought it today, unzipped it, and did a jekyll build && Jekyll serve and it fail to display images and pagination. Later I noticed that it only fails in Google Chrome and display images correctly in Safari. All images in Google Chrome are tagged with the classes “media image hidden”.


i am so close to buy it, but the last update is from November 2015. Will there be a update in the next view days / weeks? Does it support actual Jekyll versions?


Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D