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I need to solve the issue because my site should be ready as soon as possible. I can not wait for you to update your template, I need it now to finish my site … or if you do not have finished templates do not put them on sale.

I need you to give me the demo data, to be able to work properly with your template.

Sorry for the delay. please try to import the demo data. If you are not able to import then please provide us the site url and credentials at info@axelthemes.com . Best Regards


where can I change the logo-size? I have a graphic logo with text, but it dispays it only in a fixed smaller size. when I upload it in a bigger size, it doesnt matter. It transforms it again to the fixed size. do I have to change the fixed hight of the header section? thanks for feedback.

Hi There We have updated the theme.Can you please update the theme.This update will be for change in header banner image for every page.You can add different header image for every image by choosing different featured image for each page. 1)About js to change slider interval.I think you have replaced it wrong.Just replace this code.Donnot touch other $(’.hn-banner-slider’).slick({ slidesToShow: 1, slidesToScroll: 1, speed: 500, autoplay: true, pauseOnHover: false, arrows: true, autoplaySpeed: 7000, dots: true, fade: true, });

2)About language translation? Can you please change the plugin to loco translate from polylang.After you have install and activated new loco translate plugin.Here are the steps to change the language.

Step 1 : On Dashboard you can find ‘Tradução (Loco)’ On Left Sidebar. Its a plugin called “LOCO TRANSLATE”. Click on it. Step 3 : Click on the theme under active themes. Step 4 : Click the language German. Step 5 : Select the english text to translate. Enter the text German translation. Step 6 : Click on save and view the language change.

Hope this helps you. If you are unable to do this You can send us your credentail in email and we will do this for you.

Best Regards.

Hi, I dont have any message in my wordpress backend, that there is any update for Hasten Theme. :( How can I update it?

And, this is the real catastrophe, the frontside brokle down. I dont work on it since before easter and now I want to go on, and the whole front page is not working anymore…also on mobile phone. There I cannot even work with the menu-navigation. I really need fast help, at this point, because I can not explain it. I put in a call-to-action-area in the section below the slider, that btw also do not work anymore – and it isn’t displayed anymore.


1. I replaced the code you give me, but because of the error on the froint side I don’t see any results.

2. Yeah, the Loco-Translate works. thanks. but the translation for the submit button doesn’t work. :(

To give you my credentail is really the last way out. and for this, we really have to find another communication channel.

Hi Lara For theme update you have to download again from themeforest (you don’t have to buy again :) ). You can download new version from your download page in themeforest. Yeah I saw your site, It has broken down.It’s because you replaced the code i gave you in wrong way. You can send us your credential in our mail info@axelthemes.com and we will fix all the issue for you. Regards

hello is wpml inside present ot we must buy it ?

Hi There.Thank you for your interest.WPML plugin doesn’t come with this theme.You have to buy it.But I can suggest you to use polylang plugin as it is free and works same as WPML and works great with our theme.

Friend, I wish you further advancement and big sales! ;)

Hi please send mi the size of header banner. Actually when i upload 1000*250 size banner the image will be stretch.

Hi There We just checked in your site.The image you have uplaoded is just 1000*250 px.You have to upload higher resolution image and not crop the image

sir it was crop image.i already said i upload 1920 × 600 image in header but i didn’t get do not crop option image and after crop image will stretch. please resolve this issue immediately.

We are bit confused what you are trying to say.From the url you have sent I checked the banner image, This one https://swaroopcreations.com/BrainboxSolutions/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/cropped-servicesbg1.jpg which is showing 1000*200.As I said earlier smaller image will stretch Can you please send your site credential in our support mail so that we can check what you are doing wrong? Regards

hi i want to purchage the theme but recently you have removed a layout from the demo .i need that layout . can you please help me ?

you mean wordpress login ID and password ? and what is the mail ?

its urgent so please reply fast

Yeah That means you can email us your wordpress login ID and password to info@axelthemes.com so that we can fix your issue.

hello i want to following css path location which is use in theme. .hn-banner-slider.slick-slider { height: 407px; }

Hello ,

I got following error when i import the theme.

An error occurred while fetching file from: http://axelthemes.com/demo-content/creativeagency/customizer-import.dat! Reason: http_request_failed – cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 20000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received.

please check and let me know.

Please go through following link https://www.swaroopcreations.com/hydrodyneindustries/

In that when i move cursor on sub menu main menu will hide. for eg. when i am mouse over our product hand pump after our product name is disappear.

Any update of my query

Ey man i go download ur theme and there are virus detected ? How than? And I have turned off my security and say that there are viruses in it

Strange. We have n’t faced such issue earlier.Maybe Its just a browser warning due to some reasons.Can you please send us your purchase id ? and we will send you the Theme file via Email Regards

We have purchases this theme : after integration in ” http://wisteria.net.in/new/ ” : We are not able to get any option either in CSS or in Wordpress panel to change the mouse over color.. Can you please check in and give us the solution

Hi There Due to some issue with our hosting, we are not getting any emails from our hosting email .So we have changed the email address.Thats why we were unable to get your queries.Sorry for the inconvenience caused.For you Queries, Use this css .header-extended .nav-wrapper .navbar .nav li > a:hover, .header-extended .nav-wrapper .navbar .nav li > a:focus { color: #fff !important; } Regards

Can you please provide latest email address which is Active.. here is my email address sewistechnologies@gmail.com

Our new email address is info@pridethemes.com

I purchase this theme for my site before one year now i install this theme one more time i get error. theme not install proper.