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Does it support blog page?

Hi there, great work guys! I´m very happy with your theme. I have a easy question for you guys. I need to do a page like the one you have in your demo as “VIDEO PAGE”, that has a full width image at the top and a BIG BLACK LETTERS TITLE just bellow it and the some texts. The one in the demo seems to be kind of a journal entry format but I don´t want author and date info. I tried several combinations of short codes and page attributes unsuccessfully. How this can be done?

Thanks in advance for your help on this and keep it up

Wow, that was a fast answer! Well, using the code you sent me I can get to here:

but, as you can see, the big title is above and I need it BELLOW THE IMAGE and the IMAGE IS NOT PAGE FULL WIDTH.

What I would like to achieve is what yo can see when clicking in your demo page menu option “Video Page” and you get to “LIQUIFY! Video Project”. (I don´t know why I can´t copy the URL to that page)

Where the image covers all the width of the page and the tittle is underneath the image.

How you made it, man? :)

Thank you

For full width image please use Featured Image metabox on your page.

Perfect! Thank you

I also have another question for you, guys:

How should I create the entries of the journal in a way that, what you see, is a brief version of the total entry and, when you click in the title, you see the whole info?

Thanks in advance for your help on this and keep it up

Probably the WP More tag can help you here

Hi my name YIannis and we had take one of your themes Hati we cant find the Shortcode Manager please can you help us my mail is

thank you again

Is HATI Wpml ready?

Hi Aja,

I can send you my purchase code if you need it.

Let me know if you will be able to offer support for this purchase.

I am seeing an overlapping of the notes on the individual work pages. I cannot figure out why this is happening.

Can you please advise?

Started this project with a client 2 years ago, and she has finally uploaded her content. So perhaps that’s when it happened?

Hope you can help.


Thank you!

Ok, now its working. Just remove “pull right” tags for main (centered with images) content. So, left only the “pull left” shortcodes just for notes.

Sorry—I didn’t have any “pull right” tags, but I did have the [toright] tag. When I take those out, the notes don’t overlap, but the main content images become smaller. With the [toright] tags, they appear as large as in your demo. I’d like them to remain that big. Any tips?

Solved it—it was a conflict with the Font Awesome plug-in. Deactivating it didn’t shut it off, but deleting the plug-in files from the server worked.

Hi I’ve been on this theme for a year,but just updated to WP 4.3.1 and I’m not seeing the magic wand icon shortcode editor anymore.

Please update Hati Wordpress theme from the Themeforest package available for download – that should fix the glitch. If not, please let us know your web browser name+version and also the operating system name. Thank you.

Where can i see life demo? Link is not working! THX