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Very nice and clean work. Good luck with sales Jake!

Thanks AJ!

This was the one I was going to call “fashionista” btw.

Hi there! I really love your Haute theme, but I’m new to Wordpress so I have a few questions about customization before I make a purchase.

- Is it possible to remove the section “The Latest Trends. The Freshest Styles” [along with the images below it] on the main page? -Can I change the wordage of the destination links [home, store+, kitchen sink, etc…]? -If I so choose, can I use an different seller than Cart66?

Thank you so, so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for the interest!

1) Yes. You could remove that via a child theme. It’d be fairly easy and we could help you that at my support forum – http://support.designcrumbs.com

2) The menu can be whatever you want. Set it up via Appearance > Menus in your dashboard.

3) Technically this theme would work with any cart system, but it’s styled specifically for Cart66. Any other cart will not look or function the same as Cart66 will.

I just purchased this theme. its SO CLEAN! great job man.

Is there a way i can have my blog posts be the main images that are shown in that 3 block lockup you have above all the product in the live demo? instead of having the most recent poducts?

let me know! Thank you


There’s nothing built into the theme for that, but you could simply set the Featured images and the links for those Tiles to be the images from the blog posts and link to the blog posts. That be the easiest way to do it. Otherwise some work would need to be done. You can contact WerkPress and they’ll be able to quote you on getting that customized.

If you need any more help please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com

Thanks for the purchase!

Thank you for the support. I tried creating an account on your support forum but it just keeps telling me i dont have a valid purchase code? not sure why. I copied and pasted my code!

Wanted to know how you got the gap between the 3 block featured items area and the products down below? on the live demo it shows a nice split with a thin line and a Tagline.


Sorry for the delay in response.

That gap should be there. I’d need to take a look at your site to find out what’s going on.

You need to use your same username and email as your account here and ensure you’re using the correct purchase code: http://dcrmbs.com/cRQE

Hello there. I did purchase this theme, but when I tried to upload and install the file on my domain, it says i’m missing the style.css file. What am I supposed to do?? Or did i miss out anything during installation?

P/S: I did not unzip the theme file, just uploaded it as it is.

You need to unzip the main download. Within that is a zip file named haute-theme-only.zip. You can upload that one.

I’d appreciate a 5 star rating on the theme once you have it all set up. Here’s how to do that.

Awesome. Worked like a charm. Thanks bud. Just rated it 5-star. :)

Awesome. Thanks a lot!

Would i be able to add a video on homepage ? a video from vimeo

There’s not an option for that, but it wouldn’t be too hard if you wanted to hardcode it in via a child theme. Open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com if you buy the theme and we can help you out if need.

Hi, this theme is really really nice and clean and could suit perfectly for my client. I have a few question, though. a) is it possible to add a “featured product” widget area below the single product as related to it (i.e. displayed as similar item or same brand item)?

b) how many products variations are allowed? (i.e. size, colour,...)

Thx V.

Thanks for the interest!

1) there’s not anything built into the theme for that. You’d have to customize it yourself.

2) there are two variations plus a custom field. This is part of Cart66, not the theme. I recommend you try it out on your own prior to purchasing the theme.


Thanks, I know Cart66 very well, already using it, but wasn’t sure if the theme allowed more variations.

Gotcha. Nope, just what Cart66 allows.

I am creating a store with digital music downloads and physical goods once i install cart66 will this theme support my needs?

Yup! Cart66 handles both.

Hi, I really like your theme. I would like to make a carpet store. My question is if it is possible to have an option to choose the wanted carpet parameters ( 5m X 2m) and the square m could be calculated (as the prices are in m2)? Thanks!

They’d gave to put in a quantity, I believe. Cart66 lite is free, I recommend you try it before you buy the theme.

Hi, Before I purchase can you tell me:

1. Can I change the wording “The Latest Trends. The Freshest Styles.” to something different say “latest products”? 2. In the product page I would need around 3-4 different images, On your theme demo there is only 1 image available, Can I add more to the product pages? 3. Can I add variations? Like colour and sizes? 4. Can I disable the add to cart button and just have the price showing for each product in product pages etc..? 5. Will this work on woo commerce?


Sure thing!

1 – yes, that’s an option.

2 – yes, it’s unlimited. You can use as many images as you’d like. Some of the items in the demo have multiple images.

3 – yes, that’s part of cart66. I recommend you give it a spin before buying the theme.

4 – you could technically just not insert the cart in the post, and then display the price elsewhere in the post? There’s not an option to “display the cart without a purchase button” though.

5 – no. Just Cart66.

Ok Thanks!, – Is is very easy to set up? I am doing the site myself and a newbie at this. If I need help can you give me the answers? :)

I hope so! I made it to be as user friendly as possible. I haven’t had any complaints on it yet ;)

hi there,

i love your theme but… is there no option for shipping payment?


There is. That’s part of the Cart66 plugin, not the theme. I suggest you try that before making any theme purchases.

like the Bank Transfer or Paypal Checkout?

Hi, on the home page when I hit the search icon all the main navigation disappears, Can this be changed and turned off so search function and main nag is still visiable at the same time?

There’s not an option for that or anything, no. You’d have to do some CSS and jQuery customizations to the theme. We’re about to start offering a customization service through our support site, so if you buy the theme and are willing to pay to have that customized, we could take care of it for you.

Can I use PayPal Checkout with this theme?

Absolutely. That’s part of Cart66, not that theme though. http://cart66.com/features/ outlines the different Paypal methods you can use with Cart66 Lite vs Cart66 Pro.

I imported the haute.xml file after activating cart66. The pages doubled up. And the menu got all dobled too when wieved but not where I usually create menues. As I get a message not to delete Store page from cart66 should I drop database and start all over. But this time activate theme, activate plugins except cart 66. Then import the haute.xml and then activate cart66. First time I try to make a shop so there is a lot to figure out.

I’ll look into this. I’ll be releasing an update to the theme soon.

How about in archive.php Sorry, we can\’t seem to find what you\’re looking for. – stuff.

Absolutely beautiful theme. Thank you for providing this to the world! So, I’m unable to make the text in the featured tiles appear without hovering. I tried including a link but this provided no solution. Help? Thank you!

They only appear on hover. If you want to change that you’ll need to customize the theme.

Please open a thread at http://support.designcrumbs.com and we can help you over there.

Really love this theme. Sadly I want a theme for digital goods, I don’t think product page look good for digital product.

I hope next updates you will revamp the product page. haha

bookmarked & good luck. :grin:

Thanks! I’m not really planning on changing the product page though ;)

Hi, nice theme! Mi client only needs to receive a mail with the order instead of the full paying-checkout, is that possible?

Sorry, I don’t understand. Could you explain that a bit further?