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hi can this run on a local server without using word press and cart 66, how are the products managed ? using php/ my sql or some other method


No, you need WordPress and Cart66 for this theme.

Hi. Can I change picture picture formats? My products have a tall shape, so I need to use vertical images. Is it possible in this template? Tks!

1) You haven’t setup your menus under Appearance > Menus. There is an entire section in the help file dedicated to this.

2) Are you referring to page templates? You can select the Store or Full Width page templates on the right side on your Edit Page page.

3) http://support.designcrumbs.com – hit the “Create Account” link and make your account by following the insurrections. Then navigate to the Haute thread and hit the yellow “Create Topic” button.

It sounds like you may have not read through the help file yet, I recommend giving this a whirl.

I read ALL your help files, and more than one time. If it was clear for me I wouldn’t need your support, right? Looks like you avoid give a support for your product, due to all the time you beg for reading your “help” and “don’t disturb me”, or for your stars (I really read all your instructions). Maybe you should improve your help session, make it better, it’s not so clear, I recommend giving this a whirl too. Come on man… Relax and take care with your “voice” tone, Im your consumer, please respect. I trusted and liked in your job, but if Im having some difficulties, just give your support on the right way.

Sorry, no disrespect meant! I’m merely trying to help!

I need to fix control over what products to feed my homepage. Can I use Feature Levels? located right at the bottom in wp-dashboard. What is this?? Mine says «You have not configured any feature levels» How do I use this?? By homepage I mean the startpage with tiles post on top and loaded productposts down

The home page pulls the most recent products. You’ll need to customize it the theme if you want to only pull a specific category.

The feature levels is part of Cart66, it’s for memberships.

Is there a list of shortcodes somewhere

Shortcodes are part of Cart66, not Haute. You can find them here: http://docs.cart66.com/knowledgebase/cart66-shortcodes/

Please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com if you have any more issues.

I wish I had brought this theme now, Your support is much better than shop456 support, Theres is terrible! – Once I receive a refund I will purchase this theme!

Hello again! Now I have put my site «live». I have made som modifications, and to keep control of these and because few will shop from a mobilephone (shopping comes next) I try to remove the responsive of the theme, but the page is cut on an ipod and the mobile og iphone is a mess. I removed all in stylesheet that says @media www.elisahh.no. Is there a better way. I use child theme

Thank you for helping. STILL something wrong. It cuts of the canvas and all widgets is shown in half? Looks like header is ok but white background and widgets see: http://www.elisahh.no/types/kopper/ The rest is cut off on the right side. Something with the size – white canvas? Tested in ipadpeek.com also (cell phones)

Overflow:hidden; now deleted from mother stylesheet: line 318. But coloured background is cutting in on right side. Not nice on cellphone

hmmm… right… That’s because the wrapper has a width 100%....

Unfortunately, changing the theme this much is outside of the realm of support. This would technically fall under customizations. We have a form at http://support.designcrumbs.com for customizations if you’re interested in having us do it.

I don’t mind pointing you in the right direction, but I think we’ve crossed that threshold of support vs customizations.

Hi, I am setting up my website with your theme and am having trouble in Theme Options. If I click on Home Page, Store Settings, etc, the tab comes forward, but the page stays on Basic settings. I’ve restarted my browser, and tried this in different sessions after reboot, and I can’t make those come forward to complete set up.

Any suggestions? I even wiped my site and started over.


I can’t say that I’ve seen this before and I use the same Options Framework plugin in all of my themes.

Try deactivating the rest of the plugins (other than Cart66 and Options Framework) and see if it’s a plugin conflict.

If that doesn’t work, please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com and be sure to leave a link to your site so we can check it out.

And once we get this figured out I’d appreciate a 5 star rating on the theme. Here’s how to do that.

hi, designcrumbs! Nice theme!

1) Can you explane me, is it card66 or Afilliate Link mode on your demo site? I mean how it works on demo without links to any online pay systems? I need the same, just local summary list (cart) and price calculations, It is not so useful to make online money for me, “just call me and I will bring it to you for your cash” 2) What about changing the fonts? My language is cyrillic (russian) and on default it looks not so nice.

1) it’s cart66 in the demo.

2) you can open a thread at http://support.designcrumbs.com and we can help you disable the font-face, or you can customize it to another font yourself.

Hallo again! Maybe this is not right place for asking it, but I can’t find any information at cart66 website about it, so if you know something please help me. Has cart66 got “Cash on Delivery ” option? Sorry again!

Yes there is. On the http://cart66.com/features it’s the “offline payments” features.

Hi, I got a refund for my previous theme and now looking at buying this instead! – But before I puchase can I change:

1: The Latest Trends. The Freshest Styles. heading to my own wording? Or can you help me customize it free?

Please let me know asap so I can make a purchase, I have my eye on this theme and another so if I know I can change this heading to my own I will purchase this!

Hi there!

Yup, that heading is an option in the theme. You can put whatever you want, or nothing at all, in that space.

Is there no option to duplicate products when adding products? As it takes AGES to do one product at a time

No there’s not, but I’d be willing to bet you could find a plugin that will do that for you.

its ok I have made a plan that seems to be working for me quite fast :) – But if you do know a plugin can you let me know which one will work for this theme?

I don’t know of a plugin, I’ve never had the need to duplicate posts before. A quick Google search may turn something up.

Under the theme options in social networks, Can you make a button for etsy? As I would like to link to that also.

You can fill out our customization form at http://support.designcrumbs.com/customizations and we’ll get you a quote on that.

Is this a cost??

Yes. Adding a new icon would entail creating the icon and adding the code into the theme.

Hi! Has Haute the wodget footer? :)

Yes, the footer is widgetized.

This looks like a very functional theme. It was my understanding that Cart 66 was not optimized for responsive sites – but it appears to work when I resize the browser. Did the plugin work this way out of the box – or did you have to modify the cart to act well with mobile devices.

I didn’t modify anything about the cart, I just styled it via CSS. The checkout pages have some heavy CSS for the responsiveness, but nothing was actually modified in the plugin.

What does the new update have?

A fix for the gallery that removes the features image from the thumbs, the retina logo is done by jQuary rather than PHP, the cart link is no longer displayed on the receipt page (was causin errors on a small number of servers), and I’ve included a version of the theme for use with Cloudswipe rather than Cart66.

I can not figure out a way to set different number of products on the store page and on the category page. This should be a possibility. Have few product so the problem just became obvious.

The category page can be set under Settings > Reading > “Blog pages show at most”

I ment product category page. Your suggestion does not work. The setting in the theme setting obviously overwrite this. Also posttype producs may have something to do with this. Ordernary blog posts and our products posts is not the same I gess.

Oh sorry. I just woke up and my brain isn’t quite functioning yet ;)

You’d need to get into the theme and customize it. It’s just a few lines of code. Please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com and we’ll help you over there.

Hi, is it possible to change the homepage “latest trends” section to display a gallery instead? so instead of listing thumbnails of products, can it list thumbnails of images, so when user clicks, it will direct them to a gallery page instead?

sorry if my question sounds dumb, im quite new to wp themes.

That section pulls images from the newest product posts. Doing anything other than that would require you to customize the theme.

Hi, this is an awesome clean theme well done! Before purchasing this theme, I have 2 following questions: 1) As the demo shows there’re price label/ tag on each single catalog pictures, and I’ve tried on both cart66 and theme settings however, I could not find the option to add price label on. 2) I tried to open on both Google Chrome and Firefox, but the appearance seemed placed in different areas, i.e. the footer would not show up in Google Chrome but in Firefox? Many Thanks

Hi, please open a thread at http://support.designcrumbs.com and we’ll help you over there.

Hi I just have a quick question before I buy this template.

Since i dont have much knowledge about wordpress nor ecommerce plugins

My shopping website needs to be linked with Paypal to make payment. So when user want to buy product, they do it using paypal.

Can I do this with this template? or Do I need to hire someone to do extra coding for that to have it linked with my paypal account? Sorry if this question is stupid.

Yup! PayPal is the default payment gateway for Cart66. I suggest testing out Cart66 Lite (the free version) before buying this theme though, just to see how you like it.

Hi man,

Nice theme

How can I add a price tag to the pictures of my product on the store page just like on the scrreshots? How can I change the colour of the checkout button on the checkout page because it is see through and barely visible? And on each of my product pages, I have a picture of my product, text, and add to cart but for some reason I have an identical picture of my product on the left of the screen with a link to the category of that product. How can I take that off?

Hi there,

1) You can set the prices for your items on the individual product pages in the “Product Details” panel, seen here: http://cl.ly/image/3H1z1H0j2M44

For the rest of your questions, let’s head over to the support forum so I can take a closer look. The forum can be reached here: http://support.designcrumbs.com. Please include your website’s URL with the forum post so that I can take a look at the other issues/questions you’re describing.


- Bryan DC Staff

Yep I got you for the first one. It’s all OK now but I need to create an account to go on the support forum and this requires a purchase code which I don’t have because my ex computer crashed but I do have the receipt, the tax invoice and the order number. Do I enter the order number in the box purchase codes.


I’m not sure what order number you’re referring to. You should have received a purchase code when you purchased the theme. Try looking for the purchase code here: http://dcrmbs.com/cRQE

You also need to use the same email and username that you use here at ThemeForest. Those things get checked against each other.

Let me know if that helps.

- Bryan DC Staff

I am excited to purchase this theme, however I have a couple questions. First, I am under the impression besides changing the wording I don’t have the ability to change the fonts, or entirely remove that “featured item” section above the tiled products?

Also, I am currently using Idevaffilate already for affiliate sales, does this theme provide its own Affililate protocols, or integrate with Idev?


Hi there!

You’re correct, there are not font options. The options available in the theme can be seen in the screenshots (starting with this one). The ‘featured item’ section, however, simply won’t show up if you don’t create the posts for it.

As far as affiliate things you’re asking about, there is nothing built into the theme for you to track and pay affiliates. The theme itself simply styles the functionality of Cart66 and Cloudswipe – You should look into what affiliate add-ons there are for those, if any.