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Do you offer the ability to change the look/size of the menu?

That’s not an option by default but you can certainly adjust the menu to your liking via CSS. We can help you out with that if needed over at our support forum: http://support.designcrumbs.com.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


- Bryan DC Staff

Hi designcrumbs,

Great looking theme! Just a quick question about Affiliate Mode:

- Do shoppers chose size/quantity/etc. and add to cart on our site, and are then redirected to the affiliate site when the buy now button is pressed? - Or do shoppers need to make all of those selections once they are on the affiliate site?

Also, do you know any of the 100+ purchasers that are using the Affiliate Mode and can share their URL? I’d love to see how it works on a live site if possible.

Thanks, Aaron

Thanks for the interest!

Affiliate Mode only puts a button on the item, and that button takes the user to another site where they choose the options for the item.

And unfortunately, no, I don’t know of any sites using this. I have no way of knowing who is using my theme unless users specifically contact me and share their URL (for support or otherwise), and I don’t believe I’ve been contacted by anyone using Affiliate Mode.

Hi designcrumbs,

I really like this theme a lot. It has a very nice look and feel. I have one question about organization. I’m not sure if this theme integrates this option but I would like to filter some of my content through either drop down menus form or category links. Ideally it would be a dropdown that had extra category tags that are not in the main navigation.

Example: Main navigation – home, about, sheet music, recordings, cart

Once you enter the sheet music page there would be a drop down form with new categories (ie. instrumentation, guitar, violin, lute, bass etc) or price ($50, $40, $30, $20, $10, $5)

Ideally I would like it to filter the mass amount of content once the user chooses whether they want sheet music or recordings.

You can view the website at www.gyre.co!

If this theme doesn’t offer that could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks!! Sam

It does archive products but only on one level. For example, you can sort by Violins category or by $50-$100 category, but not both Violins AND $50-$100 categories at the same time.

Shucks. Do you know of a shortcode plugin that can add a drop down form that has a list of different tags. (guitar, voilin, lute)? This would be separate from the main navigation. It would be some embed code that creates a new form of organization via tags. – Basically I don’t want a dropdown on the main navigation. I want the user to choose the either sheet music or recordings on the homepage, and then have them go to a page with a dropdown with the sheet music category types.

Off the top of my head, I’ve never used a plugin that would output a list of tags like you’re describing.

I did find this after a quick search: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-dropdown/screenshots/

Is that kind of what you’re looking for?

- Bryan DC Staff


I have tried to create account with your support but it doesnt let me…says not valid code…

So this is a problem because i purchased this theme and now have no support for it!

I wanted to find out why the demo home page product images are in rows of 5, yet my theme only allows rows of 4? also, why do i have grey squares on my homepage…i think that is where product pics are supposed to be!

HELP thanks

Can you please email me at bryan [at] designcrumbs.com?


- Bryan DC Staff


- Bryan DC Staff

I would like to hide/remove the Category Heading on Blog Page. I’m guessing this is somewhere in the style.css – Could you possibly provide instructions? I would also like to clean up any white space that woudl create. Thanks.

Please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com and we can help you over there. Thanks!

Is theme compatible with cart66 cloud

All done! The theme now includes a Cart66 Cloud version! ;)

Awesome! we will purchase once they have the live inventory tracking for cloud! Thank you so much!

Sure thing!


I have a client that I think this theme would work great for, just a few questions though.

My client doesn’t want e-commerce just yet, but potentially in the future- can we turn this feature on/off at will?

Also, is it WooCommerce compatible? We’d like to use that over the ones listed, but want to make sure it would work.


Yes, you can use it without the plugin, but no you can’t use it with WooCommerce. (Technically you can, but it’s not styled for it).

How can I remove “Haute Theme by Design Crumbs” located in the Footer?

That’s an option under Appearance > Theme Options.

Love the look of the theme. If I purchase, will I be able to add widgets to the footer (i.e. Twitter Widget and Google Calendar widget on front page footer)? Also, can I move social icons from the footer to the themes menu bar?



Unfortunately, the footer isn’t widgetized. And there’s not an option to move the social icons. Both of these things can be done via a child theme, but we won’t be able to help you with that as it’s a customization.

1.) How can I add an Instagram and Etsy Social Icon?

2.) Why are my featured tiles not formatting like the demo? The two smaller tiles go to the bottom instead of the right of the main tile.


Hi there! Please open a thread at http://support.designcrumbs.com and we’ll help you over there.

When would there be an update for WP 3.6?

Yeah I will. Last I looked, ThemeForest didn’t have that option yet.

oh ok. Great! Have a great weekend!

You too!

Hi there,

nice theme – but I have a question before buying:

Is it possible to change the background color (eberything that is grey/beige at the moment) to plain white and the font to nearly black? I’d like to have a black & white look.

Thanks, Tom

We actually wouldn’t cover how to change colors in the support forum, that’s a customization and not really support. We helped with little requests like this in the past but it got out of hand, so we had to draw the line. If it’s supporting a problem with the theme or install, we’ll help. If it’s about changing something, that’s a customization.

As far as the backend, there’s a section like this in each product post: http://dcrmbs.com/vdWL

Ah, OK … I can understand that. Let’s see how far I get once I bought it ;-)

Regarding the screenshot: Are you sure you posted the right link? I don’t see a backend section, but soemthing about an action network … . Thanks, Tom

Oops! THAT’S embarrassing! Disregard that screenshot ;) Here’s the correct one: http://dcrmbs.com/X8b9

And if you need help changing the colors, we do have a customization quote form on the support site. It says prices start at $50, but we may be changing that soon since we just implemented the ‘no customizations at all’ policy in our forum. So feel free to fill out that form if you want.

I am confuse in regards to the cart66 and Mijireh. My questions:

1. If we purchase cart66 pro, do we still need a Mijireh Access key? 2. If we do not purchase cart66 pro, and have a Mijireh Access key, do we still need cart66 SSL and Credit card preocessing? Or Mijireh will handle that? 3. Is it easier to use Paypal? We want to use the services that take less resources and is much easier.

Thanks, Xilieus

PayPal is definately the easiest route to go. You’ll still need a Mijireh key regardless of if you’re using Pro or not, and you do NOT need an SSL if you’re using either PayPal or Mijireh both handle payments offsite. You can learn more about Mijireh here: http://www.mijireh.com/

Great! I will implement Paypal gateway solution. So if I use Paypal, do I still need a Mijireh key? Can you direct me to any resources for Paypal gateway or how to get started?

Thanks, Xilieus

No you don’t need Mirijah to use Paypal. I don’t mind pointing you in the right direction but I can only support the theme, not the plugin. Your best bet is to check out the documentation at http://cart66.com


I know it’s not an integral part of the theme, but I was wondering whether it was possible (after limiting the number of products to 5 on the homepage) to insert a sort of slider into the area, so they would scroll from right to left.



That would be a pretty hefty customization. I suggest contacting http://werkpress.com and they’ll be able to get you a quote on getting that done.

Do you support adding instagram to the social media links?

Thanks, Xilieus

Try resetting your permalinks. To do that, simply go to Settings > Permalinks. That’s it. Just loading the page resets them.

Please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com with any further issues you have. I won’t be able to respond here in the comments any further.

Ok thanks

I have created a an issue at your support site: http://support.designcrumbs.com/forum/topic/1197/products-page-price

My price is not showing up on my products page.


I also have the price set in cart66 and products page.

Please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com – Thanks!

Oops – just saw that you did and we’ve got the situation fixed.

I checked the lists of social icons supported however I don’t see Instagram, anyway to add that?

You’d need to add it in yourself or get it customized. The icons actually use an icon font called Social Glyphs and Instagram is not one of the icons, that’s why it’s not included.

Hello. Thanks for this great theme. i just wanted to know if you can help me out with the store thumbnail images. is there a way to have the images flip to another image in your product when you hover over the thumbnail in the store?

Also, is there a way to have the title of the product added to the bottom of each product?

There’s not anything built into the theme for these things. You’d have to get it customized. I recommend getting in touch with WerkPress.com and they’ll give you a quote on doing those things, as it would be a pretty hefty job.

Hi There, this is a great theme, about to buy it. I just need to know is it possible to centre the header logo and menu?

So you not going to give me any help with that?

Correct. It’s a customization and that’s something that I can’t support. If there’s an issue with the theme itself not working properly, I’ll gladly help you out. But helping users customize themes is a full time job in itself.

You were very quick to help before I bought the theme… You said “it would be relatively easy to do through a child theme”... Would be helpful if you can answer this in the support forum so others can benefit too ;)