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nawarn Purchased

I purchased this theme long time ago but I am using it now, I am trying to add a shortcode and it is ruining the whole structure. the website is what can I do?

We love the theme. But for some reason we’re unable to save changes to Theme Options. We change them, Save and then Refresh. They default to the previous setting.

I’ve already deactivated all plugins and I’ve made sure I’m on the current 1.2.3 version


We’ll need your login info to take a look back stage. Head over to our support forum and place that info into a thread wrapped in hide tags eg.

[hide] login info here [/hide]

This will keep your info private (only visible to support staff).

Forum here:

Thank you. I have completed the request

Is it possible to have the Comments form appear on Project Pages? We are not using the ‘Ajax-load’ system, of course. Thanks.


it’s possible but not very simple, you would have to hire a freelancer for such customization, it should be a short task for a professional.

ok, thank you!

Once I change my theme color from color picker. It added a color overlay on my homepage slider. Please advise how to remove this color overlay?

Hi, Please share the link to your website where I can see the problem. Thanks.

Hello Haven team, I’m French so sorry for my English. I would like to know if your themes comes with french .po or .mo files ? Thank you in advance for your answer

The theme comes with a .po file, however the translation has not been done, so you would need to translate the strings from English into french yourself.


The last update was in 2015. Why?

Thank you!

Hi, It hasn’t required any updates since them, even for the latest version of WP. Why fix it if it aint broke!

how to add tittle header like you show in in demo….i bought this theme via felogabanes hotmail

Hi, Such support questions are only answered for confirmed customers. Quoting an email is not enough for us to confirm your purchase. Please login via the account with which it was purchased, or use your purchase code to register to our support forums here:

Hi, Am going to suggest your theme for one of my client, before that i want to confirm this theme compatible for WordPress version 4.6.x

you have demo content to install theme as its in live demo?

Hi, Yes our themes are WP v4.6.x compatible. Yes we have demo content and while it will auto create the layouts as seen in the theme demo, it will not include the image/video assets. These will be replaced with dummy content.

hi how do you add DEFINE||DESIGN TITLE centered on image Slider !!!??>>

Hi, Are you having trouble finding where to change the text on the slider, or you want to get rid of any other caption content apart from that? Or some characters are not displaying or what exactly is the issue?