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Really nice!GLWS :)

Awesome work man! Good luck :)

Great theme! Good luck :)

Encouraging work, well done.

Great and modern concept! Keep up the good work

Wonderful work , elegant.

Kind Regards,

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Good Work. GLWS!

Awesome looking :-)

How badly broken is it in IE7 & IE8?

Cheers Rich

Hello Rich,

original template was only marked as compatible with IE >= 9, as such we didn’t test IE7/8. It might work but not officially supported on such old browsers, i’d suggest to try yourself and then decide

Awesome work. All the best with sales!

Another Great theme :)

Hello, Is it possible to add a button show me more for the portfolio. Because with a lot of picture homepage will slow down. PS: Sorry for the English, I’m French.


load more feature isn’t supported but we have lazy-loading option which, once turned on, will only loads images when they enter the browser visible area (off screen images won’t be loaded)

WOW, just viewed on my laptop, LUV IT!! Very Clean, High End feel and flavor and great Fixed backgrounds… truly beautiful Curious how all is built? Shortcodes or….?

Hi, The individual sections in the one page setup are all created as separate pages, most using custom page templates and custom post types, but a couple use a combination of shortcodes/page templates.

Very nice, GLWS;)



I am interested by your theme but before, i would to know if it is possible to “highlight” the blog in place of the “project” for example?

Thanks for your reply Catherine

Hi Catherine, What do you mean by “highlight”? If you are asking if the blog posts can be shown in a grid similar to the projects, then the answer is unfortunately not.

OK Thanks for your reply. I ve bought the theme and it is juste perfect! Thanks, best regards

I am looking to possibly purchase the theme and have a few questions before i buy, if you can assist it would be much appreciated.

I am looking for a theme similar to the one at

1 – Does it have to be a one page or can there be sub pages created with the same theme. 2 – based on the domain above, can i create seomthing that looks like the photography images, portfolio images? maybe using the projects and our temaoptions of your theme 3 – Is there a selection of short codes? 4 – can a slider be added to additional pages? 5 – can i create a page layout like this? 6 – how does the slider work on the frontage, is the text easily edited?


Hi, There is no toggle box function in this theme. The staff members may link to anywhere by inserting a link into the “position” field (below the member’s name). This would need to be done manually because they don’t automatically link to a separate long version staff profile.

just wondering if any of your other templates would offer a solution to what i am looking for.

Its a shame a demo can’t be downloaded to test, as i like a few of your templates and feel stuck as to which to choose

Hi, That’s hard for me to say. I suggest to take a good look at any demos which appear to you. If those features are supported in that theme they will be shown in the demo.

Hello, i have a problem with google chrome ==> it’s ok with safari / firefox

Hi, We’re not able to reproduce that here. We’ll need to take a look at your webpage. Please head over to our support forums for this theme. Open a new thread for your issue, give as much detail as possible about the issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look at it asap. You can find the support forum for this theme here:

Very clean and trendy! I like it! :)

Thanks :)

great theme :)


Hello, If I purchase this theme, are all the images that shows in the live preview included for use?

Regards Andreas

Hi, Unfortunately not, those images are for presentation use only and are not included in the download package. Some of them are available via while others would need to be purchased from stock photo sites.