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First of all LOVE!!! the theme! :) But i just had a quick question. How do you take off the filter on the homepage gallery slider? I was wanting to put my logo on top of the image but when i upload the image the logo is no longer white. please help, thanks so much, kyla


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

It says i don’t have permission to post to the forum? I’m confused on how i start a new thread. my site is: thanks,

Hi, Once you register you will be sent a confirmation link to the email address you used to register. Clicking this link will confirm you account and you will be able to post. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, make sure to check the spam folder.

PRE PURCHASE QUESTION – FLEXIBLE FILTERED GALLERIES Hi, I want to know if your portfolio or galleries have flexible filters so to only show selected categories types. For example, I want 2 parent categories: Brand & Product. Each parent has several children categories but I don’t want my brand children categories to show in the same masonry layout as my product children categories.

Hi, You can make multiple project grids and in each grid filter the displayed projects by “project tags” which you enter at time of the project’s creation. These tags don’t support parent/child however, but that shouldn’t prevent you from achieving the above.

There is an issue with the navigation for iPhones. In the Projects section you can´t reach the Category buttons e.g. “All, Branding, Prints etc.” if you scroll too near the top menu. Instead it uses the links from the hidden drop down menu.

Is this something you will adjust in your new update?

Regards Bengt

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we’ve checked what you reported is indeed true. We’re working on a fix and will include it in our next update or provide it to our existing customers via our support forums.

Thanks for this awesome theme! It’s one of the best looking One-Page themes i’ve seen in ages :)

Just one little question: Is it somehow in an easy way possible to add more social links. I need links to Google+ and Youtube. Or alternatively: Where can i swap the image-files for the social-media icons.


Hello and thanks for your kind words,

please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible.


I have a pre sales question. What plugins are used and or tested on this theme? For example is there a plugin used for the contact form? If not what method is the editing done? Wanting to understand about the approach of development to be sure either I or my client can use it. Can the Home page slider and copy be editable, so that it can be used beyond portfolio? Thanks


we didn’t test particular 3rd plugin with this theme (the demo site doesn’t use any). As a general rule, anything well coded should just work out of the box, some custom css tweaks may be needed to make the plugin fit theme style.

Not sure if i got your 2nd question, could you please add more details on what you’d like to do ?

Beautiful theme.

I can’t really tell if the text in the title is separate from the background images?

If I buy this theme, I would love to be able to put my logo on top of a background and make it two separate layers.

Is this possible?


background image and title/description/button are all separate items. You can use html in description so it should be straightforward to include a logo there.

Verry nice theme! Purchased it as well

Could you please ad the icons / social media funktions from XING and LinkedIn as well as an update? That will be great!!!


Hello and thanks for kind words (and purchases).

Could you please post your request in our support forum ? that’s where we track most needed features which we’ll include in future theme updates.

Hi nice theme.

I was just wondering, is it possible to post video and pictures on the same project? So it would cycle through picture, then video and picture again?

Hi, Unfortunately this is not possible.

Hi @jrvan1987,

sorry but that feature is not supported. You could however place the video inside the gallery project content, but video inside slider is not supported.

Hello, I am just wondering if it’s possible to add GIF to the homepage? And if there is also a multi-page option with Haven? Thank-you…

Hi Multi-page is supported in the Haven theme. Gif image use is not supported. Images must be jpeg or png.

Hi There,

a pre sales question: Is there a pagination or something for projects or would 20 or more projects being shown without any “load more” button or something?

Thanks, T.

Hi, The number of projects to be shown on the portfolio section can be restricted by a “max” option in the portfolio page, if there are more projects than this number, a pager will be shown.

Next question: Is it possible to have a “news feed” on the home page. Or in other words: Can the blog be teaseled as a section on the start page?


Hi, the blog section requires a separate page and is not supported as a section of the one-page layout.

Is it possible to automatically share my posts on Linkedin? I am posting interesting articles or pictures of marketing models from the internet.

Is there a plugin for this?

Hi, There is no such feature in this theme. I’m also not aware of a plugins to do this, however there may be one out there.

Quick question,

Since this is a one page theme, the website url doesn’t chance from section to section when scrolling down. What url do I need to use to link a button in the home page to the portfolio section?


already figure it out. thanks anyways

Hi, a pre-sales question about Haven and also the Relevant themes, very nice designs btw. Is there a max number of portfolio entries. I noticed only 9 or so. If there is a cap, what is the MAX number exactly?? Also do you have the ability to create two separate “portfolio” pages one for Portfolio (I need 15-20 items) and one for Studios(I need 15-20 items).

Thank you very much for your input in this matter.

Hi, There is no cap on portfolio items and yes you can have multiple portfolio sections.

Hello, I’ve got question. On presented theme when I clicking on the navigation menu it scroll down smoothly with easy-out.

I bought this theme and when I add page for example about me and attributing it to the home page an add in setting additional section about me as always in all WordPress themes, it’s just jumping as anchor points instead of smooth scroll to the point.

What I need to do to make it scroll smoothly, instead adding extra CSS code?

Hi, How did you add the new page/section into the menu, using a custom link or using the page itself? You will need to use the page itself and then the scrolling will happen automatically.


Let me explain what I do:

Create page, in page attributes in Parent I choose “Home” and in template I choose “About”, then going to menu and adding it to my menu, but there is a problem, when I click on homepage it scroll down to the section, but problem is instead of smooth scrolling it’s jumping to the section as simple Anchor point.

if I do something wrong please let me know, looking forward to your respond!


we’ll need to take a look at your website/admin in order to debug your issue, please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible.

Hi, Haven is a great theme! I am just wondering how do i remove pricing section without messing up the layout?

Hi, Technically you can just remove any section the same way, by removing the “homepage” from being their parent. However if you want to keep that layout you will need to replace it with another solid background section. Otherwise 2 of the parallax sections would meet, which might not look so great. Alternatively you can just reshuffle the whole layout to find something which works.

Hi, each slider on the homepage slider is linked to the same location. Can the link differ from slide to slide? Can there be more than three slides?


Hi, Yes you can have ore slides, and each one may link to anywhere irrespective of the previous slide’s link location.


Congrats for this awesome theme! :)

I’ve a little problem, I used your theme in one page ( but I have a problem with the logo… I need to align it at top! But I can’t… How can I adjust the margin top of the logo?

Thx in advance!

Problem resolved! :)

does this theme come with a pdf manual to help along the way?

Hi, The help docs included with this theme is a browser based html document, this way you can easily use the search function in the browsers to find topics quickly, also it has a table of contents which links using anchor tags to all sections. This is better for the end user then a pdf in our opinion.