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Please check back your theme in responsive view. So far, everything looks good except for portfolio/project. The images can’t auto resize. I use firefox responsive view and it doesn’t look fit to the screen size dimension.


please check the preview in a real mobile device, to resize browser window isn’t a reliable way of testing responsiveness.

Hi! I would like to buy this theme but i want know if I could install WooCommerce will be perfect.


Hi, This theme does not have any custom WooCommerce support implemented.

Hi there. Amazing theme. Will this theme disable Javascript when viewed on mobile browsers? I’m looking to have a Parallax effect implemented, so I guess in that case the effect wouldn’t work on mobile, correct? Or is there a way around this? I would hate to not be able to use this theme for that reason, as it’s so good.


No, I understand that. But my question is: would a coder be able to implement this code (custom code it), in order to achieve this parallax effect within this Theme?

Hi, Well anything is possible, it would just depend on the skill and knowledge of the coder. I personally would not recommend it.

Okay, that last bit is what I needed to know. Will not go down that route then. Thanks!

i haven’t read through all the comments but is there an option to use this in classic form (not one-page) and if so do you have any examples. LOVE THE LOOK & FEEL


yes, each section is a page which will be included in the one page layout only when its parent is set to “home”, .

If you don’t, the page will render as a separate item, example:

Hi, I bought this theme. but I have a question about it. Any letters I type Navigation Area will automatically be entered as capital letters. but I want to change it case-sensitive. I wonder the method about it.


add this to your Custom CSS field in Theme Options panel:
#menu>ul li h6 {
text-transform: none;

hi, i purchased the theme today. it’s great! but now i do have to switch the logo and the menu postion. the logo has to be on the right and the menu on the left. where can i do this? thank you very much in advance. best from berlin, annette


please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, our staff will help as soon as possible.

Hi there bitfade,

A couple of quick pre-purchase questions.

1. I have read through that the slider won’t support video embedding, what about animated GIF?

2. I want to place a single embedded video showreel as close to the top of homepage as possible – would it be possible to embed a video in the About us page? Can’t tell from your various answers to questions whether ‘about us’ section is simply an editable page template type or more limited field in back-end settings panel.

Thanks! Lovely theme!



1. They are not supported because our theme performs image resizing to fit the theme and optimize filesizes, hence if an animated gif is resized its animation will not be preserved. Also animated gifs, if they are to be good quality or a large size, they will have slow loading times, which is not good for your theme.

2. Yes the about page is made from WP editor content, so you can use an inline video shortcode in there if you wish.

Thanks Bitfade! Purchased!


This’s a great theme!! But one question:How can I use a video url from another website? Somewhere could not visit youtube or vimeo,you konw…

Hi, This theme only supports videos based on YouTube or Vimeo.

Hi, bought your theme a few weeks ago for our client and started putting the contents. We are on the stage of just testing the site but we encountered some problems using mobile phone.

The phone we are testing it on is iPhone 4S with the latest IOS. When you go to the management page and board of directors. The names and the titles shouldn’t link to anything, just the view and the arrow. But it is weird cause when you tap the names or some part of the portfolio boxes (specially on the left side), on the phone, it is either going to the Contact Us part which is the footer of the home page or the Jobs or the Press pages. It doesn’t do that in the desktop version.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

The site is


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

Hi elbnetz,

is there any way to implement more social icons, for example linkedin and google+

Hi, this theme uses the following set of icons, if the icons is available there, then you can use it. Check the typicon.css file for icons class names if needed.

Bought this theme today. Now trying a few hours adding pictures to the website, but only the homepage pictures show up. Where can I find a step by step manual for customizing this theme?

The theme download package includes a detailed help document. This can be found in the “docs” folder in the download package. This document assumes familiarity with WordPress itself.


Pre-purchase question. Does this theme allow for multi-pages? Or is it just a one-page scroll?


Hi, Multi-pages are supported.

My one costumer has a this problem a screenshot is a

How is fixed that ?

Look at ? writing everything name , mail , message and contact form too correct , Why this problem ? Why this error message , How to fixed that ?

Hi, Support is only available for confirmed customers. Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. If you have purchased this theme from another account please login using that account before posting support based questions. If your customer purchased the theme they can login to our support forum using the purchase code.


awesome theme! :-) Really love it! Two questions before I buy it:

1.) Is it possible to set a link to a static site in a portfolio item? I need a static site that gives more information about each portfolio item. A small description like in the live preview wouldn’t be enough.

2.) Does the theme support static sites parallel to the one page feature?

Thank you very much. Anna

Hi, Yes you could create separate pages and then manually link to them from within the project description. You wouldn’t be able to link directly to them from clicking on the portfolio thumbnail.

Thanks! As long as I can set a clickable link in the text, it would work.

Pre purches questnion: Is it posible to customize urls for example: for and keep it pined on main page? Thank You.

Hi, Im not sure what you mean by pined to the main page, but the custom urls is possible.


I purchased this theme about 2 months ago but I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get the e-mail to work. When someone or I try to e-mail myself through the website through the contact section, I don’t receive it. I thought it would go through my spam or my inbox in my personal e-mail but nothing shows. I looked through the information document to see if it could help but I couldn’t find anything useful to my issue. Please help.

Thank you Amanda.

Hi, this can happen when your hosting provider puts limitations on the php mail() function (used by the contact form). They usually do this to prevent spam, but it can sometimes interfere with WordPress. So you could contact them to unlimit this function or alternatively you could install this plugin, which should help:

Hi there,

i’m getting the following error message when installing… help?! I haven’t touched anything…

Fatal error: Class ‘PeThemeConstantPricingTable’ not found in /home/micwil152/ on line 11

Hi, It looks like something went wrong, got omitted when you uploaded your theme to your WP installation. We would recommend that you delete the theme and upload again, or install the theme zip directly via the WP theme’s admin.

Hello I bought this theme and and tried to install it on wordpress and it’s telling mme that its missing a stylesheet. please help

Hi, Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Our support is only available for confirmed customers. If you purchased the theme through a different account, please login using that account before posting support requests.

It’s e again here is the error message that I receive when I attempted to install heaven theme for wordpress The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi, Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Our support is only available for confirmed customers. If you purchased the theme through a different account, please login using that account before posting support requests.

Hi, we want to add more fullpage home sliders to the website but unfortunately they are not showing up. Is there a fix available so that we can add 4 sliders like the home slider through out the website? Thanks

Hey, then home slider is a master element and not a sub-section. Hence there can only be one on each one page style layout.