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Deeeliscious !!

Very nice work indeed! :)

Thanks a lot, guys! :)

Very clean, very delicious.. Love it ;) Good luck mate!

I have been looking at 1,000+ of the themes here and you are the ONLY one who has understood how to showcase photographs. The portfolio has to be divided into categories, separate from each other. Each category will display a selection of images from that category alone. Brilliant but simple. prettyphoto has been used too often as a short cut to good design. You should do well. Bravissimo!

Love your template. Just one question, I’m completely new to web design..and was wondering is it possible to move social media icons from the bottom and put them on the top? Thanks

Sure, you can move it to top. Is pretty easy to do it. Contact me via my contact form after you grab the template, so I can assist you.

Nice & Clean !

awesome! very clean :)

In the light version, how do I switch my index.html to use the box look you feature vs the full width one it defaults to?

Thanks Loving IT!

Forget it its in the documentation

Thank you for your purchase. Don`t hesitate to contact me if you have more questions, so I can assist you! :)

Awesome. ;) If you need someone to convert this to WordPress, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your offer, but I am going to code this by myself :)

+1 for the WordPress, daca ai nevoie de cineva, nu ezita sa ma contactezi – fifty / fifty, good luck with sales!

Merci mult, Iulian! Voi incerca sa o codez eu in Wordpress, iar daca nu-mi iese, esti primul pe lista mea de developeri :)

Hello, I like this theme a lot!! I have one quick question: Is it possible to have categories in the gallery? Is it built in?

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback. Sure, gallery can have categories…it`s not built in yet, but send me a message after you grab the template so I can help you implement it!

Love this theme! Any idea when you might have a WordPress version?

Working on it, ocaiden! In 2 weeks I hope I will release it!

Hi Ocaiden,

In case you`re still interested, the wordpress version is live on Themeforest:

Thank you!

hi, i like it ˆˆ i have a some question is support KOREAN ? if u support KOREAN , it is easy to use?

thanks for your answerˆˆ i have a another question. is it able to type in KOREAN ?

thanks for your answerˆˆ i have a another question. is it able to type in KOREAN ?

I don`t know korean, but you can type in korean if you want. I found a short video( ) which explains how to change your system language to korean. After that, you can edit the template by translating english words into korean.

Love this. How soon till you have a WP vesion?

Will it be able to support self-hosted video?

Regards. Mike.

Thanks! I`m expecting to release the wp version next week. I hope to implement the video functionality too…but anyway, it can be done with a simple plugin as well!

Nice theme. First impression is I love it. One doubt though. As I am not a professional photographer or an artist, but an economist with a little know-how on webpage designing (I learn myself new things as I need the techniques), I was wondering on would it be easily possible to incorporate my academic side (like CV, Book Reviews, Areas of Interest, Academic Journal/Blog etc.) under one heading, say “Academics”, along with headings like “Features”, “Gallery” etc which are already on the top of the page? The purpose is I want to make a personal website where I can talk about my academic interests along with showcasing my create sides including photography and blogging.

Thanks for your positive feedback! Yes, you can incorporate two different websites within the template…is easy to customize it, making it yours, by modifying the pages you have in the download package…Let me know if you have any more questions!

Im trying to apply a repeat region to my home page nivo slider wtih the text captions but it is not working. Can you tell me how I would repeat the slide with the caption?


<?php echo $row_rsSlides['slideHeader']; ?>

<?php echo $row_rsSlides['slidesubheader']; ?>

Thank you for purchasing my template.

To repeat the images, try this:
for($i=1; $i<=5; $i++)
echo '<img src="images/slide'.$i.'.jpg" alt="" title="#htmlcaption-'.$i.'" />';

where 5 is the number of the slides. the code generates an individual caption id for each slide. For example, slide2 has the caption id htmlcaption-2.
Check out this piece of code and see the highlighted text…then compare it to the original index.html file you have in the package to see what`s changed.

Are you available to help me with this for hire? Im still not getting it.

I have created a cms for this portion so client can insert images, title text and sub text from cms and I want to have this come from the database.

I would suggest you to wait for the wordpress version, which will be released next week. Wordpress is a steady CMS and certainly your client will enjoy it.