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Hello. This is nice template. I would like use WordPress version. I hope, it will be complete as soon as possible. Do you know date of completion? Already next week? Good luck

Yes, I hope to release the wp version next week…I’ll let you know once it is approved for sale on TF!

Thank you!

I too would be interested in the Wordpress version of this template and would appreciate it if you could let me know when it’s released. The HTML version looks great from the demo but I like the CMS functionality of Wordpress.

Hi Katestevens,

The wp version will be released during next week. I thank you for your interest in my template and will let you know once the wp version will be live on Themeforest!

Hello, I am trying to upload your website to wordpress and it is not working.. After reading some of your comments.. I am gathering that this is not a CMS . However, I bought this site thinking that I could use it on wordpress. I am a little confused….

Hello…yes you`re right…the template is an HTML template, not a wordpress theme. I`m sorry that you got confused and noticed only after buying the template. I`m currently developing the wordpress version of the HTML template and plan to launch it next week, so if you still want to get the wp theme, I`ll let you know once it will be live for sale on Themeforest!

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for a great template. I am having trouble implementing the portfolio with the sorting. When i press one of the categories i get the error:

”$button_container.attr(“class”) is undefined ? var button_properties = read_button($button_container.attr(‘class’).split(’ ‘))

custom.js (linje 324) “

- Have you experienced this before? :)

Hi! Thank you for the purchase!

I have to admit that I didn`t experience this before.

Here are a few of do and do not things you need to keep in mind when modifying the portfolio template files:

-Do not modify the sorting functions from custom.js file. -In portfolio html pages, do not modify the classes or ids of the items:
<ul id="filters">
here comes the content of the list

<ul class="portfolio>
here comes the portfolio items
Every element of the filter list has to be like this one:
<li class=""><a data-value="cat-2" href="#">Urban</a></li>
...key elements are class=”“ and data-value=”cat-2”.

Every portfolio item has to have a class related to the data-value of the filter list item. For example:
<li data-id="id-1" class="cat-2">
content of the portfolio item

Notice that class=”cat-2” is related to data-value=”cat-2”, having the same value(cat-2)...the value is used for the sorting function.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should be able to make it work. If you don`t manage, please upload all the files to your server and send me the address so I may take a look at it.

Let me know if you solve it! Thank you! Madalin


Can you let me know when the WP version is ready please?


Thanks. Mike.

How do you install the font for the site? and how do you download the font unto my computer because their are some images that I want to put text too and I want to use the same font as on the website? thank you…


The typeface used in the template is Museo…you don`t have to install the font for the site, because the template is packed with the font already(you can find the files inside the “fonts” folder).

If you want to use the font on your computer, download the otf font from here and install it on your computer by following this tutorial.

I purchased the Haze template and it’s gorgeous. I did not get a help file in my download and the main page that I bought this template from said there was a well documented help file. Could you point me in the direction of the help file? Thanks so much.


Thanks for your purchase! There`s actually not a help file inside the download package, but a help folder…Open index.html from “help” folder. You can also access the online help file at

Thank you!

Hello, how does your work on WP version continuous? Is it going to finish this week? Becouse our client is still waiting. It is very important. Thans for your answer.

Hello…Yes, the theme will be ready at the end of this week.

Hello, I’ve follow up on your estimated time for WP release and i don’t see the new version can you give accurate time please? since you mention it will be up and running already have to upload the theme by Thursday .

Sincerely Yoni

Hi Yoni, the theme will be ready at the end of this week. I thank you for your interest.

About the social icons it’s possible to remove and add as needed? also when i’m hover on the images: It’s possible to have the images change to colors when i’m hover the mouse on them. and back to black and white as defult?

You`ll be able to choose only what social network links you want. Regarding the black and white to colored images on hover, the theme can easily be modified to do that…there are 3 categories of people: some want black and white images, some want colored images and others want black and white to colored images. The template can easily be modified to do everything you need and I`ll assist you to get the theme as you want it.

Even though I purchased the HTML version, I too am waiting for the WP version as you mentioned me later that I would be able to do my blogs on WP version only. Hope things are working in a positive manner at your end.

The theme is almost ready and will be launched at the end of this week. Thank you!

Sounds very good thanks for reply.


Hi. Will the WP theme support self hosted video?

Will it launch today or Sat/Sun?

Regards. Mike.

Hi Mike,

I`m sorry I couldn`t launch the wp version this week. The theme is done, but now I`m working on implementing some premium features like an admin panel, so you can use the theme with ease. Regarding the self hosted videos, the first version will not be able to support them, but will be able to embed them from websites like Youtube or Vimeo, etc. I hope in a future version to implement this feature too, although there are a few plugins which can do this with ease.

Thank you, Madalin

Hi Madalin.

Thank you for letting me know, I’ll look forward to the release and I fully understand that you want it to be OK first time round.

Regarding video, that’s not a problem, but will look forward to the self hosted update in the future.

I am sure it will be well worth the wait. Thank you. Mike.

Hi Mike,

I want to let you know that the wordpress version of Haze template is now available on Themeforest:

Thank you, Madalin

whats the status with WP ? thanks

Hi! Firstly thank you for the template, it’s brilliant and super easy to modify! I have one question, whilst you have provided code for the blog page, what do we need to do to make this page a functional blog?


Please could you possibly provide a discount for those who have already purchased the static version?

I don`t think Themeforest has options for discount coupon codes, therefore I can`t offer you a discount. I`m really sorry!


I want to let you know that the wordpress theme of Haze is available on TF. So, if you`re still interested in implementing a blog system, please check it out:

Thank you, Madalin

please let me know about the WP STATUS i’m waiting just cause you told me it will be up this weekend. tx

Hi yonich…I`m sorry that the wordpress theme couldn`t be launched this weekend…The wordpress theme is ready, but I need to implement some features like an admin panel, so you can actually not touch a single line of code while setting up your website…I postponed the launch date to the middle of the week…Sorry again!


i see well i’m curious to know exact time cause 3 weeks ago you mention 1 week and and since that time it’s next week and next week. i don’t want to be rude but i would like to make plans in advance. and i’m taking your word seriously please tell me accurate time i don’t want to get middle of week and then weekend again and then next week.

thank you

Hello everybody. I want to apologize for any inconvenience regarding the launch date of the wordpress theme. Is my first theme on TF and I want everything to look and work perfectly. The theme is in beta testing and I`ll do my best to launch it these days. Thank you!

Really fantastic template, well coded & easy to modify :-)

whats the status with WP PLEASE ?


I uploaded the theme. Now is in the Themeforest queue, in order to be reviewed and approved.

Thank you!


I want to let you know that the wordpress version of Haze template is now available on Themeforest:

I want to apologize for any problems I caused you by delaying so much the launch of the theme!

Thank you, Madalin

Beautiful design – have a couple art gallery projects I want use this for.

Having trouble getting the portfolio sort to work with my web host. Works fine locally in any browser. When I upload to the site – everything works except the sorting. The sort criteria changes color when selected but nothing happens. Is there a dependency on a certain js version or ?? All the files seem to be there.

link is


Hi Stu,

Thank you for purchasing my template. The problem with the portfolio filter seems to happen because your server is automatically minifying the quicksand plugin. To fix this, open “js/jquery.quicksand.js” and replace the entire content with this new one(the correct minified code):

Let me know if you manage to fix this issue!

Thank you!