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Headless - React GraphQL Firebase Ads Template

Headless - React GraphQL Firebase Ads Template

Want to build a website like Gumtree, With Headless you can easily do that. You can build your next MVP using Headless Graphql. Headless is a GraphQL based template that will help user to create advertising platform / multi user based any content driven app very quickly. It uses firebase-firestore for data storing. Built with Next JS which is the best SSR framework on top of React JS. We tried to use all the bleeding edge stack to do this so modern web developer can use it in their own app or create app on top of it. Everything (GraphQl, Node.js, Firebase Functions, Apollo, Next.js) has been deployed into Firebase, So with our deployment solution you don’t have to take any headache for deploying separate servers.

Built with:

- React JS
- Next JS
- Apollo
- Apollo Hooks
- Context API
- GraphQL express
- Firebase Mobile Auth
- Firestore
- Cloud functions
- Firebase Storage
- Progressive Image loading
- Styled-Components
- Monorepo [ lerna + yarn workspace ]

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Version 0.0.2  25 Sep 2019

1. update all packages .
2. use env value from `next.config.js` (remove `.env`file) from web.
3. remove custom server in favour of next 9 `dynamic routing.`
4. `.yarnrc` file and `npmClientArgs` key(to `lerna.json`) added to avoid `node engine`version mismatch problem.
5. update root `babel.config.js` file.
6. update `.gitignore` file.
7. update \_app page (remove deprecated Container and ApolloProvider)
8. update \_document page
9. remove `react-apollo-hooks` package in favour of official `@apollo/react-hooks` package.
10. remove `init-apollo.js` and `with-apollo-client.js` file and make new one called `apollo.js`
11. `ACCOUNT_PAGE` constant rename to `PROFILE_PAGE` according to define route.
12. Fix search page category loader component's size.
13. use `.env` variables from server package.
14. remove app.js function from server in faviour of next 9 dynamic routing.
15. remove `env` variables from `next.config.js`

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