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Hi, Our Favicon/site icon is only showing on the home page and no other pages. We recently installed AMP. Is there any conflict with this theme and AMP that might be causing this? Thanks

Hi, which AMP plugin do you use? Please try to use the built in favicon support from WordPress. You can set it from Appearance -> Customize -> Site Identity -> Site Icon.

hi, i want ask. can we move from server to local with all in one wp-migration without being theme broken or something missing? if someday i want close my server and save it for collection.

Sorry, I haven’t tested the plugin, so I don’t know the compatibility with this theme.

Can’t find info how to add widgets to sidebars below the middle slider. Can you assist me with this? I see on your demo page you added them (http://pokit.org/get/?d0d3a71e85ead0def768e6a61b4c8c6f.jpg), but in my case, all widgets stay above the middle slider which is not good for me.

Hi, you need to create custom sidebars from Appearance -> Theme Options -> Custom Sidebars, and then edit your page and choose your custom sidebars from Content builder meta box: Left bottom sidebar, Right bottom sidebar.

i have problem with Homepage. My wordpress version is 5.0.3. I read the documentation, but content block at content builder is not appear. I did all the steps. Please help me

Hi, the content builder doesn’t support the new WP 5.0 block editor. Please install and activate classic editor plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/

How can i put new content blocks under the slider instead of recent posts. Slider supports only images and how? not in posts, only images Thanks in advance for your help

Please open the documentation and search for How To Create Homepage. There is an instruction to use the content block to build the homepage.

Which menu doesn’t appear in mobile? If you have aded menu items in the main menu, it shoud automatically appear as a select dropdown in mobile.

maybe i didn’t write correctly. How can i put new content block AFTER the slider. This is what i mean in this image https://epixeirisiaki.gr/homepage-structure1.jpg

Sorry, the part below the slider doesn’t support content blocks. You can only show recent posts there.