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I set up a woocommerce store. Where does this show up at. I thought once I added a product a cart or shop tab would appear, but it doesn’t. How am I able to notify a client that there is a shop available on the site?

When you integrated the woo-commerce, shop page as well as cart page will create automatically. Then you need to add the shop page in your menu as a shop page. If you face any troubles to do this, you can write us here: any time so that our support team will assist you.

Are you able to assist with uploading a new theme?

Please being with us as our support team are working on your issue.

Hello, i can’t find anywhere how to add partners. website is:

Please contact with our support team: They will assist you as soon as possible. Hope you will co-operate with us.

Please check your email

I’m having trouble finding where to edit the text between the title and the bar on the donation section of the home page. For example, in the documentation, the text that says “Sojib Needs donation $ 4000000 $ 590000 so far !!”. I see where to edit the title and i can adjust how much of the bar is filled by updating manual donations. Is this this controlled on the PayPal side or something? Thanks!

Please write details with your issue to our support team:



Please write your issue to Support team will assist you as soon as possible.


Hi. I bought a theme that depends on IgnitionDeck plugin and I hate it because I didn’t know it before I got it, that’s why no I ask before. Several questions: does this code depends of additional plugins? is this is the case: are they completely free or I need to pay for them? also, is it possible to let each project owner to setup their own paypal account in order to let them receive donations directly to their account? is it possible to show automatically all donations in one page to make transactions transparent to all public? please let me know. I’m very interested in a theme with this features. thanks.

Hi dmendez,

Thank you so much for your great interest in our theme. You will able to use all integrated plugins free as we included all plugins with our theme. And all project owner will set up their own PayPal account to receive donation directly. But sorry to say that you will not able to show all transaction in public. If you have any more queries, you can write to our support team: to know more about our theme.


how can i modify the name of the clients section ?

How can i modify the size of the logo (which maximum large size ?)

Every time i put some accent on the title, there is a problem when i descend with the menu, why ?

I need to put the social counter on the header, how can i do ?

How can i translate the theme ?

Hi vallerie,

Thank you so much for purchasing our theme. However, modifying the client’s section, please go to Dashboard > Teams and you will able to see all of your team members and you can edit them.

Modifying the logo size, you need to customize the core CSS file of logo section. In this case, you can write to our support team to get assistance from us.

Fixing menu problem, please write to our support team with its screenshots so that our support team can see the issue and fix it.

Puting social counter on header area you need to customize header.php file as well as the theme option to put the social counter.

You can use the plugins to translate the theme.

You can also write to our support team: with your all issue with its screenshots so that they can assist you in the proper way. Hope you will co-operate with us.