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This theme is designed according to the new trends and demands of the market, well done, good luck with sales.

Thanks a lot for such great loving appreciations !

And we’re looking forward to the sales happily :-)

wonderful job!!! GLWS mate :)

Thanks a lot friends !!

Great charity theme! :)

Thanks a lot friends !!


This is the Best WP theme for Church I ever seen in the ‘Forest’.

Thanks a lot for such great loving appreciations !

And we’re looking forward to the sales happily :-)

Hi. Love the theme but there’s no storefront built in? Will woo commerce work in this theme? Thank you.

In our next update of the Heal Theme, We’ll integrate WooCommerce Shopping Cart Option!

Hello, for some reason, you have set it so that using a slider on a page eliminates the title-section. I need to undo this quickly. Editing Page Template (buddypress/page.php) has no effect. Please tell me the correct file to edit and fix this issue.

Get into your theme directory at, “church / framework / loops / content-page.php”

Then please go to Line. No: 50 (approx) and find out the following code thereby.
<?php elseif(dtthemes_option('general', 'disable-breadcrumb') != 'on'): ?>
And you’ll just need to replace it with the code we’ve just given here in below,
<?php endif; if(dtthemes_option('general', 'disable-breadcrumb') != 'on'): ?>
Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

I think it would be better if you had placed the page template so that is accessible by the Wordpress editor.

Please note that our page templates were already been placed in the Wordpress editor and that are also accessible from “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Appearance / Editor”

Note: If you’re really happy with our theme and support, please feel free to leave us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

While trying to activate revolution slider, my purchase code is being shown as invalid.

If possible, please get back with your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located @

So that, we can check and help you get rid of it simply by updating or setting up the sliders properly.

Sent the details. please activate revolution slider. while importing dummy content i could not get events page and contact form layout3. please help me to get those 2 sample pages.

Thanks david

Added the contacts and events sample pages. To have the event menus like ‘Events Per Month’, ‘Events Per Week’,.... , you have to purchase the ‘The Events Calendar PRO’ plugin.

Hi, can anybody help me?

I cannot install it because it says

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Hope that the following link will help you a lot on this problem, and you’ll be sure to get the better solution from it,

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I really love how the content is layed out on the sample site. Are there any instructions on how this was done? :-)

At present, we are working on our Theme Updation (with WordPress 3.9 compatibility). We’ll let you know, once after updating the Theme.

Hello. Any progress on theme updates for WordPress 3.9. Shortcodes,which are a major feature still do not show up.


We have updated the Church theme few days before itself, please download and update the latest version. While updating make sure you have updated the ‘DesignThemes Core Features’ plugin. thank you…


How to increase the no of sermons being displayed per page. At present only 4 sermons are coming per page. i want to make it 10 per page.

thanks david

Hey David,

You can change the No. of Sermons being displayed per page easily in the following ways,

-> Get into your theme directory at, “wp-content / themes / church / framework / loops / content-tpl-sermon.php”

-> Then please find Line.No: 52 (approx) and change the value thereby as below,




Note: Please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars), if you haven’t done it yet.



Thank you very much. that solved it

Hope now you’ve found the way and given the best rating to us :-)

I have created series in my sermons plugin. when i click on the series name in my sermons page i am getting 404 error. Please help to debug. URL to see the error

Look at the screenshot attached here to be clear on rating process,

done. rating given.

Thanks a lot for your valuable rating !!

In the sermons archive pages i do not want the right side bar to be displayed. how can i do this. i am able to do it on sermons page by disabling the everywhere side bar. i could not find the setting to do it on archive pages.

Please go to “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Church / Widget Area / Pages” and choose your Sermon page that you want to create custom sidebar and save changes.

So you’ll have the widget area created for that page, and you can place any of the available widgets simply with the drag & drop method from “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Appearance / Widgets”

Please note that you won’t have any default widget for adding Sermon series thereby. However, you can add those names manually with the help of “Text Widget” simply.

solved. thank you. i am using custom menu option to display the sermon series on the right hand side widget area.

Glad that you were able to find the solution itself, and thanks for updating with us anyway :-)

How to add featured image for campaigns?

Sorry that the the plugin we’ve used for Campaign won’t have any option to add featured image for them

When i clicked on to play the audio files on sermons page the player window pop up is coming and playing the files. But the play/pause button is coming in black color and is not visible. How can i change it to white/gray color like volume control. the link to see is

I also want to increase the height of player window pop up. because when i place the mouse on progress bar the time baloon is not visible. only half is getting displayed

details are mailed

Again, you’ve sent us your Wordpress credentials only.

But we’ve just asked you send your FTP login credentials actually.

Problem solved. thank you very much for your dedicated and lightening fast support.

Hello, What e-commerce system does this theme go through for the donations?


We have just used the following plugin for donations through this theme.

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) !!

updated the sermon manager plugin to 1.9. now i can’t play my audio files. nothing is moving after pressing play button. pls help.

Thanks a lot for such great loving appreciations !!

found the solution. For every audio file the duration of the sermon must be entered in hr:min:sec format. then it is playing the sermons. by default this plugin is inserting 00:00 as duration for all sermons. hence the player could not play. after entering the right duration the audio file is playing in the player window.

We will let you know.


I am done with construction of my site. 400+ sermons, nearly 100 blog entries, 15+books. i did not feel single lack/absence of something anytime during the construction of my site. the theme has got everything one needs to build church website. one stop theme for the church and always made me feel satisfied with all the features in it. some of the good things include 1. First to mention is the author’s dedicated support. They are right there when you need them. just a comment/email away. This is the first time i saw such prompt support on the themes i purchased here, in as much less time as possible. 2. The elegant UI. neat and pleasant to eyes. 3. All sufficient features and plugins 4. Page layouts 5. Easy customization options

the only minus point i found and off course not to blame the author is 1. not having featured image for 3rd party plugin campaigns.

Rest all is excellent. i definitely recommend your theme to church pastors i come across. I give complete 5-star rating in all respects to this theme.

Hope this review is helpful to prospective buyers.

Regards David

We really feel pretty glad to hear all such great loving and honest appreciating words !!

Thanks anyways, and it feels like we deserved what we’re meant to be here for :-)

Of course, we’ll keep coming up with more potential hard work and proceed support you all forever..


How to set the no. of campaigns to be displayed per page.

thanks david

Sorry David, you won’t have any default option to set the number of campaigns to be displayed per page, currently.

While creating bundled campaign the drop down list is not showing all the campaigns created. Looks like there is a limit set to no of campaigns being displayed. How can i make all my campaigns to display in the drop down list?

Sorry that, we can’t get to know or understood your query clearly as what you’re referring to actually.

So, please help us get a clear view on it simply by getting back with any screenshot like references through the Mail.