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Great for medical use!

Wow just found this. This is a great temple. Any plans to create a wordpress theme of this? I could really use this right now.

Thank you :) Yes we already start creating WordPress version it should be ready against the end of the month.

Hello, I will buy your template and please let me know if the Accordion Widget always displays the information in a same size area. I have some items with short information and items with large contents.

Thanks and regards.


By default in Accordion Widget highest content part is used as height reference for all other parts but you may also set it up so every content part have they own height.


Hi,i wanna buy ur templamte.Contact form and Appointmet work !00%? and with php files?

Hello, pielart.

Yes they both 100% work with php files.

thanks,,,,i have buyed it:) sorry for my eng:)

Thanks for purchase! :)

hi….i ve configured contact and appointment php as u write in guide.But they doesn’t work….if wanna see…this is the site…www.dentalparetana.it

Please send me your appointment.php, contact.php file and email address on my email.

and what email i must send all files? here i can t enclose files

Go to my profile http://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker and use field “Email raybreaker” to the right.

thanks….i send answer on ur profile and in email that u write in README in template that i buy….i hope we can solve….i don t wanna change ur template….because it is very cool:)

dear raybreaker u are a GENIUS :) i resolve all:) thansk so mutch:)

I’m glad that I could help :)

Hi Ray,

Just made the purchase, really great job on the site!

I’m interested in disabling the responsive function of the site, but can’t seem to figure this out. Could you point me in the right direction?


Hello, thanks for purchased! :)

Just send me your style.css file (located in ‘css’ folder) on email and I’ll make needed changes.

I can not find the PSD files in ‘psd’ folder. There is only heal_logo.psd and social_network.psd

HEAL theme included only heal_logo.psd and social_network.psd…

Hi Ray,

Recently purchased your theme and opened it in two different browsers. Could you explain, please, why PNGs images from your theme are differently visualized:


Chrome on the left side, explorer on the right.

How can I fix it? Color consistency in the theme is very important for me.

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Andrew

Hello Andrew,

The problem is some browser may differently interpret gamma adjustment in PNG files. Your may use PNGcrush program to remove gamma information from your images if this critical for your, here great article about it: http://morris-photographics.com/photoshop/articles/png-gamma.html

But when I test it on my computer I don’t spotted any serious inconsistency in color (Win7 with Firefox, IE9 and Chrome browser):


Best wishes!

Thanks. I’ve the similar environment and I encountered the issue on a few computers in our office.

I’ll try to fix it, but I’d like to recommend you to fix it in all your png files in the theme, because it imposes tone of unfinished work on the purchase of the good in all aspects theme. It’s reasonable and clean requirements to color consistency and common behaviors in different browsers, isn’t it?

Sincerely, Andrew

I already fix it, I may send It to your if you email me :)

Good afternoon

Why in some pages like the: “pages-fullwidth.html” accents do not appear in words? But in others like the “gallery.html” they appear. It’s important to me because I’m designing a Portuguese web page and many words have accents.



Try to change encoding of “pages-fullwidth.html” (and other HTML files that don’t shows accents) to UTF-8 before saving it. If this not help please send link to your website so I’ll may check it (you may send it on my email if you want).

Best wishes!


rvp Purchased


Can you please tell me how to activate german characters on the slider text (It’s appearing with rectangle instead of ä ö…) + HOw can I change the size & position of the text in sliders `? Thanks Rvp


rvp Purchased

+ could you please tell me how to reduce the size of the menu text, because I have 7 menus and I need to have them on 1 line Thx Rvp


1. To activate German characters on slider text try to change encoding of index.html file to UTF-8 before insert any German characters in it.

2. To change size & position of the text in sliders please do following:

2.1. Open your nivo-slider.css file in “css” folder;

2.2. Find .nivo-caption (file have two .nivo-caption selector here I mean second that located on line 155) selection and edit its “top” property to change vertical position of text, you may also add “left” property (for ex left:30%;) to it to change horizontal position;

2.3. Then find #caption-text-wrap .header and #caption-text-wrap .text selector (on line 129 and line 140) and edit it’s “font-size” property to change size of text in sliders

3. To reduce the size of the menu text you should:

3.1. Open your style.css file;

3.2. Find #menu-header-menu > li a selector (line 415);

3.3. Edit it’s font-size property;

Hope it’s help! Good luck!

Hi, I just noticed the sidebars disappear on mobile devices. Any way to change that? Thanks, Larry

One more thing. The “latest from blog” on the home page produces a side to side scroll bar on mobile devices. Any fix for that?


I checked your website on my mobile device and it looks fine. Does you spotted it on your mobile device or on your desktop by changing width of browser window? If you dragging browser window you may see scroll bar because when page loaded script already calculate it’s width as desktop not mobile so to see correct result you have to update page after changing width of browser window.

Hope this help, Dmitry

Hi Dmitry,

You’re right, all seems to be working. I guess I was re-sizing on my computer. Sorry to bother you. Love this template, so easy to work with.


Hi! This taking me forever to download in-spite of having 8Mbps speed. Can you give me mirror links?



I’m sorry but unfortunately I can not provide you with mirror links but you may try to contact themeforest support here: http://support.envato.com/ to resolve this issue.

Best wishes, Dmitry


i want to PURCHASE this template (love the design)

i test the link: http://themeforest.net/item/heal-responsive-medical-and-health-html-template/full_screen_preview/2890724

in my phone (GALAXI S2) and its not look Responsive (regular site)

why its happen?

Hello, I glad that you like it!

It’s because of themeforest wrapper (top bar with “Remove Frame” and “Buy item” links). To check how website will look on your phone please visit template’s website directly: http://raybreaker.ru/heal.

Best wishes, Dmitry