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Hello everyone,

I’m already back from vacation and will provide support as previously.


Hi how could I inserta text area under the slider and translate the theme strings?

Hi, please send your home-page.php file on my email and I’ll add it for you. You can translate theme string through theme options in your Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options.


This theme will be more useful if functionality is included to allow:

1. Registration and maintenance of patient information

2. Payments can be made online for service

Hello, thanks for your feedback I consider to adding this functionality in a future theme update. Regards.

hi! great theme!! i have an issue… after update wordpress at 4.0 the theme lost the responsive design.. can you help me? the url of my site http://studiodentisticorossini.net/

Hi, thank you.

It’s not because you updated to WordPress 4.0. I noted that you made some custom theme modifications such as adding facebook widget etc. please make sure that you add additional responsive styles for this new elements.

To do that find following selectors in your style.css file and edit/add code there.

@media only screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px) { @media (max-width: 480px) {


Hi. Is the height of the slider adjustable to reduce size of the images? Thanks

Hi, yes it’s possible, to adjust it please do following:

1. Open nivo-slider.css file in your wpheal/css folder 2. Find following selector there: .nivoSlider { (line 11) 3. Add height:your_height property there (e.g like height:400px).

Note: With this modifications any images from your slider that have bigger height will be cropped. If you want to avoid it, just reupload your image with a new height.


Hi, I bought and installed your template, however I am new to wordpress, coming over from joomla.

In the “latest from the blog” section, I don’t remember what changes caused it, but it is now listing vertically instead of horizontally, could you help me set it back so it can be scrolled horizontally,

Also I would like the menu section to be 100% across the page

here is my url http://www.assuredhomecaremd.net Thx


1. I’ve just visited your website and noted that it already working normal, did you already fix this issue?

2. You want that I’d remove the logo and make top navigation menu items (like home, page, gallery etc.) center aligned? I can do that just send your header.php and styles.css file on my email.


Yeah I fixed it, I also sent you the header.php and styles.css files through your email. Yes I want the menu to be centered and 100% of page with solid background color #a05fa4


The blog posts are being duplicated in the Clinic News section and the Latest from the blog section on the homepage. How do I avoid this? Is it a category naming thing?


You’re right I should’ve exclude the “Clinic New” section from the “Latest from the blog” so it don’t duplicate, please do following to fix this issue now:

1. Determine the ID of your news category, if you imported dummy date it should have id – 2, if you created it yourself please visit Dashboard > Posts > Categories, click on your news category title, look at URL of opened “Edit Category” page and copy it in tag_ID attribute.

2.Open your index.php file (located in wordpress/wp-content/themes/wpheal folder)

3. Find following line of code there (line 107 by default):

query_posts( array( ‘post_type’ => ‘post’, ‘showposts’ => $fromBlogCount ) );

4. Add ‘cat’ => -2 property to it (note: you should use another corresponding cat id if you created it yourself) like this:

query_posts( array( 'post_type' => 'post', 'showposts' => $fromBlogCount, 'cat' => -2 ) );

If you having problem with adding it yourself please send your news category id number and your index.php and I’ll make this modifications for you.


Awesome, thanks, that has done the trick.

Hi, how do you turn off the author name, date and time for posts?

Hi, I can help you with that just send your blog.php (or blog-left.php or blog-fullwidth.php depending on the blog template that you’re using) single.php and style.css files on my email. Regards.

Just sent it to your email, thanks

I’ve replied to you, please check it. Regards.


Looking to purchase this theme. We own a pathology lab and require uploading patient reports on our website (about 50 reports per day). Need a site where my patient can login with a username and password and download his/ her medical reports. Does the theme support this function?

Hi, the theme itself don’t provide this kind of functionality but you can easily implement it by using https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-specific-content/ plugin. The plugin will let you to make each posts in your “Dashboard > Posts” visible only to specific user. Alternatively you can just password protect posts and then send password to the user so they can access it. The page with report will look as a simple blog post.

Regards, Ray

Hi. Thanks for your response. But, to display the customer’s report on a blog is not what I’m looking at. What I want is that a customer can log into the portal, go to reports and download the reports.

Hi, unfortunately that won’t be possible with the theme. Regards, Ray

Hi Ray,

I have read some of the comments and notice some of the same issues I am facing. I manage to resolve the repeated post but some how the “Latest from blog” slider does not seem to link to the post correctly.

Also my home page logo does not link back to the front page.

Can you help me?

Hi, could you send the link on your website with your WordPress login and password and I’ll try to help you. Regards, Ray

Hi Ray,

I’ve just sent it to you via support channel.

Is it coming with Demo contents and images? Thanks

Hello, the theme include demo content and placeholder images but images from the demo need to be purchased separately on http://photodune.net/. You can find all link on them in the documentation. Regards, Ray

Hi Ray,

First and foremost, I love working with this theme. Great work!

That being said, I’ve noticed a few issues I’m having that I hope you’ll be able to help rectify.

They are as follows:

1. I noticed when viewing the theme on my iPad, the words in a page’s title will overlap if they are more than say 30 characters. This seems to be iPad specific (since I cannot duplicate the problem on my iPhone). However, I can duplicate the problem when the window isn’t maximized.

2. Embedded images on posts do not re-size on mobile devices.

3.The font on page posts differs than that of the blog font. I’d like the font from the page post to resemble that of the blog.

4. Not sure how to activate or show a list of posts on the home page (i.e. Clinical News on the demo).

Would love some help on these issues.

Thanks. :)

Hi, thank you! I’m glad that you like it.

1,3. Please send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password and I’ll help you with this issues.

2. Could you send a link on the page where you had issue with images resizing?

4. To add something in the latest news section on the home page you have to add at least one post in the ‘news’ category. If you don’t have such category in your Dashboard > Posts > Categories you have to create it manually first the category name don’t matter but its slug name have to be ‘news’.

Regards, Ray

Hi Ray,

I purchased your theme and now I’m developing my web and I have a doubt about languages. Are there the possibility to include some languages (English, Spain, etc…)? Do you now any plugging to implement it?

Thank you in advance,

Josep M

Hi, unfortunately this theme is not translation ready, but it really include only few hard-coded strings so it’s relatively easy to translate them by directly editing the theme files. If you want to translate your website on several language you need to install the theme several times on a different domain for example it could looks like en.example.com for your English version es.example.com for Spanish etc. and then edit theme strings as needed.

Regards, Ray


Pre-purchase question. Does the theme come with a maintenance mode(count-down timer) included and if it does can you post some details about it? If not that’s fine but need to add my own plugin for the countdown timer while site is being configured. Thanks in advance.

Hi, unfortunately it’s not including maintenance page by default so you have to install a separate plugin for this.

Regards, Ray

This theme has a new release today. Please provide a change log of what has been updated.

Hello, you can ignore this update all I did is updated domain for the dummy date importing it didn’t change any theme functionality.

Regards, Ray

Hi. As requested, replying using my account login. Will send you my website login details. Thanks

Hi, I’ve just replied on your email please check it.

Regards, Ray

Hello, We have purchased your theme today. In order to understand the same kindly send us the demo video or one click demo folder to upload in our local machine so that we can understand the site.

Also kindly send us the steps to upload the banner on the new created page as we are trying to upload the banner but its not working.

Waiting for your reply at earliest. Regards,

Hello, sorry I thought you’re using my another theme. Unfortunately by default HEAL theme doesn’t has a shortcode for the slider but I can help you to create a new template with the slider please send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password on my email.

Regards, Ray

Hello, 1.Can you guide us to upload gallery module on home page. 2. Can we interchange the position of blogs with clinic news. which means we need to bring blogs before clinical links. 3. Just guide us to upload link on the logo on the home page. 4. how to add favicon.


1.2, Unfortunately it’s not possible by default. You need to directly edit your index.php file to achieve that.

3. To upload the logo please use theme options in your Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Header.

4. To add favicon you should use the Site Icon feature that can be found by going to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize and clicking on Site Identity.

Regards, Ray

Hello. Ever since the Wordpress updated automatically I seem to be having a couple of issues. When I go to edit a page, the edit box will be empty until I click TEXT and then click back to VISUAL where the content will then appear. However, if I make any changes and save it, the changes won’t actually show in the front end. I’m so confused as to why this has happened?

I found it was due to an Opening Hours plugin. Unsure why it didn’t stop when I first deactivated everything but 2nd time was the charm!

Hello, okay I’m glad you fixed this issue already.

Regards, Ray

I cant change the home page structure .. there is no actually home page . I need text page with slider on the home page … is that possible ?

You did not understand my point .. I could do that what you did .. Because after import the demo content site was like that .

But I want home page as TEXT page like /heal/page-without-sidebar/ But Need to have the slider .. How can I do that ?

Whats now ?? No one replying ?

I’ve refunded your request.

Regards, Ray