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Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our item!

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Theme customizer thing is insane!!! So much faster to work with than regular options panel.

Thank you for purchasing!

Great theme. Good luck with the sales!


Looks great , good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

How does the appointment system work? Can people set an appointment on the same time?

Hi, you can view the available options in the theme customizer (last section). There are no restrictions on the number of reservations. You have to manage that by hand.

Awesome work – this is clearly the way forward for WordPress.

1. Can I have a full width image on the homepage.

2. Can I add a graphic headers and footers

Good look with sales :)

Hi, thank you for the kind words.

1) Use the theme customizer and change the slider to “flex slider”. Slides are full width.

2) From options – partially for the header, for footer no. But you can always open the CSS file and change the background image …

Hi there,

Thanks for fastresponse. Will purchase next week :)

Any plans on adding a drag and drop layout builder too?

You’re welcome.

No, we wont be adding a layout builder. It’s not feasible in an item this cheap.

Just realised it’s a landing page (or a kick-ass one page site haha). How do add pages and show a menu on top. I’ve seen your examples.

Can I build a 5 page site?

Silly questions I know!

This is a normal WP theme with the emphasis put on the front page. Pages/posts can be added like in any other theme and the main menu controlled via the customizer.

Clever system, very unique!

Thank you!

Just purchased :)

Glad to hear that :)

nice work as usual!.. good luck!

Thanks, we try our best :)

Great theme! Purchased it last night and have been working on a site for one of my businesses and love the quick layout and ease of customization.

I do have a question…all of the graphics I upload to the parallax slider using the “clean” background are very fuzzy. I am using images purchased from photodune that are high quality, and I have never had this issue in the past. Any ideas? I am uploading the images in the post section as the featured image for each slide. Any advice would be great. Thank you in advance.


Hi, thank you for purchasing!

That shouldn’t happen. Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, WP username/password). Our devs will have a look.

Great work! Good luck with sales :)


Great theme. I purchased yesterday and it’s super easy to navigate through! Quick question, how do I remove the latest twitter post on the frontpage?

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Glad you like it.

Delete the Twitter username in the theme customizer under Footer section.

Please direct any other questions you may have to our support via email. We can’t provide support via comments. Thank you.

I’m a first time wordpress user and I needed a quick site. This theme was perfect for what I needed to do and so simple. Great ease into wordpress. So happy with it. Looking forward to some updates such as changing the colors of the footer. I would 100% buy another theme from this author.

Thanks for the great tech support too! :)

Glad we could help! Thank you for purchasing!

Wow! This is amazing theme! One question before purchase. Is it possible/difficult to modify appointment system a bit? Customer of mine has 3 different locations and it would be really awesome if his customers could choose one they want to go. If this requires freelance work, I’m more than happy to pay for it.



Hi Noel, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

A locations dropdown can be added but it does require some custom coding. Our devs can take care of that. Please contact our support via email to get a quote and discuss further details.

Hey WebFactory, Awesome theme!

Pre-purchaser question: 1.) (this question may sound silly) Does the them come with H1 H2 H3 cuz I don’t see them anywhere. 2.) Is it possible to change the size of the container to be 980px from 1170px?

Hi, thank you!

1) I assume you’re referring to heading HTML tags. There’s plenty heading tags in out code, of all sizes. Look at the source. 2) Definitely not. But it’s a responsive theme so it shouldn’t have to be a problem.

For my landing page, I just wanted to have the top part with the video and the section with email me. Do you think that is feasible? Everything else in the site are widgets, is that correct? Do you think it will be hard the make the site? I really want to make a small landing page that fits on a laptops screen. What are your thoughts.


You can remove all the elements you don’t need. It’s not a problem. Some of them are widgets and some shortcodes in a page. Is it hard … well if you’ve used WP before it really shouldn’t have to be.

Hi. How can I edit the bottom area of main page? OUR STAFF , OUR CLINIC , GET IN TOUCH , OUR LOCATION …

Hi, thank you for purchasing! The footer is a sidebar area and those are widgets.

Please direct all further questions to our support via email as we can’t provide support via comments.