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siteurl Purchased

Add slide, Delete slide doesnt work. Can we add more than 3 slides?


VagHerbie Author Team

Hello and thank you for using our theme.

You can add virtually any number of sliders. However, there is an issue that temporarily does not allow you to do that.

Since the release of WordPress 5.5, we received a javascript error which is related to the deprecation of the Jquery Migrate helper tool. This issue affects some theme functions because the framework we use still needs that tool. We are waiting for the authors to update their software to fix this problem and the sooner they do we will include it in our next theme update.

To fix the problem right now, you only need to add and activate the following plugin on your site: https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper/. It will effectively restore the tool and all the options will work as expected again. You might notice a (related) notification on the Dashboard but you can safely ignore it. Then next time we update the theme, you should be able to remove the plugin and everything will function normally again.

Until that time, we recommend adding the plugin and you will be able to continue working safely like before.

Icons not showing on website. Moreover some theme modules do not work.

Hello christopoulos,

We will need more information, in order to assist you. Please, visit our official support channel ( https://plethorathemes.zendesk.com ) to submit a ticket and we will get to your issue right away. Don’t forget to include the following info:

1. Website URL, to review your issue, 2. Information about your installation ( WP version, PHP version, theme version, are you running on a staging server, are there any access restrictions, etc. ), 3. Which are the modules that are not working? Have you installed the bundled plugins ( Plethora Features Library plugin, etc. )?

Best regards, Plethora Themes

Hello. I can’t edit website pages using Visual Composer. I only can edit using Wordpress Editor. How can I resolve that issue?

Hello and thank you for using our theme.

We need more information to provide you with a valid response. Please, make sure you are having installed the latest version of the theme and the plugins. If you have all the latest versions (including WordPress), you may face a problem related to a change recently made to the core files of the CMS.

Since the release of WordPress version 5.5 a javascript tool that was previously included was deprecated. That was necessary for our theme to work since it is built around the Redux Framework which is affected by the deprecation of this tool. The change might cause issues like buttons not responding on Theme Options and/or WPBakery Page Builder. For a seamless experience while deploying with Healthflex we strongly recommend adding and activating the following plugin

Enable jQuery Migrate Helper

That plugin brings back the tool and restores the functionality. We are currently working on updating that framework on all our themes and a new version of Healthflex will be available in a few days. After updating you can remove the jquery migrate tool. Until then you may receive additional notifications on the Dashboard but you can safely ignore them.

If you are not in a rush, we recommend waiting for the theme update as it is going to be released shortly and skip adding the jquery migrate helper tool.

Hello, did you fix the issue with Healthflex theme? Can I update my website?

Hello, and welcome back.

Yes, it has been fixed. Please, log in to your Envato account and download the latest version of Healhflex and update your website. Don’t forget to update the requested plugins as well.

hi there (Pre-Sale Question)

can i build multi doctor website with this theme ?

does it allow me to add directories/categories such as doctors, illnesses, expertises, hospitals,location etc…

can user,member search other members/doctors by these categories ?

Can i create paid memberships ?

can patients or users give reviews with this theme ?

can patients book online with this theme ?

can i translate this theme different languages such as Arabic,Russian,Turkish …

thank you, great theme btw

Hello and thank you for your interest in our theme.

Yes, you can build a doctor multisite with Healthflex.

The theme is very flexible, it integrates a number of post types that allow for building a complete health services website.

To allow a user of a site to review or modify other users you need to have applied the corresponding roles (native WordPress settings).

To create paid memberships you need to add and activate WooCommerce (free) and WooCommerce Memberships (paid) plugins.

You can add a rating system using a third party plugin (not included with the theme).

The theme supports booking requests via a contact form. To allow users book automatically online you need to add a third-party plugin like Pinpoint.

The theme is translation ready (via Po/Mo/Pot editor) and Multilingual ready (via WPML). However, for RTL languages you may need to add a few CSS rules (for adjusting the design). A workaround for that is available on our website.

To review the backend of Healthflex and discover its potentials, please visit the admin demo available on this URL address


We appreciate your kind words. Thank you again, and have a good time deploying whatever theme you choose.

Thanks very supportive reply :)

I have a prospective client using this theme basically out of the box with the medical clinic demo and it looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2016. If I want to use the yoga demo instead is it possible to load the demo from the wordpress dashboard or would it need to be done downloading from themeforest, which likely wouldn’t be possible for them since it is most likely their previous dev owned the license.

Hello and thank you for your interest in our theme.

Healthflex comes bundled with 7 available demos. You only need one valid license and immediately you have access to the demos via the WordPress Dashboard.

The Yoga demo is also included with the theme. You only need to add and activate the theme on the website and then go to Dashboard > Tools > Healthflex Demo Importer where you can select any of the available demos. Depending on the demo you choose, you may be prompted to add and activate a few more plugins. Then, you can import the demo with a single click.

Each license is valid for one website; therefore you can use only one of the demos. However, theoretically you can switch from one demo to another. Yet, this means you will have to remove the previous content before importing the new demo, or else you will end up with double menus, widgets, posts, etc. We highly recommend you remove the installation or clear the database if you plan to import another demo.

If you need to keep the currently published post and pages you will need to export them before clearing the database (and import them again later).

For best results, we recommend renewing the theme license or purchase a new one. With each license, you are entitled with six months of online support which is essential if you are planning to deploy on the site or update the current one. The theme is updated regularly to ensure compatibility with WordPress and requested plugins.

Buenas tardes, tengo el siguiente problema: Instale el theme, instale los plugins requeridos y los active y aun asi no puedo visualizar los demos del theme, cual puede ser el inconveniente?

Hola y gracias por comprar el tema.

Para importar cualquiera de las demostraciones, vaya a Panel de control > Herramientas > Healthflex Demo Importer. Dependiendo de la demostración que elija, es posible que deba agregar y activar algunos complementos más.

(an autotranslator was used for this response)

Repito, ya realice esos pasos y los demos no se visualizan, he instalado y activado todos los plugins que se requerían y aun así los demos no se visualizan para seleccionar

Hello and welcome back.

We need more information to provide you with a valid response. For better results, please contact us via our support desk and we’ll check it out the soonest possible.


Is HealthFLex theme purchase theme is once and for all, or you need to be updating the payment?

Hello and thank you for your interest in our theme.

When you purchase a license you can use it on one website for an unlimited time. The regular license includes 6 months of premium support service. You can update the license again at any time. With the purchase, you have access to the theme updates for as long as they become available. For more information, about the regular license, please take a few moments to review the following URL address https://themeforest.net/licenses/terms/regular.

Hi yesterday i update wordpress to 5.5.1 and HEALTHFLEX to latest since then in mobile view the front page is not displaying correct. will you fix this bug?

Hello Yan-Studio,

This is a rather vague issue report, and unfortunately, we cannot replicate this on our own installations. Please note that WordPress 5.5 introduced some major changes in the core, that caused several backward-compatibility problems with many themes & plugins.

All reported issues related to HealthFlex are already fixed and given you have updated to the latest 1.6.8 version, you should not experience any theme-related problems.

Please, make sure that you have also updated our Plethora Features Libary plugin to the latest 1.7.6 version ( it is distributed with the HealthFlex package, you should receive an update notice on your admin panel ) . Also, make sure to perform at least one “Save Changes” action to your theme options panel ( you don’t have to change anything, just click the “Save Changes” button to make sure the new CSS stylesheet is created ).

If you still have issues after that, please make sure to send us a ticket via our official support panel at https://plethorathemes.zendesk.com. Make sure to provide us with as much information as possible ( screenshots, other plugins installed, etc. ).

Thank you very much, Plethora Themes

Hi Thanks for the reply i have the latest version 1.6.8 i open a ticket: Request #4742 hope you will help

Hello, I would like to buy the theme, if you can please help me to verify the below requirements; (1) Create doctor lists, search Drs by specialty, doctor profile, review system, doctor appointment calendar, patients can book appointments directly (2) Customizable Doctor profile and Customizable patient profile (3) Customizable Patient registration (4) Patient input own medical information, customizable (5) Patient can upload documents on patient profile (6) Multi level membership profile, doctor, patient, admin (or management) (7) Admin to be able create or modify information or booking of either doctor or patient profiles or upload documents on patient behalf (8.) The different memberships have inboxes and can message one another, but that again to be customizable (for example patient to be able to message admin only not doctor) (9) The ability to integrate a video conferencing plug (like zoom) (10) The video conferencing can be integrated as a button on the patient profile (11) Able to generate appointment reminders (12) Doctors to be able to view patient information (13) Doctors to be able to write clinic letters (14) Clinic letters to be added to patients notes (15) Integrate different payment options

Hello and thank you for your interest in our theme.

Healthflex provides a basic-to-advanced template to build a medical /doctor WordPress website. It can work in numerous ways, though you may need a number of plugins to achieve additional functionality you or your client requests. We recommend reviewing our demos so you can see all the currently available features http://preview.themeforest.net/item/healthflex-medical-health-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/13115123

The theme works with WordPress and you can use the integrated options of the CMS to allow self-registration. Depending on the role you allow each member to self-assign, you can let them create their profiles, respond to comments, write blog articles, etc. However, a rating system is not included by default, nor a patience registration function.

The administrator, by default, should be able to perform any action, including adding/changing profiles. Regarding patient memberships, the theme is designed to work with an Appointment Request system (please review the Dentist Demo) which does not require patients to register. You can add this function though with a third party plugin (we don’t have a solution ready to offer right now).

Regarding other requests you have, it is questionable whether is a theme available that integrates all those functions, working exactly the way you need. Therefore, we recommend finding a robust theme, developer-friendly which will allow you to build additional functions either using plugins or with custom code.

Great Theme! We love it! How can I rename and translate the 2 captions in the image-comparsions? “Before” and “After”


VagHerbie Author Team

Hello and thank you for purchasing our theme.

The texts on the Image Compare Page Builder element are hardcoded on the theme. The best way to translate them is with custom CSS. To achieve that, please, copy and paste the following lines in the Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS field.

.twentytwenty-before-label::before { content: “Your Before Text”; }
.twentytwenty-after-label::before { content: “Your After Text”; }

You only need to set the text you need between the quotation marks. Next, Save changes and review the website.

Hi there,

thanks – it worked good for one language. But what about the translation into the other language?


VagHerbie Author Team

That’s a totally different case. What you request is multilingual support and can only be achieved with a third party plugin like WPML.

social icons


VagHerbie Author Team

Hello and thank you for purchasing our theme. We received your request on our support desk and we are working on it. Please wait and we’ll provide you with a resolution as soon as possible.

Less_Exception_Compiler thrown


VagHerbie Author Team

Go to Dashboard > Theme Options and on any tab, click Save changes (you don’t need to make any change). Then, visit the site to see if the problem has been resolved.

kindly update to latest wpbakery version since WPBakery Page Builder < 6.4.1 – Authenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)



VagHerbie Author Team

Hello and thank you for purchasing our theme.

We are aware of the case. Currently, we are working on integrating the new version of our theme. The soonest it will become available you will be notified in your inbox to login and download the package from your Envato account.

Do you have demo for this? Than can Store your files, edit, view and share with your team or colleagues. It is practical in keeping medical histories and active files, which it can be used for updating, downloading and storage of radiology images.


VagHerbie Author Team

Hello and thank you for your interest in our theme.

Healthflex is a generic medical WordPress theme that provides basic and advanced functionality and design for any health-related business. However, some functions may not be available immediately after activating the theme.

For more information on the features of the theme, please visit our demo websites https://healthflex.plethorathemes.com/all-demos/

Each one includes additional features. Moreover, if the functionality you need is not available out of the box, you can include it by using a third-party plugin.

Keeping medical archives and images of any kind is a feature that can be can be added to any WordPress site. Yet, it’s up to you to decide what method is best for your needs. Additionally, some special formats may not be directly readable through a web browser.

The WordPress repository has a plugin for almost any use. And, if you can’t find a plugin to cover you on a particular function, you may as well hire a freelancer developer to help you with that.


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