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How difficult is it to add a slider to the home page? Does HEAP have a calendar or is there a specific plug-in that works well with this theme?

Hey Laurel! Thanks for asking!

How difficult is it to add a slider to the homepage?

There’s no out of the box option to add a slider to the homepage but there are several plugins which can help you. I just tested this one and it worked just fine. You just need to make some small custom styling in order to integrate it into the template.

Does HEAP have a calendar or is there a specific plug-in that works well with this theme?

HHEAP does not have a built-in calendar, you may want to use a plugin for that too.

If there’s something else I can help you with please let me know.

— Alin

Thanks for getting back to me!! Love this theme! Do you think it would work for an artist’s portfolio?

Hi! Even if HEAP was designed as a blog, it might be used as a portfolio too, why not? :)

We’re excited to announce that HEAP is working GREAT and an UPDATE is now available! :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.9.0  (May 31st 2016)

We’ve been busy working on this update and we have a whole host of improvements and fixes for you.

Improvements and Fixes

  • We have rewritten large parts of the theme so you can enjoy a faster, more streamlined theme
  • Added Live Customizations – the Theme Options are now in the Customizer thanks to our free Customify plugin
  • Full WordPress 4.5.2 compatibility
  • Added WooCommerce 2.5.x compatibility
  • Updated the child theme example
  • Updated Addthis Share Icons Style
  • Update FontAwesome
  • Fixed Structured data testing tool errors

From time to time, to move forward, we must break away from the past. If you need help, we will do our best to guide you and automatically migrate your data for you.

  • Removed Social Icons old option system in favor of a Social Menu ( automatic migration is taken care of for you on update )
  • Removed some options like “Clean Static Files URL” which can be accomplished with plugins
  • Updated .po and .mo files as there are many changed strings
  • Updated demo data to reflect our current demo

Note: We strongly recommend you to backup your database before this update! It’s good to be safe than sorry.

Does the theme work fine without Jetpack?

Hey, thanks for asking!

Does the theme work fine without JetPack?

Yes, it does! JetPack is not a required plugin for this theme so you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to.

— Alin

Are there variable post formats in the masonry grid layout? Like if I wanted a video post to be 2 columns wide, is that possible?

Hey, thanks for asking!

On our demo archive page, if you click on Load More button to display more posts, you can see how a Video Post Format looks like. For Video Post Format, we provide an embed field that holds the embed code.

— Alin


kurimon Purchased

@media (max-width: 767px) { body { padding-top: 66px; } }

Hi! Can you please give us some more details? :)


Can you please be more specific about the problem you’re facing?

Thank you,
— Alin

Hi. I just updated the theme.

1. Why can’t I place a background image on home page anymore?

2. Why is my home page looking like this? http://i.imgur.com/ssUY9JF.png and not like the demo or customizer view (http://i.imgur.com/mdMRZil.jpg)



Those issues shouldn’t be present after updating the theme. In order to better investigate them on your side, I recommend opening a private ticket on our HelpDesk.

— Alin

I have a client using your theme and I wanted to be able to add gutters to the masonry grid, but adding it in the js file doesn’t seem to be affecting it at all. Is there another way to add spacing between grid items?

I would normally do the padding, but they wanted the background to be white. So the padding would only add space inside the items and not between them. Gutters in the js don’t work for this theme? I know it’s the isotope code.

Actually quick workaround, i just put a div inside the article and put the background color inside there instead that way I could put the padding css you mentioned. thanks for the help alin!

I’m glad to hear that I’ve been helpful for you to find a better solution. :)

— Alin

Does this support post revisions (that automatically save old versions of the post when editing it)? Reason I am asking is, one of your other themes I purchased did not have this versioning support and I had to abandon that theme (wasting my money).

Is there any way I can see the backend (wp-admin) side of this theme as demo, before making a purchase? The live-preview demo currently only shows the front-end.


alin-clamba Author Team

Hey, Krishna! :)

I’m glad to see you’re interested in our theme, thank you! It’s good to know that post revision feature is enabled by default in Heap theme.

Let me know if there’s something else I can help you with.


We’re excited to announce that Heap is running GREAT and an UPDATE is now available! :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.9.2   (September 23rd 2016)

Check out below a list with all the things changed or improved for this version:

  • Ensured compatibility with the latest version of WordPress (4.6) and the latest version of WooCommerce (2.6.4).
  • Improved RTL support in the child theme.

View the full changelog hereEnjoy!

*People that already bought this theme will be able to auto-update for FREE !