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Excellent, simple and smart. Very well done.

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

Clean and functional! Congrats and good luck :)

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

Nice blog theme! :)

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

Elegant theme :). GLWS :D.

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

Awesome work!!!!

Thank you :superbashfulcute:


I am thinking of buying your theme, but I notice in your demo that the posts do not have the facility to move to a previous or next post, but that the viewer has to return to the homepage to see the full range.

Is this something that can be added or is a future update?

Regards. Michael.

Hey Michael and thank you for your interest!

Thank you for the ‘Previous/ Next Posts’ suggestion. I’m pretty sure it will be something added in the near future.

Cheers, George

WOW! Good work! :)

Indeed :superbashfulcute: Thank you

Wow!Nice and Clean Themes good luck in Sales :D

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

Beautiful and Faster Theme! :)

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

Outstanding theme

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

Wonderlicious work, congrats ; good luck with this one.
Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros! :superbashfulcute:

Beautiful theme! Three questions:

1. Is it possible to embed tweets with full Twitter card functionality? Any chance of including one in the demo?

2. Is it possible to make the main masonry blog layout full-width?

3. If not full-width, then would it be possible to change the background color (on the sides) for different categories?

Many thanks!

Yes it is possible also there if you put it at the beginning of the content, but we are still working a little bit at it because it’s not quite refined :)

Perfect, purchased :) I look forward to putting this theme to use, and refinements in the Twitter card function in future updates. For information only, the issue I have found with other themes is that the height of the Twitter card container/thumbnail is rendered on the basis of the HTML, not the full media, meaning they are often cut short and overlap with other post thumbnails on the homepage. Trick will be in setting thumbnail size after full Twitter content has loaded! Cheers!

Thank you for the suggestion – we will take it into consideration.

Fantastic work buddy!!!! ;)

Thank you ;)

Brilliant looking theme.

One comment though: On your demo link at http://pixelgrade.com/demos/heap/ it seems that on my PC on Firefox it’s showing 2 columns of portfolio items instead of 3 columns.

Screenshot to explain this better: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2r7uwng78mq1sb/screenshot.jpg

On other browsers (IE9, Chrome, Opera, Safari) it’s showing correctly.

Hey! There was a small glitch with Firefox and sub-pixel rendering. Please have a look now http://pixelgrade.com/demos/heap and let me know if it’s ok. Regards

Really Nice Theme For Personal Bloggers :) I am a new author in themeforest and today I have submitted my first WP theme for approval.

What can I say… Welcome aboard and the classic GLWS :)

Awesome theme!

Quick question: can you filter the masonry items on-page for the homepage? (didn’t see it in the demo, but thought it might be an option).



Hi. Thanks. Right now we don’t have a filter by category option, but who knows what future holds :)

You guys are awesome!

Thank you guys! We’re glad that you like our themes :D