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Hi I too am having an issue with the mobile Main Navigation styling.

1. On a smartphone (iPhone and HTC one) , I tried on an iPhone & android (android .there is no mobile menu showing up. This would have to be fixed before anyone should buy this.

https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gdlo4t44l6k1jru/VuATWj023I screen shot for the problem with android .

2.Would love to see a three column layout for the page.

Like this theme, I look forward to version two – I think these requests will work our wonderfully if implemented. Thanks!

Follow-up on the problem stated above. on Samsung Galaxy. click ‘main navigation menu’ but still can’t see menu on main page.?that sounds strange!!!? https://www.dropbox.com/sc/h8v10kfgwwyfts7/IhIT4banLk Dude;),Have you passed the Nexus tested ?? What’s the model of your cellphone?

I really, really want to use this theme, but I need it to function as it should before I dive in?(have tested a few since the problem was noticed) :crying:

you should check thoroughly every feature of the demo on htc, sumsung and any other platform.

Your faithful customer. Canada-dodo

Default Page Layouts?Full Width Grid Template, Classic Layout, Right Sidebar Template?simple design.

Hi, in the next update, can you implement the following options:

Try to increase- Left Sidebar Template(I need)

3 Colums Template?I like?

Two Left Sidebars?Optional?

Two Right Sidebars?Optional?

Webmasters look much this thing, if you implement and to improve your fantastic theme, you will increase greatly the customers!

Hi popdodo and thank you for your feature suggestions! We will think about it how does them fit to the original theme philosophy. About the moible navigation – we tested on a many mobile devices including a Nexus 4 and 7 – but we will do further tests and make sure the menu will work as intended.

For further issues please use our HelpDesk so we can better track them.

Regards, George

MultiByte String Functions is not installed in every PHP server, my friend just bought this theme yesterday and I help him install it now, I got this error “Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strrpos() in /home/myweb/public_html/wp-content/themes/heap/theme-callbacks/unsorted.php on line 166

How to fix it ?

Hmmm. They should be since they are by default in PHP. We will try and come up with a substitute function. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with WP admin and FTP access.

Hey, Just purchased the theme and installed it. I see nothnig on theme options, I got the menus (general, style, header etc…) but they dont seem to work.. Theme options page on wp-admin is blank..

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with WP admin access so we can investigate. Thanks

Great theme.

I have some questions:

1. Does it support Arabic & RTL? (If you want someone help you make it more Arabic friendly and choose some of the best fonts… Etc. Let me know, because most of the Arabic customers won’t use the theme directly, they will tweak it, and tweak and tweak it until the make it more useable.)

2. Could I disable the sticky header completely, I do not want the header to follow me down when I browse the posts just to show me the website’s name. I think it’s very gimmicky.

3. Can I change the location of the sidebar and move to the left, instead of the right, currently with the demo?

4. Is there a way to display the commenters profile pictures instead of just seeing X and numbers?

5. We think letting the visitors to play the video within the home page instead of clicking on the post and playing the video inside, isn’t healthy for our page views count. Could we replace the video embed with a feature image and upon it a minimal play icon to let the visitors there is a video inside?

6. I see that the performance and the speed of the theme is superior according to Pingdom, will you continue updating it for the next year with better and better optimizations or there is a time that you will stop updating it for the customers?

I hope you understand why I’m asking all these questions, we trying to find the best theme to invest money on.

Thanks and best of luck for you, guys.

If he is an good enough developer I don’t see any problems with that. 5 might be a bit of a challenge though.

About number 5, does the theme pull the video from the text-editor of WordPress and put it as featured image, or you provide a box to put the link inside it?

We won’t use post types. Where going to use standard post for ALL of our posts. We’re not going to put SoundCloud posts, neither image gallery posts… Etc. We don’t treat WordPress like Tumblr here; all standard posts.

We use a plugin that takes a screenshot of the video we put inside the text-editor (from a standard post) and set a feature image for the post with the screenshot of the video and a minimal play icon upon it… The question is, will this work?

About number 3, I think it’s very basic change. Change the sidebar location and move it to the left instead of the right (That’s for RTL languages like Arabic.) I’m pretty sure you could put an option inside your admin panel for the theme for that.

Hi. For Video Post Format, we provide a embed field that holds the embed code. Actually when I think of it, I don’t know why I’ve said that this would be hard. You can quite easily modify the archives to display the featured image instead of the video and add an Entypo or Fontawesome icon on top of it.


Love the theme, just wondering how to left justify the blog title header instead of having it centred.

Thank you!

Hi. Please see this article that I have written: http://bit.ly/1lATR6K

Hi Guys

I have the same problem as @tolgabasol .

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with WP admin access so we can investigate. Thanks

Hi guys! Great theme but I have a strange issue…

My theme option tab is blank! I can see the sections (general, style sections…) but content is blank, and click on tabs doesn’t work :(

Any ideas?

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with WordPress admin access so we can investigate. Thanks

Hello, any update on the Theme Option problem? Thanks.

We are trying to identify the issue, although we couldn’t replicate the problem on our localhost or servers. We need FTP and WP admin access from those that have this issue so we can debug.

Hello again, As I mentioned in my emails I’m on a tight deadline. Will you please update us about the subject who are having the theme options problems. Seems that is a common one. It has been a lot time since I first contacted you but there is no response.

Hi. Can you give me ticket number?

Same empty options problem here. Please help!

Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with WP admin access and FTP access so we can investigate and get to the bottom of it. Thanks.

I just did so – looking forward to your answer.

We have fixed this issue and will release an update today.

We’re excited to announce that our theme is working GREAT and an UPDATE is now available! :superbashfulcute::superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.1.1 (APRIL 24TH 2014)

Some new features that were added:

  • Improved mobile behavior and scrolling
  • Fixed empty Theme Options Bug
  • Infinite Scroll loading now retains history on back in browser
  • Fixed archives date bug
  • More to come!
View the full changelog hereEnjoy! 

*People that already bought this theme can download the update for FREE !

I really want to buy this theme but I have a problem with the header.

I would like to make a much more simple navigation bar at the top of the page.

I want to show the logo centered left inside a fixed main navigation in desktop view.

I also want to remove the social icons the email icons and the search bar as well.

Is it possible to achieve without break the mobile experience?

If that is not possible could I remove the desktop navigation and active the mobile navigation as default?

I need to change the main navigation in some way to make the header cleaner!

Is all I need to buy it.

Hi. I am glad you are interested in Heap. Regarding the social icons, search, email those can be removed via Theme Options.

As for modifying the header, you will need to play with a child theme and modify the markup and the CSS so you can get the exact behavior.

A few more questions:

1) Is it possible to make the homepage infinite scrolling without have to click on “load more” button?

2) Can I increase the number of posts to show in the homepage? (I think wordpress have a default feature for this)

3) While scrolling down the homepage have some kind of delay effect, is it possible to dissable it?

4) Can I remove the fade hoover effect on images and its “read more” text?

All this features are great but I am focusing on optimization rather than design.



1) Yes. You just disable the Load More button

2) Yes, we rely on the default WordPress way, via Settings > Reading

3) Right now no

4) You could hide it with some custom CSS.

Best regards

Hello !

I have seen a seo problem since the installation of heap. In fact, my website has known a very important decrease of visitors from Google Image. Do you have an idea on this issue ? Nevertheless, your theme is wonderful ! But it is still embarrassing for me :(

Thank you

Since i have installed your theme heap, my traffic from Google Images decrease a lot and i think that it because of your theme

For exemple, i am on the first page for “jackson pollock” in Google Images FR but it counts 2 or 3 visits on Google Analytics. Before the installation of Heap, it was 90 visits with the same images. I don’t understand

Unfortunately we have no control about that – you may want to check if your site images are correctly indexed by Google (we tested our demo and it’s ok http://bit.ly/QSmMJA ). Now you may want to try to switch back to your old theme and check if your visits goes back to 90 – I don’t know, it’s not in our power. Regards

does it come with its own child theme …

that would be nice …

Yes. All our themes come with a starter child theme. After that you can copy files from the parent and modify them, if you want to modify layouts. Also you should keep the directory tree from the parent when copying.

I am also seeing the same issue with Firefox on my Google Nexus 7 as reported by popdodo. Any update on whether if/when this will be fixed? https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gdlo4t44l6k1jru/VuATWj023I (referring to this issue as reported by popdodo)

I am currently deciding between a few themes for my new project and I do like this theme a lot but I would hate to purchase it knowing that it doesn’t work for a major browser on a huge platform such as Android.

Hi. We will fix this in the next update. Thanks

Hello Nice theme i love it Just some pre purchase question: 1.Does your blog has archive and text widget with your own style? 2.Is it possible to install download counter plugins and use them in posts? 3.Do you have any plan to add download counter to your posts?


Hi. We have custom styled all of the default widgets. I don’t see why you couldn’t install such a plugin. I don’t think we will be adding such a feature since it’s a pretty special one and there are plugins for this. Best regards

Please publish html version

Hi. We have no plans for a HTML version right now. Sorry for this.

Hi! Nice template. Is the skin works with goggle adsense?

Hi. Thanks. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. You can easily add ads to the sidebar with widgets, or use a ad manager plugin for more advanced control.

Hi, I am keen to buy this theme. (already bought bucket!) I have a couple of pre purchase questions, hope you can help.

1. Is it possible to make the featured image within the post full width? (Goes beyond the sidebar widget – push the widget down – example here http://www.duckingtiger.com/2014/04/25/preview-liege-bastonge-liege/) Also, your bucket theme seems to be abel to achieve this.

2. Is the theme width boxed? Can it be unboxed like many of your other themes?

3. In terms of homepage customization, how does this theme compared to Bucket? I suppose it does not have a page builder? I like the tone and style of this theme but prefer the functionality of Bucket!



1) Right now we don’t have this option. We just have posts without sidebar (hence fullwidth), but not only the featured image. We will consider this as a future enhancement, but meanwhile we recommend you add this feature request to our community forums on help.pixelgrade.com, so others can vote for it.

2) Yes Heap is boxed, sort of. You can change the total width via customizer to some big number. This would make it unboxed as it is responsive and even if the content width is set larger than the current screen, it will scale to the screen width. So in this respect Heap has more flexibility. See this link for example: http://bit.ly/1jdh9jS

3) No. Heap doesn’t have a page builder. It is meant as blogging theme.

Best regards