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congratulation for this wonderfull theme. I have a question : Is it possible to display selfhosted video or audio files like it is embedded for other players ? I used ”<iframe width=”100%” height=”50” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”http://myfile.mp3” ></iframe>”

The reader is uggly but worse it’s starting automatically. Is their a way to use a reader or at least to not start automatically ?

Thank you very muche for your help.

Hi. Actually you should have gotten a confirmation. Are you sure you haven’t mistyped your email address?

Hie it’s ok I received a ticket confirmation yesterday evening, thank you !

Hey! I’m really delighted by HEAP. IT was what I was looking for. I’m still included in the category “dummies” but I belong to internet as well, and to find both Themeforest and HEAP just made me really happy.

My question is about eCommerce. I read in one of your answers in a comment above that you might add a eCommerce feature to the template, but not as a “main thing”.

I was wondering…. People need to showcase their works more and more, share their life ideas, and to be able to sell things to your audience is a great tremendous thing, so I would suggest you to treat your eCommerce feature with a lot of love, because that would be so so so fucking special!!

Just for your information, if I don’t get your template, I might get the “ANIVIA”. But my heart is more tempted towards yours.

But hey, let me ask you another question….. I’m pretty new to Themeforest. So, if I get HEAP, can I buy an eCommerce feature somewhere around this envatomarketplace, and add it to my website?

Anyhow, I’m keeping an eye on your updates!


Hey abreusky and sorry for this late reply,

The eCommerce functionality is provided by a plugin (usually WooCommerce) which we plan to support in the future.

Regards, George

I saw it on the update!! :P THUMBS UP!!!!

Hi, on the front page, is it possible to integrate a Facebook plugin on the right sidebar? Specifically the plugin that shows other people’s photos and says ”# people like this” ?

Hi. I don’t see any reason on why you couldn’t do that. We have followed the WordPress default guidelines so as long as that plugins follows also there should not be any issues. Regards

We’re excited to announce that our theme is working GREAT and an UPDATE is now available!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.2.0 (May 1st 2014)

Some new features that were added:

  • Added YARPP support for Related Posts (see how to configure)
  • Improved Mobile UI design
  • Tested on more Mobile Devices
  • Fixed occasionally header scrolling behaviour
View the full changelog hereEnjoy! 

*People that already bought this theme can download the update for FREE !


Thanks for this theme :)

How to add the widget “JOIN THE NEWSLETTER” on the right part of the website ?

Thanks for your help

Also this article from our helpdesk might help you set up the plugin: Heap – Newsletter Widget Regards

Thanks It’s perfect ! I have a other question, how to add the form in the contact page ? Thanks

Hi. You simply select the page template With Sidebar for the contact page and you will thus show the sidebar that contains that widget. As for inserting that widget in the page content (it doesn’t matter that we are talking about the Contact page) you can simply go into the Text mode of the editor and paste your form markup.

Hi, i’m very interested in your theme,. I would like to know if its possible to display the full article in the homepage like a classic blog… Thank you

You have the flexibility to set the number of columns and the excerpt length – if you go with one column you will have the articles in full width :)

Thank u, another last question, can the header be fix, i dont know which effect u make on header, but i would like it to be fix when i scroll down the homepage

The Header is already fixed, only that it goes smaller when you scroll down. We will have an option to Always Show Nav that will show the menu items without hover. Regards

In the meantime we’re working for the version 1.3.0 on a eCommerce implementation based on the famous WooCommerce plugin.

Here are two screenshots with the design: Shop – Archive Page and Shop – Product Page. What do you guys think ? :)

I’d like to confirm something

from the documentation, the theme only has frontpage and archive layout customization, so if I decided that I want a category to show different layout than frontpage and archive, there is no way to do so?

btw great theme.

Hi. We don’t have customizations options on a per category basis (I can’t see why you want to make a category not consistent with the rest of the site, but that is just me). You could custom code a category template but that would apply to all category archives.

I like the classic layout for n ormal post, but wanted portfolio category to use masonry. Or any category that just has photos and not much words to use the masonry layout.

having the option to able different layout for different category or custom post is a big advantage and function. Please consider it

Hi. Heap wasn’t quite meant for this. We do have the Lens and Border themes aimed at this.

Awesome work ;) GLWS friend.

Looks like a fantastic theme that I might want to use for an online magazine site I work with. Would it be relatively simple to add a space on the top of the front page for a slider (using a plugin like Soliloquy), and then have the 3-column front page content below that? Thanks.

Hi and thank you for your interest! The theme is pretty good coded and you can easily place the slideshow with a hook or directly into theme files at the top of the 3-columns posts. Regards

We’re glad to announce that HEAP (1.3) is now integrated with the famous e-commerce plugin – WooCommerce !!!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

Check out The Shop » (and the setup » article)

HEAP lets you easily add an e-commerce store inside your website and sell your posters, t-shirts or any other related products.

Each page is carefully designed to maintain the same clean and minimal visual style that make this theme such a success. View the full changelog hereEnjoy! 

People that already bought this template can download this update for FREE !


Congrats on a very slick theme! I just have a couple of questions:

1) Would it be difficult to have the post title above the image on the individual post page?

2) How difficult would it be to adjust the maximum image size? I love the homepage view but I don’t want to upload huge versions of my images. (It’s also a personal preference that an entire image be visible above the fold in the case of vertical photos.)

Thanks very much!

Hi. Thanks

1) No. It is just a matter of using a child theme to overwrite a partial template, and move the image code bellow the title.

2) For this I would use a simple custom CSS to force the featured single image to have a maximum height:

.article__featured-image {
max-height: 500px;
overflow: hidden;

Best regards

That’s great, thank you!

You are welcome.

Has anyone tried this with Buddypress (ideally 2.0+)?

How does it work?

Hey Asher! Unfortunately not – we will try to test it to see how it’s performing. Regards

It’s been weeks since: “RTL support is coming.”

Any updates guys?

Hi. We have focused on WooCommerce and making things more stable. Rtl is coming.

We’re waiting :D

The RTL is already implemented and will be present in the next update. Regards

Hi! Seems your css code is overriding Woocommerce’s columns.

For example, when I try to use the featured products shortcode ( [featured_products per_page=”5” columns=”5”] ), it will always display each item with a 25% width, no matter how many columns I set it.

Can you please check? Thanks!


Hey Ricardo! Because we are not using the default plugin markup, and offer a customized design to fit with the theme visual style, the number of columns from Shop page is controlled from the Theme Options – Archive – Number of Columns of masonry archives based on various screen sizes. I hope it helps. Regards

Amazing work! I just bought it. This fits the bill for my client, save for one feature. They would like to have all the Posts open in a lightbox of some variety. I am sure this is doable with the proper plugin and some editing. I just figured if you have run across such a feature you could point me into the right direction. I have no qualms with doing the lifting, just thought I would get your $0.02 worth, since you are more familiar with this theme.


Hey Jim and thank you for being our client! Unfortunately we didn’t have any experience with such a plugin and not sure if there is any – that change might require some advanced custom coding, due to the loading of the post content in the lightbox. Regards

Absolutely Brilliant theme!! Had a question tho…I don’t have wordpress but have our own custom backend with a different frameworks…is there a way I can purchase just the html/css/javascript part of it ie. the non PHP stuff? Please do let me know I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thanks a ton!

Hi. Thanks. Unfortunately we are not selling the HTML version it.

Thank You! Had another question, if I buy this template, can I use its css and js to make my own html and not use it as a wordpress site…please do let me know. I want to give due credit to you/your team for making such a phenom template…and I love this theme so much that I cannot move on to another…am having sleepless nights :).

Hi. Yes you can do this, no problem, as long as you respect the license: use it on only a single domain or subdomain and don’t sell it it as an online service.

Helo, i purchased the theme and i loved it. There’s only one problem if im scrolling up i see that the logo is hanging, how can i fix the problem, because the logo looks a little bit pixelly and then it’s normal again. my website name is www.teddypop.com

Thank you

Hey Olico and thank you for being our client!

That’s happening due to browser image resizing system – because your logo image is very big and needs to be displayed on a small container, the browser needs some time to achieve that. I recommend you to resize the image and re-upload to a size of 194×125px.

I hope it helps.


Does this support child themes?


Sure – a heap-child.zip example is already included in the download package. Best

Guys, truly, your theme is amazing! I just don’t purchase it right now because I’m out of $. But… I’m looking for a theme for a magazine (a small one), and the themes I find out there for magazines, they give too little attention to the images. Once you see how a certain post looks like, you just feel disappointed.

My small blog /magazine will talk about photography and related stuff, and images are more than important! And your theme treats images as they deserve.

That’s why I’m going to get HEAP!

but I just have one question….. do you have any plans for the future of the theme of implementing a “slide”/”carrousel” featuring recent posts, on the main page?

This is something quite common, but to be honest I don’t know if it would match with your theme, but I’m curious about it.

Like this one, that looks so nice: www.dazeddigital.com

Or, do you know if is it possible to use this item with HEAP? http://codecanyon.net/item/royalslider-touch-content-slider-for-wordpress/700256?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=Semenov

Thank you guys!!

Hi. Regarding the carousel we have not plans right now for it. About the Royal Slider we use the jQuery version in the theme for the galleries post format (it’s embeded in the theme).